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hey guys welcome back to my channel it's a concerted A's video is going to be another haul this was going to be a Sheehan haul holding haul this is my second time not fourth second time don't film in this video my some how about some car got encrypted or not encrypted I don't know corrupted and the video just went boom so after you film this video all over again but it's worth it so you guys people to see what I brought this is my first I got that clothing haul video but me do this one get try on me trying these clothes out I got this on my website called Shan Shan na komm is the Chinese based website with super duper affordable clothes and so far I am super duper please so if you want to see what I got in my Chien hall please keep watching just true alright so I want to just start talking with these products in an o-ring and just random order the first thing I want to say is actually that you know you're ordering all online you can't really try those on so what I did was order a size up so I am currently between the twelve and fourteen more in the fourteen five before I had my two beautiful babies I was ten and I've gained weight since then so I went ahead and ordered fourteen in 0 XL and 1x and these clothes just to try so I did shop on the plus side the plus size actual category but these clothes fit very good so I don't know if they're true to size or if not honestly because I'm in between sizes if that make sense I just had a baby if you guys didn't know she is three months old so I'm pretty much postpartum sauce to her baby weight so I'm not in my accurate weight yet but yeah I'm not gonna ramble on so the first thing when I talk about actually this green dress I love the lympha distress I love the fit of this dress I love the material there's nothing bad to say about this dress is super cute it's flirty it's see-through here I can see myself wearing this to a wedding or anything outside it's not it's very thin material nothing to see through but it's sending up to where the summertime and not be hot I love the actual waist band around it Holika tie you can tie it in the front or the back so yeah this is my first item and I love it love it love it so the other thing I got was this white dress with the tassels on it milah is Malia got to be Kristin when she tried three months oh so I'm looking for a white dress and this dress was it I love how it has beed talks about the bottom and the split in the back it's not too high it actually fits very very good I love this dress the material is very good it's not seeing my concepts in between it's a good size and I got this in a 1x I'm sorry she told y'all my stylist the green dress the green dress does not have a size so I'm not sure what size I ordered it in but this dress is a 1x I didn't want to be tight because it's white I didn't want it to be you know hug it all my baby stomach and all that stuff so I'm guiding like I said I ordered a size up and it fits me actually perfect so yeah this is the white dress that I got alright so this is the only item that I'm not very much postpartum so I'm not loving my body right now so I'm really smiling we've been doing this video honestly but this dress was the bodycon dress and I know you got trouble thinking a body con ignorant does it's gonna be fitted but like I said I ordered up so I thought it wouldn't be tight but to me it's just it's too tight I don't like you know wearing tight clothes I'm a mother of four so I don't like I don't like that so this dress I love the leopard print and the lime green detailing around the collar in the sleeves but like I said I would wait I'm not gonna be wearing probably give us away to somebody or if I get down back to my proof size then my kidney pie wants to fit me but right now it's a no-go but the dress is actually very pretty SuperDuper cute I love the print this right here is my absolute favorite out of the whole haul that I got this dress it's so cute it's so flirty it's so date night vacation box it's beautiful and it was super cheap so I love the cold shoulder hence what I have won today the cold shoulder effect this dress is see-through I'm not evil I see this dress is very thin but it's perfect for summertime it's perfect for date night it's cute and I love the way it fit alright so next I would live a little bit on the bright side to be honest with you this dress was inspired by a Rashida from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta she's always wearing these bright colors and it loads looks so good on her so when I saw this colorful dress I'm like oh this is like reminds me of something that she would wear but how prices that her boutique is a little bit above my price range so I opened up with something that's affordable like this this dress is so cute and I love the way it fits I got it connected in a 1 inch the material is kind of see-through so you might want to wear you know shorts underneath that are slim but it's it's cute I love the print and I really like the way it fits it's loose and I can see myself wearing this and summer the spring the fall year-round I second wear with some boots are can wear it with leggings underneath this it's cute alright so this one the lights are actually washing this out this is like a pale yellow color dress this dress is actually I don't know why I brought it to be honest with you it looks cute on the person that was actually wearing it it's super wrinkled so I really can't give you a honest of whistles to look like it was cute on the models award in the picture on the website but to me it's not cute on me this is a dress that I would probably wear to work or just to wear around the house I mean Saturday this is it lights up like oh I have you know I'm wearing this to such a such party or whatever so this is just a dress just to have so yeah it's okay oh and this one is very few as you can see you can see my hangar through it so this material has been I want to say this dress is like maybe $8 so this one the quality is not as good but everything else I was pleased with so ho this is my absolute no second favorite dress yes second favorite I had this whole hall when I saw this dress I was like yes give me that put it in my cart I have to have it so this dress is super cute it's an oversized t-shirt dress that I can wear with some sneakers I'm always envision myself wearing a dress and sneakers but I wasn't sure how to parent so this right here is a statement piece that tells you what it is and it makes sense so I love the lift of it the material is good I love the splits on the side here that's really cute so yeah this is my eyes to loot second favorite dress decides that green one and this one I ordered it then 0xl we're almost through y'all got a couple more things to go through until this video I was hoping it's not was hoping it wouldn't be super duper long but it probably will cause I'm with ham on the website my husband saw them bill who's like you spent how much I'm like I need some more clothes so that's what I got so next thing I got is this color-block dress I love this as well I love the way it fits I love the way it looks of course it's blue on one side yellow on the other and black and white it's super cute I got this in a 1x and it fits really good the material but it's not being I like the way it looks like the way it fits I could see myself wearing this with some sandals with some heels I could dress it up I think the West with some tennis shoes to be honest with you I yeah I see myself wearing this dress and it being really cute when I wear it I love so next I got the leopard shirt it's a v-neck shirt I don't like the way it fits and don't like the way it looks to be honest with you on the man can our on our website the lady had and it was kind of tucked in the front the shirt is it's actually too short if you can see how it's cut it's just like straight across I'm not a fan of that and I just like the way it fits the the the sleeves are sheer which I kind of I don't mind that I just don't like the way it fits and how it looks on me but yeah I'm gonna be wearing because I paid for it but it's not my favorite I don't look out of the the hall but yeah this is the t-shirt that I got and I got this in an one inch as well alright so the next thing I got was this skirt here this is a mid Lynch skirt actually comes out to my cow I love the way this looks with the ruched waistband the style this looks really cute the slit of the back is not too high it's perfect for me I got this again in a 1x it has the elastic manner on it so you know if you if it's too small you can shush it out or if it's too big make it tight tighter but if it's really good I also got the top that I'm wearing in this clip here but I actually don't have to stop in here in the room with me because I'm seven my second time filming this video but I got that that body suit as well to go with this skirt and both of them fit really really cute so I was very pleased with this purchase so next thing I got was these SuperDuper cute pants here they kind of um they go all the way up they split all the way up but of course you know I wouldn't wear my putting some shorts just in case I sat down and they kind of you know came out I want to show it on my thighs out these are like super lightweight they're or kind of see-through but not too bad but they connect that perfect for the summertime because you don't want anything too big it's hot it's I don't know what in Louisiana so I wouldn't want to wind up in that shake anyway but I love the way it's tied in the front and also I got the bodysuit to go with this and I love the actual detailing in the front as well the the same time comes over the front super cute pants love these next I got these shorts here these shorts are really cute as well everything I got is really cute honestly the website has SuperDuper cute clothes but I like how has the elastic band around around the waist these I wanna say I got these in a I were say on one end cuz I didn't wanted to be too big on me but to me I feel like yeah so what is I feel like if you're ordering these I'm going to order size up to me cuz I felt like even with the via elastic then word as loose as I wanted them to be so yeah but they do stretch you know and they were cute but I would have ordered probably a size up from what I ordered just said I can be a little bit more comfortable but they flare out and they look really cute they look really cute on so I got this shirt here that says Jesus in the dark in that space but it says Jesus and this was super cute this one is also an one and A one is I just don't see myself just in this up with some red lipstick and maybe some nice pearls and wear it with a skirt even with like a skirt do some blue jean skirt and some tin shoes I can still see myself wearing this I'm let apologize now if you guys hear a baby crying or babies crying in the background that is my two babies my toddler and my infant three-month-old baby they they just can't seem to be quiet while I'm recording they just don't it just don't be quiet while recording so please excuse them so next teacher I got is just another t-shirt I can see myself monitoring my initials here is the stripy t-shirt for me away from a Saturday I'll just go running errands I like the way it fits I like the way it looks like the material and I ordered this in a 1x so I also got this t-shirt like how perfect is this lashing the lipstick like I love this shirt it's so cute I love how the collar is kind of split on the side it's super cute online and like the material so that is what you though like most of our shirts are very boxy so you're kind of wearing them tucked in or kind of you know halfway and halfway out its sign but just a fair point they are very very this box they're not like girl fit about you don't mean they're not like a curvy fit to you so that's something if you could mind if you do plan on ordering but if you don't mind that like I don't mind it then of course I said go for it but I don't that in morning next I got this body suit I like how it has the buttons here too just a basic black t-shirt that I could wear and I like this I like the way it fits I was pleased with it I feel like now for the first wash of this it's going to shrink or beat it could become deformed cuz I can just tell about the material so I like it but I don't see how many where I would get out of this body suit to be honest with you it's just I could just tell it's not going to remain the shape in the discolor I could just tell this is kind of cheating but I thought the bodies do not like it it's super cute but I said I don't know how I'm gonna last me and then I got this ruffled turtleneck bodysuit this hair as you see I'm showing in the sleeves it's too tight I didn't like the way it fit me honestly if I lost about ten pounds of public like the way it fit me but this one this will rain very small I got this in a 1x as well but it's cute I just I'm not comfortable with tight tight clothes so I probably wouldn't wear this until I lost some weight to get into another alright so I also have some more clothes that I got and I have tried them all so i'ma show those I got this blue and white pinstripe dresses super cute I wore to work I got compliments all day literally on this trip it was lightweight it's linen print it's so I mean leather material I love it it's the seersucker I believe material the blue and white striped it up as you can see I'm wearing on here it's really cute on I got dozens of compliments on it and I also got another black bodysuit that I've worked in essence best and that shirt was really cute comfortable and just to be max black this V next black bodysuit so yeah alright guys so that completes my shion heart if you enjoyed this video please be sure to give me a huge thumbs up comment down below let me know if you like this type of videos and try to throw a little bit of extra things on my channel not just hair makeup I'm trying out some fashion and hauls in there and you know just to kind of keep you guys interested in much so if you like it again give me a thumbs up comment down below don't forget to subscribe to my channel on your way out turning on vacation bells and I think that's all that I spend every video yeah so I'll check you up check you guys out for my next video bye peace


  1. I love the white dress, date night dress and Jesus shirt…really cuuuute!!! Great video and prices!!

  2. Hey hun, loved this 🥰 it’s great to have live reviews from the online shops because you just never know what you’re gonna get.

  3. The white dress with the tassels is super cute! I need to borrow the oversized black statement dress! Nice haul over all!

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