Hundreds of Thousands of DEAD FISH on NEW JERSEY SHORE AUG 12 2010 – BP Gulf Oil Spill ?

tens of thousands of dead fish wash ashore along the Delaware Bay in South Jersey this is a mess that you have to see to believe and it has beachgoers worried many of the dead fish have washed up on high speech in Middle Township New Jersey environmental officials don't know how or why the fish died NBC 10 s Doug shine now is there live tonight so Doug what do they know with this hour tonight well you know what not a whole heck of a lot and this is a massive fish kill it affects anybody who lives or vacations along this stretch of the bay can be more than 10 feet wide as you go south toward Cape May if your up windows we are it's tolerable but when the wind changes it creates a huge unmistakable concern for anyone around here once you figured out what it was the smell hit you garbage it's fish so it's gonna smell really bad all of this greeted Christine Cummings on her wednesday morning beach walk it looked like a foam actually it was out there and a little further down we saw a couple of fish oh that's a shame is coupled then we realized now it's all fish all along highs beach on the bay side of middle township Cape May County New Jersey tens of thousands of what residents say are small bunker a baked type fish all dead scary because we were swimming in this all so far we've been here since last Friday and it's been wonderful nice and clear as you head south toward village New Jersey the massive fish kill drops down to three to four feet wide and what should have been a feeding frenzy for seagulls they won't touch I haven't seen anything like this I'm concerned about what's killing the fish I'm worried about what caused this new jersey environmental officials are analyzing oxygen levels in the water but they say samples so far do not show the typical causes of fish kills like red tide so until there's some resolution the residents and the renters are staying out of the bay and away from Dino castellan ease favorite pastime is can you do that today why fish and there are lots and lots of fish out here and whether the cause is natural or man-made these fish will likely be here until the next few tides take them and that distinctive odor away live in Middle Township New Jersey I'm Doug shy mel NBC tendons all right Doug thank thousands of dead fish turned up on buckroe beach today news channel three's Dominic Benton is live there tonight with a look into why this happened Dominique the company omega protein estimates it lost between 40,000 and fifty thousand menhaden fish when they're fishermen were trying to pull the Nets of when they ripped now man Hayden Fisher rich in oils making the company omega protein the world's largest producer of omega-3 fish oils all right Danny say hi and forty to fifty thousand dead fish would make it that way people fishing from buckroe pier notice dead fish floating in the water yesterday afternoon it's when we first saw these little white spots on the water and it was dead fish floating everywhere this morning a trail of fish lined buckroe beach for miles on Monday the company omega protein based in texas with offices in readville virginia was trying to bring in a catch a min hayden bunker fish when a company spokesman said the bottom net caught on to something and ripped allowing the fish to escape many were already dead because of the stressful netting process days later they were washing ashore and they were just floating in with the tide just going out toward the bridge the menhaden fish are rich in omega-3 oil used in health supplements in some food like butter the rest of the fish is used as fertilizer in food for life stop and we were like what in the world and we're catching fish and we didn't know what was going on and nobody knew and nobody could tell us and Omega protein the company tells newsChannel 3 that they hope to have all of this cleaned up by this evening if not definitely tomorrow if you can see behind me there's just a little bit of fish still left here but this is private property so it's required by the owners of that property to clean it up but it looks like our feathered friends are having a face there rely in Hampton Dominic Feng newsChannel 3


  1. This is a sign which points to a Cat 5 hitting the east coast this year..Perhaps making landfall just where this massive fish kill washed ashore.
    You folks along the NJ coast get ready to make plans to leave home, and never to return. Forget a FEMA bailout..

  2. I bet not one lazy ass person who lives near the area picked up some of the fish to have it tested. I am sure there are some nice homes near by. With the cost of real estate along the shore and the size of the investment you make in your home and the health of your children who swim there. You would think one of these wealthy persons would pay for testing on the dead fish. Just like when a deer gets hit in front of there expensive house it sits there and rots ( not my problem). NICE

  3. An inert VX agent was dumped off the shore of New Jersey. The state secretly accepted money from the department of defense for disposal of the inert VX agent.

  4. Crude Oil Carries Arsenic and other toxins, its also possible that whatever is in the oil dispersant is poison but I dont know enough about that.

  5. It seems always seems to happen after larger Sun CME during high activity periods. EIther this enegery sets free Methanhydrate below the continental shelfs or it kills the fishes by heating up the water, Methanhydrate or simple Methan both in water or atmosphere starts if once set free to oxide to C02 and H20 rapturing lot of oxygen . Its not sure whether these effect occure just nearby offshore drillings holes or in general

  6. Answers to people who asked & all: God have always heard your prayers when you pray & answered what best for all of you. So whether you are in good, bad, or worser time after, make sure to give thanks to God & keep on praying, (knocking) & trusting in His Great Mercy & Love even until the last breath & you will be saved (will be rewarded life everlasting in Heaven). This is a Secret of God's Great Love and Mercy. Le Nghia, "unworthy servant…" (Luke 17:10) a Capuchin Franciscan

  7. True Answer is revealed! "He who has ear, let him hear."(Matthew 11:15) "Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them shall fall to the ground without your Father."(Matthew 10:29) The same way God allowed thus mass fish, bird die-off, etc… to forewarn mankind about the "Three Days of Darkness, Chastisement and Deliverance" will come. "I tell you all, except you repent, you shall all likewise perish." (Luke 13:5) Le Nghia, ”unworthy servant…” (Luke 17:10) a Capuchin Franciscan

  8. Listen! "God knows all things" (1 John 3:20) The reason He allowed such mass fish, bird and other animals die-offs everywhere… is to forewarn the hardened unbelievers and unrepentant sinners to convert, to repent while there is time. As Jesus warned: "I tell you all, except you repent, you shall all likewise perish" (Luke 13:5). Die to hell especially when the Three days of darkness, chastisement and deliverance take place. Le Nghia, ”unworthy servant…” (Luke 17:10) a Capuchin Franciscan

  9. @TheDoctor176 Toxins in the food chain. Yes, we all understand that. But it doesn't fit why all the dead fish in New Zealand are missing their eyes, and it doesn't fit that birds and fish worldwide are just dropping dead in an instant, with internal organs pulverized. Mother nature doesn't work like that. If human's ate the contaminated fish or birds and then died, they wouldn't all die at the same moment on the same day. Even the victims of black lung in Ukraine didn't all die at the same min.

  10. Correction — Birds. The U.S. Gov't claimed to have poisoned the birds in Arkansas, not the fish. They don't know what caused the fish deaths. BP oil spill hasn't reached New Zealand yet, and wouldn't explain the absence of the fishes eyes, nor does lack of oxygen explain the dead fish in Brazil.

  11. How can the cause be "natural"? If oxygen is slowly being depleted from the waters, then how is it that so many fish, around the world, like the birds, are dropping dead in an instant. The fish in New Zealand are missing their eyes! Even the U.S. government, who claims to have poisoned the fish in Arkansas, can't explain the blunt trauma to internal organs. Microwave waves could be responsible. Micro-waves (at the 2 m band) are transmitted from cel phone/radio towers. HAARP also uses ELF waves

  12. @jackiebaron, ya i guess nets are ripping all over the world now! did anyone even bother to test them to see what they died from?

  13. Seagulls are smarter than the Americans they know not to eat the fish, Anericans eat what ever the government tells them and are to weak to do anything about it.
    Obamanation of the Americants as they are lead to the slater house by there ruler Obama.
    Wake up America your under siege

  14. As the chemtrail lowered to earth the birds flew parallel with the chemicals, birds fly in flocks and the excess of concentration of the chemicals killed them together in trees later or died in flight depending on the length of time they flew parallel with the chemical. It was not meant to be this evident and the government didn't plan on the birds interference coming. A unreasonably government story will cover it up it is assured, 911 was. What goes up must come down water = 3/4

    Pass it ON

  15. They claim nets got torn while catching fish used in creating important oils. Listen close, 1;19 into the message its' said the 'residents say it is a bait fish'. Bait fish in mass death, birds won't eat it. I hope the folks along the east coast are at the very least testing their waters and beach sand!

  16. We need to worry more about the aftermath than the incedent. Who cleaned up the fish, where were they taken, did they get proper chemical tests done 'before' disposal, how do we access that information. Did the fish end up as fertilzer or food suppliments for farm animals..or did they sell it as a "special buy" to one or more of the pet food companies? The birds weren't eating them for a reason, birds are a natural alarm provided by nature, if they don't eat it and u don't see them, beware!

  17. @GreenTea4101

    If you are a fisherman then I won't question you knowledge of the seas and their bounty but as someone who is almost twice your age I can tell you that I have witnessed scavengers feeding of maggot infested carcasses on beaches and have witnessed this before you were born. Crabs, for example, devour the rotting corpses of dead fish and mammals. Seagulls feast on rotting seals (at least in Ireland they do…I've watched them). Laws of nature different where you live?

  18. @GreenTea4101 ..You state you've "been a fisherman for a very long time"? Your profile says you are 22 years old. I have shoes older than you.

  19. @wildnutria

    I'm not a fisherman…in fact I'm not even a nature man. I'm a city boy from Ireland. But all through my youth I spent on my uncles' farms I watched with intrigue, otters, who wouldn't touch a trout…even half alive…because the fucking poor fish was dying as a result of artificial fertiliser that had spilt into the river. The house cat wouldn't go near a rabbit that sniffed of mixamatosis. Maggots will not eat a poisoned carcass of ANYTHING. They'd sooner eat each other!

  20. Your right about the seagull thing. I mention on my video where we had the horseshoe crab die off on the cape. i said only the gulls were near the crabs but the other birds that i never see @ this time that were there were not eating them. The gulls were really picking & there were not that many. So maybe they r not really eating it just picking because they find out when tasting it somethings wrong. Who know's but when the birds like the gulls start dropping in numbers we will know.

  21. The potential environmental Armageddon which is the HAARP Project is MAJOR news in countries like Australia, why do so few Americans know what their government is up to? And ask yourself why did the Navy feel the need to produce that spiffy 'official' HAARP: HAARP is killing off all the fishes, including Wales, and Dolphins are washing up world wide.

  22. The correxit poison is killing the fish. When are Americans going to do something! Eventually there will be no food to eat!

  23. 4/20 – 7/20 x 425 parts per million @ 25 miles from B.O.P. + 1000 miles to N.Y.C.
    Sounds about right… No problem folks, it's "all in the plan"! Hey, you voten for Mr. Bush, when he runs for Prez, again? Sheep, ''led 2 slaughter''. Happens, every time!

  24. @rushin2 yeah and she is the biggest genocidal maniac ever….along with all of those other elitest genocide-nauts

  25. This is clearly a result of Corexit poisoning. The real number of gallons used by BP is over 40 million gallons. They ordered more than 2 million 55 gallon drums of Corexit from Nalco. Do some digging, you'll find the real numbers. And now, that dispersant is following the loop current right up the East coast. Won't be long before the whole world gets their own "fish kill" on the beach. LoL, and the seafood is safe to eat,…these aren't the droids you're looking for. Move along, move along

  26. @jackiebaron yeah, and there's a bunch of other "ripped net" stories right now…all of a sudden…

  27. Nets ripped!!! Don't make me fucking laugh. If these fish were caught in nets and released as a result of a net rip and washed ashore, the fucking seagulls would be devouring them along with other scavengers.The fucking things are contaminated and worms won't even have a bite. Who PLANTS these bullshit explanations in the asshole news broadcasts?

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