HUGE try-on haul 2015 // Brandy Melville, American Apparel, UO…

catch me Rosie ridin with the top band my whip so big when you in it around get out hey guys so today I'm going to be doing a huge collective summer haul and this is going to be a try on haul so I'm going to be trying on every single item that be showing you this has been collected over the past like month or so that's why there's a lot of things but I hope you enjoyed this and let's get started okay so first of all I'm going to start with shoes I got one pair of shoes that I've been wanting forever and these are super popular everyone and their mother has them but I love them the Aarthi adidas superstars and I'm sure you've heard of them of course they're just normal black and white ones was like the gold little thing here these are a size too small for me so they're kind of a bit painful to walk in but I'm sure that they'll like stretch out next things that I got from this sports show like a variety of different sports show up but it's all exports brands first of all I got two baseball caps and baseball cups again I've been really it they're super popular everywhere they're all over tumblr this one especially like I've been seeing this one everywhere and this one's my favorite I really love it it's just all black with a white Nike like swoosh thing and then I just got this plain white Adidas one I wanted to get a white Nike one but they didn't have it so I just about that do this one but I also really like the way it looks I got one thing from like adidas the clothing so I got this white t-shirt it's really oversized and it has the tee foil or trefoil how every set and snake-print and then the back is longer than the front and it's like satin material and again I'd you just like t-shirts and sweaters and things have been are super trendy from Nike Sportswear from the boys section because they didn't have anything that I liked in the girls section but I always check in the boys section and if they had this so it's just this gray sweatshirt and it's really plain but I absolutely love it I've been wanting one like this forever because it's so soft on the inside and it's just heather gray you'll be seeing a lot of grains whole because and then just has like this little Nike logo now for like actual sportswear I got two things the first thing is from Nike and is just this I got enough size large so it's oversized I got this plain black and white tank top this is just do it and I'll go to it so big so they look like a pretty sports bra show through and it looks really good and then to go with that I just got these basic Nike Pro long leggings I have these in the cropped version and I just wanted them the long one is have these nike tick X I want to Urban Outfitters and I only got one thing because they didn't really have anything that I liked I got this really cute little top it just looks like this if you don't know what these signs mean I don't know it's from the collection bone white and then I went to hnm and I picked up again just one thing because they didn't really have anything I liked I got this really cute crop top it's white and gray with stripes and again this looks really good I know it's really cheap so I was like why not and from Topshop I also picked up one I got the famous everyone has Joanie jeans everybody talks about them but it's worth it because most comfortable jeans I had ever owned they have rips in the knees and they're just high-waisted they fit me perfectly I went to brandy Melville in see on Kings Road and I only got three things but I loved everything but it was really hard to choose from so first of all I got this plain white top and this is quite long and quite oversized but I loved it and I was debating between this and like a striped t-shirt dress but yeah I love this as well and I got the thing that has been really popular like a year ago now everyone forgot about it but I'm just getting it now so I got the CHEO or however you say the CHEO top and it is just like a bralette slash crop top thing and it has the little stripes at the back I'm sure all of you heard of it all of you have it it looks good if you wear alone or under top and then the last thing I got from brandy melville this cardigan or sweater however you want to call it and it's just plain black really oversized I love brandy melville sweaters I have one I live in it like I wear almost every day so I was like it's time to get a black one then I went to American Apparel and I got one thing because American Apparel was super expensive shows like hey I will just get one thing so you guys probably all know these sets from American Apparel the skirt and the crop top so I'm sure you also heard of this it's just this really pretty high-waisted skirt it's all black with like a grid pattern and I absolutely love it I really want to go get the top I have a picture of it on my Instagram if you want to check it out and the last place I got stuff from is forever 21 because I made an online order on there and I got quite a few things so first of all I got this sleeping night t-shirt thing and it's really big so basically like a night dress and just as blehh blehh butter and it's gray and supersoft men another great thing is this really basic dress like there's it's like nothing special like it's nothing fancy but it looks so good on and this is a kind of muscle tee but it's more like formal muscle tee I guess so you could actually wear this you know to something fancier so it's heather gray and it has really big arm holes and then it just has a higher front a slit longer back and this looks really good on I thought it was going to look worse but I love the way it looks this is like my favorite in that I got it's something that I would usually never pick so it's all white and it's this skirt lining goes up up above the knee like halfway to your thigh and then the skirt goes all the way to your knee but it's really high-waisted it's kind of like a net or something but it just looks amazing and then finally at this whole hole I got this romper and it's quite big so I don't know I should have probably size down but whatever it cinches in like the hip waist area and then it's just this really like baggy top so the back is pretty open and it's all that I got I hope you enjoyed this hole I haven't from the hole in so long so I'm guessing I'm gonna film some more please subscribe hey Wow playing Achilles and I'm good niggas dry and laying my can Spang


  1. I hate how she said she got everything because it was "in" or "trendy" or on tumblr like this was the most basic video I've ever watched

  2. your rally a copy cat everything you got you said because its trendy or because everyone has it and i know this is like a year later but girl get yourself together because it seems like you dont have a mind of your own

  3. Stand out.. Don't blend in with the others. Don't buy stuff cos it's trendy buy stuff so u r different than the others, not the same

  4. I don't think you should've bought that stuff bc it's trendy. It might go out of style one day and you might want to develop your own style and not go with the flow.

  5. You basically only bought those things because everyone has them.. Girl you really want to blend in

  6. I hate the fact that she bought everything because it was "trendy" "tumblr" or because everyone was talking about it…

  7. Put socks on, than put the shoes on and blow dry the shoes with your feet in them for a few minutes. Should stretch them out

  8. where did you buy these nike & adidas caps and this nike collegeshirt? i don't speak english sooo i didn't hear it

  9. Heeeeeeeeeeey! I love ur videos ur so cool but i have a question… Where you bought the adidas superstar?

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