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leopard-print has been so popular right now and I was so into it up my style game it's a fun fall and love balls should do it like every week this is so cute okay guys so today I have another haul video I haven't actually done one of these in a while I was looking back on my channel and the last time I did this was like a month ago or so and in the past month I've been purchasing a lot more items a lot of you guys always go crazy because you think I don't buy useful things but really these are all very useful to me because I wear all of them a lot of new things that I'm trying different patterns and colors that I've been into lately I have a lot to show you guys I'm gonna start with what I'm most excited for because a lot of this I haven't opened up I haven't tried yet first stuff is from brandy melville I have a whole box of stuff that I haven't even touched yet the first thing I see is this top this is so cute it's a floral shirt it has a lot of shades of pink and a lot of shades of green my two favorite colors right now you know me and my tank tops I have so many okay the next one I thought was really cute and it's way cuter in person that I thought it was so it's a brandy like tank top like this but it has a dragon on it I think this is so cute I honestly think it's because of the colors that I love us so much because it's green and pink and that has yellow as well the top looks like a regular ribbed tank top you could buy at any store and then just put this like iron-on on it next thing I got is another tank top this is a leopard print leopard print has been so popular right now and I'm so into it it has like black lace at the top and then the whole thing is just the print I think it's really cute I don't have anything like this and I have some ideas of what I'm gonna wear it with a whole outfit I found this new way of styling this shirt which i think is so cute I'm wearing the shirt right now it's a Brandi like button up and you are supposed to wear it like this close like buttoned all the way up which is really cute but I thought it would be cute to put a tank top underneath and then leave it open like this it's so cute because I liked the white ones so much with all my shirts I decided to also get it in green my idea with this one was that I could wear it with either the dragon shirt or at the flower shirt underneath it was four dollars next I got this top I don't know why I got this because for some reason I thought I had no white shirts and I have a ton of white shirts but I got this specifically so I could wear the leopard print tank top over it I think it would look so cute this was sixteen dollars and then I only got one accessory from brandy melville this time but it's something I've been wanting for so long I think it's so so cute I haven't unwrapped it yet but I've been obsessed with the chain necklace look okay so that's all I got from brandy melville I hope you guys like seeing that stuff I think it's all really cute to be honest it was around $100 so but five shirts and a necklace for a hundred like that's really not too bad for Ben Outfitters I only got one thing but I think you guys are really gonna like this I've really been into crossbody bags lately or like fanny packs I think they actually add so much to an outfit so I've been wanting to get one to up my style game so I found this one on Urban Outfitters website and I think it's so cute this was kind of pricey it was normally a $40 bag but it was on sale for only $29 so I decided to just go for it but it looks like this it's a neon green it also came in pink but I figured the Green was kind of cool it's really big it has like this huge pocket I haven't even opened it yet actually poke it inside of it too so I could put like small stuff in there and then yeah it has a lot of space so I could put my wallet my keys my phone so it has a buckle on the end and then what I'm gonna do is wear as a crossbody like this I don't know not with this outfit but like this kind of colored if I make a cool outfit that's like green and stuff I think this is gonna look so it's different it's totally out of my style but I think it's cool and I've been wanting to explore something new okay so next I went to pink but I got two new bras so this one I actually haven't worn yet but I think it's really cute it's like pink lacy actually matches my nails so good Wow and then I got this one as well these were like super expensive so I feel like I should just show them this one I got is really cool it actually opens in the front instead of in the back which i think is actually really awesome yeah I just got those two but I think they're really cute and I love the pink color next let's move on to packs on cuz I got three really cute items the first thing I got is this leopard print dress kind of a more fitted dress it is a tank-top house like some lining in the inside too so you don't have to worry about being see-through really cute I got a nice size small this was 39.95 I wish I had some like lace detailing at the top or something it actually does have a slit though right here that's cute anyway and then it just zips up in no it doesn't you just put this over your head oh no this is a brayer I was like no way I can fit into this if I put it over my head and then the next thing I got is this shirt this is so cute I'm obsessed with this the more I look at it the more I'm excited to wear it it's basically this light blue shirt like this blue it has flowers as lace detailing like there's so much going on which is so cute it's super girly it's so mean kind of gets tight at the bottom with this material but then I was like this tie thing and this little like hole oh it has buttons too like there's so much going on it's so cute got this in a size small and it was 29.95 I really like it I think it's gonna be cute for summertime the next thing I got from Pakistan I'm actually wearing but they're new shorts this is what they look like they actually fit way better than I thought haha I didn't take off the tag so I could show you guys I'm in this hall these were 4495 and these are in a size 26 all these distressing and then at the bottom is kind of distressed I think they're just really cute and I love packs on shorts they like fit me the best so okay so the next thing that I guess I'll show you guys is some new merch that I ordered you guys know that I ordered the david dobrik merch and now I ordered the Emma Chamberlain March this has been in a couple of my videos but I thought I would mention it again because it's so cute this is in the color beige they also have it in black and then it has like a coffee spill slime thing right there I don't even know next thing I'm going to show you guys I actually got as a graduation gift but I thought I might as well show it to you because it fits perfectly with the topic of this video visco you guys have definitely seen this but I got an Apple watch for graduation from high school I think it's the coolest thing ever first off the box like look how this opens then you're just like open it up like this and then it comes with the actual watch face and then the band so I'm wearing it right now I wear it all the time I love having it on I think it's like so helpful for me I like it because it makes it really convenient to answer text messages phone calls they call of that thank you to my parents for getting this because I love it so next I'm going to show you guys some new shoes that I got they aren't that new anymore I did get them well I got him like three weeks ago now not that long ago I got some new white vans I got these for high school graduation this is what I wore to graduation I didn't wear heels I know people are gonna hate me for it but I don't want to trip you know what I mean so I got some white slip-on vans they're already kind of dirty I wear these literally every day I've been obsessed with almost every style of vans the old school to slip bonds and then the like original tie-up ones the slip bonds are something else I love them they're so cute they're plain they they're just so cute like what like you have to have that basic shoe you know what I mean while we're on the topic of graduation I got two dresses from princess Polly this is what I wore to my graduation ceremony and this is what I wore to my graduation party the white one is really cute it has like this button-up thing right here and then it's flowy at the bottom and got it because I would wear it multiple times so I'm definitely gonna be wearing it during the summer it reminds me of a beach dress but also a dinner dress a probably vacation dress and then I got this one for my graduation party and I had the same mindset where I wanted to be able to wear it again not just for one occasion so I got this and I've been wearing it a few times it's really cute and it's pink let's see I got two things from Sephora these are just repeat products that I needed new ones of but I got a new Laura Mercier brightening powder I put this under my eyes almost everyday and then I got a new mascara it's the benefit roller lash these are – my favorite products of all time then I got a couple things from a small business I found them on Instagram I think they were so cute I thought these were the cutest accessories ever when I saw them it's basically all butterflies like this but it's in silver and then I got matching earrings and they're like little dangly butterflies like this okay so the very last thing that I got I got at a thrift store so yeah I've been really into t-shirt dresses ever since my Pisco video because I wore t-shirt dress in there and it was like so cute so I bought another t-shirt dress from the thrift store and it looks like this it's basically this like greenish brown color with all these cool stripes on it it's not gonna be long enough for a t-shirt dress for me I'm gonna have to wear like spandex under it it's too short with like a black belt would look super good with this that is everything for this haul video I really hope you guys enjoyed watching I got a lot of new stuff and I hope you guys enjoyed seeing it all Jesus it's so bright outside like I can't even see myself in the viewfinder right now definitely check out my other social media to see my life outside of YouTube and I will see you guys in my next video I love you guys so much bye


  1. "these are all very useful to me. cause i wear all of them"

    i mean that's some solid logic right there

  2. hi guys ♥ i made a video on my channel showing how to be a VSCO GIRL "ON A BUDGET"…for real..on a budget haha…check on it guys i hope u enjoy it

  3. you just bought summer clothing . vScO clothings is just oversized hoodies and oversized shirts … THATS IT

  4. HEY
    can u please do a video on your diet. your so beautiful and literally are body goals so i would love to know what you do.

  5. I love your Hauls but I feel like it would be better if u did them in your room..😂 I’m not sure why hahah

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