hey guys welcome back all right hello welcome so if you just stumbled on this video and you've never seen me before hello I'm Sarah and I like to make lots of videos like these I like long videos lifestyle videos cook with me what's for dinner videos plus-sized fashion beauty videos cleaning with means all of those I like making stuff like that and just stuff that I'm interested in so if you like those two I would love if you hit that subscribe button and there's a notification bell notification valve to stare out and then hang out and say hi I'm kind time because I love reading you guys's comments and yeah hey today's video is very long awaited I've had so many of you guys comment and message me and ask when I was gonna post this video and I am so sorry that it has taken me as long as it has I meant to post this probably in April not probably I'm in to post this in April but we've had some issues we've had some issues so first off this is my what I got my kids first summer pendejo what clothing home kids eat ha ha if you don't know me I have two girls one is four and a half and one is two and so this is gonna be kind of a broad range of sizes I feel like because I do have a couple of like girls sizes with like fours and fives and xrx our smalls but then we do have a lot of toddler stuff as well I don't have any infant stuff but if you have any of kiddos or loved ones or little girls you know in those age ranges then I hope you stick around so um I will say though that normally the main places I shop for kids clothes are Old Navy Carter / ash gosh Target Walmart and Zulily for like a wild card and I'm just gonna say that I was super underwhelmed this year when it came to like Old Navy and Carters I was that way with the fall this year as well I don't know there's just something about this year where I just have felt really about their clothes and there have been many times where well I really like something but I didn't want to just buy one thing like I really like to buy all the clothes at once if I'm gonna shop at that store and not repeatedly by specifically because I do shop online I feel like you get way better deals online the in-store and they have all the items typically whereas in the store they don't always carry the same stuff and so I didn't want to continually pay different shippings and stuff and so I put things in my cart and like wait to see what else they brought out and then those things would sell out and then it was just like this waiting game back and forth back and forth and I need a place in an order with Carter's and it didn't go through or something happen I got this email saying like oh we had a problem and then I didn't get the clothes at all and most of the stuff that I wanted had sold out at that point so I think on the fence this year with clothes but I do have some really cute things that I am excited I'm very shocked honoring extracted to tell you I'm excited to tell you because I did find some cute things but normally the places I shopped for and the places that I like to show you are from like Carter's and old maybe and I just didn't find enough of those this year but I will say that I did get a lot of really really good deals so if you're looking for that you've come to the right place okay so I'm gonna just start off by saying that Walmart is one of my favorite places to buy kids clothes one because they are so incredibly affordable two because online they have an amazing selection now when you shop at Walmart online I know a lot of you have a bad rap to say you need to make sure that you're putting in the retailer when you can like filter the search put just Walmart because it is a marketplace similar to Amazon it does have a lot of random brands that are cheap and a lot of like from China or something like that that aren't good quality or I'll take forever or be scammy or something like that so I would always always recommend to check the little box that says Walmart and I have not had an issue whenever I've done that so I will first off say that I normally just go to Walmart for summertime or winter and stuff to buy the basics I love I had my pants there I love my little things and then I'd buy like all the cute trendy items from like Carter's or Old Navy but I feel like Walmart has stepped up its game so much that half of this stuff is from Walmart so first things first they have the best kit shorts they're so inexpensive and they are so freaking cute so I have a pair for each girl these are from the drain older animals brand which I love I swear by these were less than five dollars a pop where I was on like Old Navy and Target or Old Navy and or even Target or maybe Target and Carters are spending at least 7 to 10 dollars if they're on sale but these are less than 5 and they're nice and stretchy they are itchy heavy denim but they still look nice and like not like fake cheese each item you know what I'm sayin and I love that they look really nice on the girls the only thing I will say is that they don't have in elastin elastic what am I trying to say an adjustable they were an adjustable waistband but because they do have elastic in the back I don't know why I said that I guess they don't have an adjustable waist rating with like the buttons so if you have a little one who has really really small waist then I would think potentially down going down a size otherwise I feel like all of the toddler items are definitely pretty true to size so this is a 14 these are little two tees for both my girls I love them they're super cute on them and I also got a pair of little white ones in a 40 as well they have them in so many different colors yes like I said these are 4 dollars and 48 cents they have them in so many different colors and they look so cute but I will say if you have an infant or a shopping in like the months you know age group not like the toddler age group be wary because they are really off in sizes when it comes to the baby stuff and I've seen this for a number of years now ever since I had my oldest daughter they've always ran really really large in the infant stuff but then the toddler stuff is pretty true to size but for instance these are 24 months science shorts right and you can't tell these are giant for a 24 month old baby for reference these are forties if we compare look how much bigger a 42 or 24 months so just be aware I actually didn't getting these for my oldest because I saw how big they were so if you want a different selection of shorts check the baby section if you have toddlers because they do run giant like for my two-year-old I would get like zero to three months for her which is crazy but they're still cheap these are still for 48 these are still really really cute these have like little lace on the bottom these ones also aren't adjustable but they do have elastic in the back really cute I love their shorts I always get them every year every summer same thing with their pants and leggings just because they are the best in my opinion now the other pair of shorts I'm going to show you are a little bit more of that fake denim type of shorts those like faux leggings I still really like these my daughters so really like these they're really comfortable they're nice and stretchy normally I get a couple pairs of these but this year all of them had these patches on him and I bet it probably could try carefully to take the patch off but actually Cynthia was worth it so I ended up getting more of the actual like denim denim shorts but I like is when they're just comfortable and these are like more play shorts but I didn't love the patches this is cute I mean it's a mermaid it's still cute but I want them to be able to wear them with everything I felt like the PI just kind of took away from it but they're still cute and I got these these are also I think in a these are in a 3t I got them for my four-year-old because I felt like they did run a bit bigger as well okay so I managed a please ignore my like johnny bravo goku hair um hello doorbell I'm in a I'm in a conundrum friends I look freaking ridiculous right now but my hair I need a haircut desperately I'm trying to just like curl it and kind of it's just doing its own thing so I don't know what to say about that so sorry but it's like really pissing you off with my little Boop but I've been trying to kina bobby pin it it's doing what it wants okay so the next things I'm going to show you are for my youngest I definitely do not have a whole lot for her and that's not because I don't love her it's because she has a ton of stuff from her big sister that are hand-me-downs and I love all that stuff that I got all of a couple years ago and now that they fit Eleanor they're still super adorable there's still really really great condition Eleanor loves them too I didn't feel like I needed to spend extra money and waste money and have just waste clothes because I she needed new ones so I know hand-me-downs are kind of like I feel like a touchy subject for some people but I assure you I love my girls completely evenly I did get a couple of things for her this year just a couple of new things just so she'd have some things but she has way too much clothes pretty much I will say the first thing is this really cute romper this is another thing from Walmart this is from the brand wonder nation these the next two these two items I'm showing you we're both under $5 I think there were four dollars and they're like complete office this one is just so cute it has strawberries all over it I believe this came in a couple other prints but it's just it just makes me happy it's really comfortable it's lightweight on her it looks really cute this isn't a Tootsie she's really tiny so it is kind of bigger on her but I would say it runs pretty true to size but I mean for like less than $5 you can't beat it and then this one which I love it's this rainbow little dress these also come in a bunch of different colors and different prints also under $5 it's just so cute it makes me happy she is starting to get more into like girl your items and clothing and pink and stuff like that but she's nowhere near where her sister is where she wants like tulle and princess it's sparkly you know like glam at least still like just starting to branch into the dress side of things and likes to wear pretty dresses but doesn't want a whole lot of Halle blue and so I think these are great because they're really really cute there's still kind of like nice and trendy but they're like nice play dresses so she can wear them out I'm not worried if she gets it yucky or gross watches wash as well but also they're really inexpensive and I love the little pockets it's so cute on her I love this dress the next outfit I got from Target now normally I spend a good chunk of time and energy money at Target to for clothes but once again I don't know what it is guys I just feel clothing all looks the same for kids stuff and nothing that sounds it's really a bad thing I just have felt really underwhelmed and I feel like prices are going up and I just haven't been like just moved you know what I'm saying I normally love the cat and jack stuff but once again the past like year or so I have not really liked any of their items but I do like more of the name-brand um lines at Target but they're just so much more expensive I did end up getting this one because I couldn't resist this is from the art class line this isn't a Tootsie I want to say this one up to a fight 5 T or it went down to an infant I can't remember but it whipped one way or another it definitely went big I'm pretty sure I went to 5 T and I want it did have these in some infant sizes but I could be wrong but it's just so cute I couldn't resist this this looks just like my daughter I loved it I am such a sucker for black and brown my husband hates that color combo he thinks it's like totally a fashion faux pas but I think it looks so good together just this kamilly brown color with extract black and white the caller also has that matching camel it's just so cute it does come off you know to get off that I don't you know they break apart so you can easily wear both the different items this came like all nice and like acid washed and kind of faded it just looks like worn and love and it's distressed on the bottom I love this I think it's so cute this I believe it was like $15.99 maybe $17.99 I will try and link everything below that I can find there is a lot so we'll try and link everything but if I can't let me know or I'll let you know we'll talk um this next item I got on Amazon I love shopping on Amazon if you guys didn't already know that I'm sure you do and this is no exception it is so freaking cute she we wore this to church recently and she got so many compliments on it and it is the cutest little set here's a little t-shirt a little ring or tee that says boy buy and it has boy buy on both sleeves with the number 22 and then boy buy in the back with a number 22 as well and then the little pass netting oh my gosh this is my daughter this is like what essentially my daughter looks just like her she is like her own independent woman at two and I loved this I believe this was like 13 dollars but 13 to 15 dollars on Amazon but the t-shirt is really soft it's really nice quality I was actually really surprised when I got it because you never know when you order those types of things on Amazon but I loved it I loved the jeans they're definitely a little baggy they're kind of like the boyfriend style but they're so cute she does she likes it she's comfortable and she can play it it's not either if you want like a head-turner I recommend we put like a cute little scarf and tied it on her head and oh my gosh so cute I don't have this link below okay so the last thing that I got my youngest like I said she has plenty of sisters clothes and she can wear but these are last thing I got my youngest and I'm actually probably going to save them until fall but there would be these little pair of sneakers I got these at Target they were on clearance for 1098 they were originally $21.99 which is crazy to me that they were that expensive why are things going so up in price when we're not getting paid for like I just can't afford to live anyway but I love them they're super super cute I love the rainbow and then the heels like a complete sparkly cloud they're adorable they do zip up on the sides I'm sure they're gonna continually unties I'm gonna save them for the fall because they are size 8 she's got big old honkin feet and I think these will fit really well during the fall and will be like you know cute shoes to like start school with she'll just be so frickin cute I just I love them I love it alright so let's move on to my oldest daughter like I said she's 4 she has become obsessed with Jojo see what I don't even know where it started she saw the boomerang music video and that was that and she's a Jojo ceiling fan we've changed her mind already we've like already planned her Halloween costume it was Jojo see well for a bit but now we're into my little pony but still she still loves Jojo Cielo and this dress is so cute I loved this we got this out Walmart I believe this was on clearance for $8 or so um I believe it was originally like 15 it has cute like little pineapples a cactus star hearts cupcakes bows or a little doggy I love a little bow detail right here and what really got me is one there's the tutu attached and the skirt underneath is rainbow but I can find them they're all back here it has like sequins in the like skirt so it's just like extra extra is this totally my four year old it so cute on her she loves it some of the buh-buh-buh see what Jojo see what stuff is like really cheesy to me and like really just kind of crazy I but I love this because I think this looks really sweet and you've your talents Jojo see you with the bow but it's still like fun and whimsical but it's not over the over the top you know what I'm saying this is really really cute and I believe I just saw some clearance again in like the clearance section in a little girl's section so check this out if you can get your hands on it cuz it is really really cute this next item is from the der animals 365 line this is like the kids version nothing like toddler baby version of der animals and it's really cute it's really inexpensive I got this dress I sized up I went weird with sizing some things I got 40 some things I got five teeth some things I got four or five I was just trying to guess cuz she's in a really awkward stage right now where she's not not in 40 but I feel like if I bought her a 40 it would get small too fast I don't know I bought a five and this is absolutely big so she'll definitely have to grow into this but it's still really cute it has a seashell on it with all these fun pastel ribbons like these are the colors was really attract to tracted she when I was picking out clothes for her this year was this pink this beautiful lavender and like this baby blue teal aqua and it's like a dropped hem dress so it kind of just looks like a shirt and a little skirt underneath totally what she likes to wear is cute little bell sleeves it looks really really cute on her it's nice and lightweight and cute and girly it's a nice thing to play in and this is was 797 I want to say I got this for like five dollars actually so even cheaper really cute I like this a lot okay so this next item is from the brand star rider I also bought this at Walmart it was in a size four and it was 988 and I'm not sure why it's so expensive and I don't think I spent that much money I think that I got it for keeper because I can't imagine myself spending 988 on it because it's just a little t-shirt although it is really cute it's mocked and baby doll and I like it because she can wear it on the shoulder or she can wear it on her shoulders wherever she feels most comfortable and it's really cute but it's considerably more expensive than the little dress that I got her so I don't know anyway I do really like it I think it's really cute but I definitely would not spend 988 on it it is really really soft I bet I spent less I'll have to make sure I link it below because I can't see myself spending 9:18 you know that all right this next item is from wonder nation and this I believe was $7.00 or so they don't have it on the tag which is really annoying but it is really really cute I really like this top and this is super nicely made like this feels like something I would have gotten at like Nordstrom and like the kids section the quality this is so nice the straps are really really sturdy and they have this really cute like embroidery on it with these like little arrows it's kind of like tribal looking and it's just this beautiful floral once again smocked creepy top and it is so cute on her this I absolutely would say runs small this isn't an extra extra small four five and it will be this summer like this isn't something sure you can probably fit next summer or really well into the fall because it is kind of tight the shoulders are a little bit loose but be like chest area is quite it's there you know what I'm saying so I would either size up or just know that this if they're in a growth spurt he may not fit for very long but is really really really cute and this did come in other colors pink I mentioned before she is in gymnastics and I ordered this and it said it was an extra extra small size for five and came in as a zero to two I was like oh my gosh this Elise will fit Eleanor but we tried it on her and it fits her perfectly so I don't know if that was just like a Miss marked thing I don't know what all this buzz is on it though I don't know that was just like Miss marked or what but it fits her perfectly it's more of like a ballerina Lea's hard but she can wear whatever when she goes to her gymnastics class or coach it's totally okay with it and she just loves Leos and this was on sale I think I got this for like $3 or $4 it was super inexpensive it was originally 1398 it's from Danskin and it's really cute and pretty it has this like a wreath real like little tutu on it it's adorable if they still have it I recommend it I like the quality of it and it's really nice and stretchy and very cute so if you shop online which like I do 99% of the time with Walmart and you put the Walmart retailer in the filter box they will still offer a lot of brands from other companies for instance this next item is from the children's place it was originally 1695 it's in a5t and I got it for like seven dollars and it says really really cute little romper with all of these unicorn on it once again it's like that same color scheme I don't know why I'm so attracted to it but these are so cute it looks like a little My Little Pony unicorns on it she's totally into that stuff right now so it is totally up our alley um these cute little ties I don't think they're functional I'm scared to undo it just in case but I do think there's like a stitch in them to keep them up this is a little bit billowy big runner but it's totally wearable now and I think she can even get away with it probably next summer if she doesn't you know go through a giant growth spurt but it's so cute and it just makes me happy and I love that it's from a children's place that I'm not paying the children's place prices this next item is also from Walmart but they do have it on Amazon so I will leave it leave from Amazon because I think they have more options and I think it's cheaper on Amazon but it is from limited to do you guys remember limited to that place was the shins it was the business when I was a kid and it was so expensive at least as a kid I feel like I remember being so expensive I think I had a total of maybe two shirts from there that were like on the clearance rack anyway but look at me now limited to I'm buying you anyway I know what's still around justice I thought like took over and it just became justice but it's still bread so after that rant this is limited to it's this really really cute little romper and it's so soft it's like that Jersey soft knit fabric has cute little bell sleeves and it's like the faux wrap little romper adorable and it comes with little matching headband if this looks so dang cute on her it looks like a cute little 60s summer vibe she looks adorable in this you wear this on her last day of school and she got so many compliments I even sent this to the director because she wanted to get it for her grandchild grandchildren so long story short love this recommend this and limited shoes a lot cheaper than it used to be but I will have this linked below from Amazon I think I did spend like $14 or 15 or something like that on Walmart alright so we're gonna move to Amazon Johnny Bravo is moving on to Amazon I got a couple items from Amazon for Olive the first thing is this beautiful dress I wish that I would have had this for Easter because it was perfect for Easter but it's still really pretty for summer and this looks like such a cute little like tea party dress I love it it makes me so happy like a little birthday dress this would be super pretty in photos but anyway it's this beautiful like floral what is it like shabby chic type of style dress and it Criss crosses and ties in the back and it's just so beautiful on her she looks like a cute little fairy princess I love it this was pretty inexpensive and I actually was really impressed with the quality of what it is it feels nice it's not super see-through she can easily wear this our little panties aren't showing through or anything like that and I love it she got so many compliments on it as well it's so pretty and they do have it in multiple other colors but I just really loved this one I will have this link below as well everything linked why don't you saying that in this next item I am obsessed with so if you guys have been watching my channel for a while you know that I got that banana leaf palm leaf dress from Amazon well it couldn't leave her out so I got this one oh my gosh it's so cute it's a little romper it's off the shoulder it's so adorable it looks so cute on her now this one was definitely from overseas I still got it on prime but it is kind of that like silky weird kind of fabric it still looks really really cute I think it was totally worth the price it's held up she's wanted a couple times now is it like a rock star quality item no but is it worth the price what I purchased this again would I recommend it to you guys absolutely it is so cute looks adorable for pictures it's lightweight so it's nice and breathable for the summertime it's really really cute I haven't found like something like this in stores that's the thing it's like I like to find things that aren't unique so even if you know I'm spending not that much money but it's really cute and unique and comfortable it's worth it to me then like buying stuff that's like all over does that make sense I don't know anyway that's really cute so the last place I shopped was on Zulily now sue Lilly is kind of like a flash sale website I purchased from it multiple times a year I really really like it I think it's really fun to buy from but it can be kind of tricky because I can't like leave you links for it to go on it does that make sense because normally it's there for like a couple days and then they'll take it off a lot of times they do bring the same items back over and over and over again but I just don't have the opportunity to lifelink the items that make sense however a lot of these items are from brands that I've already mentioned and I could probably find dupes or the exact one on the internet so I will be on a mission to try to find them this first item is from eBay eBay it's made in India and it is this really really cute like little black and white polka dotted tassel shirt this is just really sweet it's just a nice little shirt I think this looks really cute with her on her with jeans or shorts and stuff like that will look nice with jeans it is a bit bigger I find that this be BAE line does brought a bit larger this is in a size 5 but I would have probably size down this is I think our third item from this brand and I keep forgetting that they run bigger and the thing I do like about Zulily is that they do offer a lot of like smaller boutiques or smaller more like indie brands a lot of opportunity to sell their products and market places like shopping small which is really nice because you can find a lot of your really unique pieces again that are a lot cheaper than if you bought them off Etsy or like spend $25 on a t-shirt or something like that but you're still being able to like support their shops so I have always seen be Bay on Zulily but I will try and see if I can find this stuff on an amazon or link it to the exact website but I just think it's really cute it makes me happy this next item is from a brand called trend blossoms see this one just looks like a little shop like a small shop kind of thing and this is in size 4 and it is so cute now this one I do feel like runs a bit smaller seems like kind of the thing too you don't really know but she easily be able to wear this this year and then her sister probably can wear it but it's super soft and comfortable and it's just this really cute little romper with this like little frill on the side I love this I feel like these vertical stripes are super in especially with these pastel colors she really likes it it's super cute and it's nice and comfy so she can still play in it but she really chic all right this next item is another item from limited to and I'm pretty sure I can try and find this online elsewhere but it is this two-piece set and it has this really really cute like chiffon II type of material crepe crepe eehhh material and it says fun like neon floral pattern it has embroidery up top it is so cute and then it comes with a little shorts with a little limited to logo it's a little pink flower really adorable it's really comfortable on her she really likes it and this is also 214 I think I've got everything from limited to in the 14 because I think that all fit her really well this next item is also from limited to this makes me think of my childhood like the 90s that like ribs material t-shirts with like the stripes on it so cute anyway this looks adorable she really likes this too nice and rainbow and bright and it also comes with a pair of matching shorts that have the limited 2 logo flour on it but they are matching the stripes on the shirt a little two-piece set all these sets I think we're like $13 or so so I feel like really nice prices this next item is from ebay again and this is way too big you would definitely have to wear this probably next fall I do not think she'll be able to wear this fall but it is in a size 5 and it's this really really pretty ballerina dress I saw this and just thought this looks so much like her she is totally this like sweet little delicate flower I love her so much and I just thought this would fit her so well it's really nice and soft it has multiple ruffle layers on the bottom it's really cute I loved like the little ballerina she's on point but it is really really large so she'll definitely probably have to wear it not this year but next year but I think even in the wintertime with some left tights this will look so cute sweet on her this next item is from Nanette kids and it is a little romper which is also super cute once again those vertical pastel stripes and it's kind of like these bedazzled II type of buttons however this isn't a size four I believe yeah a size four and it absolutely runs small this is an item that I think she'll get probably like oh we're too out of it and once it's washed it's gonna shrink and I'll probably fit my toddler which is okay my child we got enough use out of it um because it'd probably be a bit spacious on her but I'm sure this will shrink and as you can tell comparatively from olio stuff it is very tiny we're almost done guys mom's done this next item is from Target and it is from the cat and Jack line I just got her swimsuit cover-up she was supposed to have a big splash day field day at her school for the end of the year and they needed a swimsuit cover-up to wear throughout the day before they went outside and it rained out so she didn't get a wear it but it's solely perfect for like summertime and we go to splash pad and stuff like that and it's so pretty it makes me think of a unicorn it's kind of iridescent with this like really beautiful light pastel rainbow it has these really cute little like pom-poms on the side of it this is from the Captain Jack brand this was originally $13.99 and it was on clearance for 1978 but I've seen this still I don't know if it was just like a misprint I still got it for that price I don't know why it was on clearance because it's still like me in the normal cover up section now but anyway this isn't a 5 T and it looks really really pretty on her and I would recommend it to pick it up if you can get it on clearance because this is really really beautiful and lastly not last but not least is this really beautiful dress and the reason that I am taking it and making this last I got this also from Zulily it is from the brand or Orchard Lane it is from the brand Orchard Lane and it's in a size 5 and the reason that I'm kind of taking my time if you follow me on instagram and if you don't you should I post a lot of mom's stuff but I do post stuff about me and stuff like that but anyway every year we are starting we've started a new tradition we started it last year but every year before school starts I know we just started summer but before school starts I want to have a little tea party with the girls so we started it last year with my mom and we had some fine china hole tea set we cooked and baked and had a whole little tea party just so that they feel special that they feel encouraged that they feel that they have a community of women that they can go and talk to and feel loved and I don't know it just I think it's so special and to feel special about going back to school and feel encouraged about starting the new year especially when things can get hard and they get older and bullies happen and it can be hard and scary to start a new year but I want them to feel like they have a group of women that love them and want to see them grow and want to cherish them and encourage them and I don't know so we get fancy we wear fancy dresses we have a full tea party and this year I think this is the one she's gonna wear and it's just this really beautiful floral cheap tea dress it's a Sun dress but it's a tea dress that other little blue shabby chic one would be perfect too but this has a really pretty lace piece on it I love the colors on it and it has like a nice tool type of overlay with this really pretty lace bottom it's just so pretty and I just makes me think of a tea party so I mean this is the one she'll probably wear this year it's nice and comfortable the actual like fabric is kind of like a jersey fabric but it still looks really nice like it doesn't look cheap or cheesy I don't know I just really like this I thought this we beautiful they did have this in a couple other colors if I can find this on their website or on Amazon or whatever I will try to link it like you get this up as it Willy that has the end of this video I hope you guys enjoyed it I hope that I gave you some ideas if you haven't are which I'm sure you probably already have but on your kids clothes for summer but if you haven't are you just looking for some fun new items or you have something special going coming up and you want some pretty dresses I hope I gave you some ideas I hope you guys are having an amazing summer so far I will see you guys all very soon in my next video bye guys


  1. I bought the same cover up for my toddler and it was on clearance for $6.98 n when I went to buy a bigger size for another year it was full price.

  2. Loved everything you hauled! My daughter would LOVE the Jojo dress she wants to be her for Halloween! But of course it’s sold out in her size 😭😭

  3. I have had the same reaction this year as well… im a cart maker as well…and ive not really bought yet.

  4. I know what you mean when it comes to hand me downs ! My girls are a year apart so I buy her just a few new things πŸ’—

  5. Hi Sarah! Walmart is my go to for my children as well! I picked up the same denim shorts for my 4 year old in denim and hot pink as well and they are so stinking cute!! Thanks for sharing❀️

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