Hurricane Dorian: 3 Month Update from the Bahamas

Months after Hurricane Dorian, the strongest
storm to ever hit the Bahamas, the American Red Cross is working closely
with the Bahamas Red Cross, fanning out across the islands, helping families recover. Thanks to an outpouring of support from the
public, the Red Cross is providing comfort and relief to thousands of people. Distributing cleanup supplies, kitchen items
food and water. Our teams are giving financial assistance
directly to the most impacted families, allowing them to meet their own needs. Some evacuees have told us they’re using the
money to pay for shelter, groceries, medicine, and even sending
their kids back to school. For the Bahamas, this will be a long road ahead, but thanks to your generosity, we’re able
to help restore that sense of normalcy in a time when it’s
needed most.

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