hi man what's up so today I bring you yet again another clothing haul I think this is like maybe the fourth one on my channel so far so my aunt bought me some clothes off of Zara she let me pick some out I'm not gonna be doing a try on haul my sanity I know I'm really sorry but when I filmed my Brandi whole last November and I just ran 53 things I started having a panic attack literally a mental breakdown I started getting cold sweats and I just started feeling like I was gonna throw up so I'm not gonna do another trial I'm really sorry but without further ado we're gonna get into the video yes thank you auntie Lee if you're watching this I can never thank you enough for everything you do for me and I love you all right first thing I got were a pair of boots because I really like boots I got these pair of boots I don't know what they're called but they're leather boots and they just have like it's like felt right here and then just like a glossy back and these are so cute I got them in a size 10 I'm a size 9 and a half but with boots I always go half a side up and the last pair of boots I got they look like this they have like this kind of bottom so it's kind of like a worker boot kind of but they're just about like 3 to 3 inches so yeah they kind of like go down divot yeah these are really cute these are a lot harder to get on than those and I got them in the same size so the last non clothing I know I got is a bag because I'm starting to get the line to hand back or like this bags in general my aunt just bought me Marc Jacobs one and it's a VQ singing me into our world so I've got this one it's a sparkly crossbody bag this was forty one dollars this first pair is called the authentic denim by trf by Zara made in Bangladesh and these are basically just like high-rise mom jeans that kind of flare out at the bottom but they don't go all the way down to your ankles really sorry this isn't a tram hole I just don't like want to pass out trying to do it that's the first pair of jeans I honestly don't remember how many I got their own these are high rise slim jeans eyes are your F denim yet again but these they're kind of tight down here like when you put like when you pull them up they're a little tight like down there they're so really cute they're a little tight on me so when I start working out I'll eventually fit into these but next pair of jeans I got is a blue pair a regular and they just their blue jeans but they have like a gemstone trim these are like really freakin fancy and I really freakin love them so that's another pair of jeans this is a dark wash oh these are high rises with my favorite jeans that I got they're just dark blue they don't have cuts they don't have rips so this is just a pair of low-rise black jeans and when you're really tall like me I'm 510 if you didn't know low-rise doesn't really work out well yeah they're just black ankle length no cuts no jeans no cuts no rips very modest so those are all the jeans and now on two sweaters and jackets oh thank you oh my I'm just gonna be first like sweater Ishod oh my god it's just a black loose turtleneck sweater and it has stripes on it but like that's like in the design and then the back has this strand coming out and it says design a new future this isn't a size large but still really tight so I'm glad I got large and yeah it just has like these little like imprint on them and then they're really cute all right continuing with the haul I got a oversize and gray turtleneck sweater and on the sleeves it just has like these buttons kind of like grandma clothes I still think it's I still think it's really cute next thing out was which is the favorite sweater ish item that I got it's this sweater from Zara this whole thing is from Zara and it's just gray and it's like cotton and it has just a bunch of different colors like black and white in it um oh yeah I got this oversized and this size large and it's just a classic little sweater and I really like it alright next thing I got is this Zara knit sweater it's just a regular sweater very oversized pretty self-explanatory and it's just gray and I think I already said that but okay I do not recommend Zara's knit clothing line because it feels you know the feeling that like the feeling when your foot falls asleep or your hand or your arm or your leg just falls asleep it has like that tingly feeling that's like all over you it feels like you're wearing it but it's still really cute if you wear like a long sleeve under it you can't really feel it but you do feel it on your neck that's the only thing to watch out for oh yeah so this is really itchy but I still really like it I just got another black turtleneck sweater but it's like a very smooth it's not like cotton or knit or anything it's just very smooth and very like that really tingly feeling yeah I just don't really like it but still like you it's just a super over it's supposed to be really oversized check on it in size and medium it's just a cardigan a knit cardigan and it has a little like weird style buttons I call the same thing but in khaki green same thing in green haven't won this one yet but it will soon a few things left I got another black somewhat tonal I guess like a mid-rise turtleneck if that makes sense it's just black and white and it's kind of cropped kind of not yeah that's kinda what it feels like I'll try to insert a picture if I can figure out what I'm trying to talk about then I just got this super oversized black sweater and the this part like the chest part it's all like just smooth but then the sleeves are like knit but it's not the itchy kind it's like crocheted it's yeah that's only the arms and this is one of my favorite things I got next thing I got two things left so it's just another black sweater this isn't as oversized as I thought it would be I think I got this in a large as well I got this in a medium should have gotten it in a large but it's just a regular plain black sweater that isn't itchy last hangout which is probably one of my absolute favorite things in my entire wardrobe it's just a grey or not great this is a green corduroy jacket and I got it in a size medium because I ran out of large like right when I was about to click checkout so yeah and it just has ready the buttons it's basically just a regular jacket but it's corduroy and it's really big and I absolutely love it and I okay I also got this it's just a white long-sleeve shirt and I also got a black one I don't wear the black one is right now but just imagine this in black and that's what I got so that's everything I got from Zara I hope you guys really enjoyed this video and if you did please give it a big thumbs up and share with your friends subscribe before I leave and I'll catch you noobs in my next video so just love you hottie toast


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