40 thoughts on “I-95 North, New Jersey Turnpike

  1. This is absolutely one of my most favorite videos, the New York skyline in the foreground was beautiful, I experienced every moment of that ride, my exit would have been at(15W-18W George Washington Bridge), heading to NYC. The (Sopranos) theme song was an excellent choice, You masterfully crafted this video!!!!!!!!!! (GVJ) all the way!!

  2. It's not fun driving on this, if it's not backed up with traffic then the New Jerseians drive like nuts, seriously the speed limit on this is 65 (I drive around 70-75) let I see lots of people blowing by me going freaking 80 or even 90

  3. This is my only favorite turnpike and freeway in the NJ NYC area! Even thoh it crosses through the power plants and Industrial areas for NYC and NJ… still my favorite Transcontinental Freeway…

  4. Freewayjim I need some help from you! I am going to go to New York City in a few weeks. Is it ok to travel on the New Jersey Turnpike? I have heard there is a lot of traffic and congestion on it. I live in Richmond Virginia and I need your advice please!

  5. For some reason, it's always mystical to drive on this highway as you know millions of people use it in a year; to vacationing in NY/NJ to visiting family and going to work, the NJT has its merits despite the lackluster drive. (Except for the NYC skyline.)

    P.S I live in NY, so I know a lot about the highways in the Tri-state.

  6. @mryoheylol Actually it's a 3-3-3-3 configuration, the lanes I'm in are for cars only, the outside three lanes are for Cars, Trucks, Buses and whatever, each set of lanes has their own exits and entrances. This "double-barreld" configuration was built in to the turnpike in the late 1960's, early 1970's when traffic in that area became heavier (The Turnpike was originally built in 1951).

  7. Okay. I have a quick question, for some of this video, the bit your driving on has two lanes, then a barrier then what looks like three or four lanes travelling in the same direction. Are the two lanes pool car only or is it something different?

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