HUGE Summer Try On Clothing Haul 2019! Fashion Nova , PrettyLittleThing And More!

Tamara welcome back to my channel today's video is a summer clothing haul it was like in a droid video make sure to give it a big thumbs up subscribe down below and also make sure it's inevitable right next to subscribe button see me know about whatever I post org alive and now let's get on to the video so I have a bunch of things to show you guys today so have some things here and then I also have some things in these packages so I did to go online shopping that got a few items from doing things and fashion OVA it's my first time shopping both of those sites and then I got some things from pink I left some shirts and other things from forever 21 I got a pair of shoes to show you guys so I'm really excited I hope you guys all enjoy so now let's get into the clothes the first item I'll be showing you guys is this NTP shirt it's a crop tea from H&M and this was $12.99 since this shirt is cropped I got a large in it so wouldn't be too cropped and so I can be able to wear at school so yeah super cute for this shirt I got these pink shorts so front looks like this is just all black on the side it says pink and then down here it says pink the colors in this shirt does not exactly match with the shorts but still looks good so that's my first little outfit I don't know what she's gonna wear I might wear my white air forces or again okay a white shoes don't really know the next item is awesome from hmm and it's just the stranger things shirt and for the shirt I got these like purple kind of short some pink then come like a purple color and up here has a pink logo floor dogs which is super to you and I cannot wait to wear this could we be go yeah these pink shirts looks so good with the sugar thing shirt like it looks so bomb together so yeah I cannot wait to wear these two items together then the last thing I got from H&M is this Ariana Grande shirt just like a sideways image of her and this was $14.99 the stranger things shirt was $12.99 yeah super cute then with this shirt I got these athletic high-waisted biker shorts from pain I'm not sure what colors is what I call it but this looks like this and I really like this fabric is very stretchy and I really like it and then on the bottom left of the Schwartz it has a pea little pink you're not ready for me to be girl y'all are not ready for me cuz 2019 summer baby joke about the outfits that's on period period now I'm gonna show you guys my from swing one items and I wore this island before in my Miami vlogs you guys like to those vlogs they'll be up in the I in a playlist I believe this at this side I think it is but I wore these items already so they are a little more ankle to everything which I do apologize for so sorry about that but the first thing I got from from stream one is this shirt and it says not today super cute and simple and I wore this with this leather spirit room for everyone as well it's kind of right cool so I do apologize for that but it's a quarters it kind of thing and I wore this when we want to sugar factory with my birthday and it's just super cute together like yes the b-girl period it's cute so with that and I wore these glasses with it as well these little red glasses from Claire's I'm not sure how much these items were because they no longer have the tag if I find the items like price then I'll put some on the screen but I got these sunglasses from Claire's you're super cute and stylish you know small glasses are really in right now so I just had to get these when I saw them super cute so most a little outfit that I wore back in Miami another shirt I got from about 21 is this a radical revolution shirt and it's like a neon green and the rest is just black and then when I wore with this shirt was these black seamless biker shorts and I believe these back to us were 990 I believe that's how much I paid for them with tax of course but there are 990 without tax and then adjust these seamless biker shorts be seamless black biker shorts and they're very stretchy I really like that material these and then with that outfit I had this fanny pack that I ordered from Amazon and it's just as neon green see-through fanny pack it matches very well was this shirt and with that I wore these glasses from forever 21 and they're not my favorite but they go with the Alpha side how to get them so they're like this oh my hair got caught up in it but it just look like this and I'm my favorite because the lens has a color it like a tint kind of thing you guys see that it's like blue and like purple I guess and I don't really like that because I don't know I thought if it throws everything off but it still matches with this shirt in the fanny pack so yeah now wear this outfit on Instagram at this point because they're not following me on radio Instagram you know what are y'all doing I'm not that very active as I right now but you know what you should be following me and that's one period my script is at underscore am i r8 8/8 underscore is right here follow me period so yeah but these are definitely on my favorite but they go to alpha so I got them last thing I have to show you guys from birthday one is his baby girl and I with a shrimp and why would I think any pictures that I personally light by wore this shirt because it has so many colors you know max all like the walls and art there so this shirt is very cute another item I'll be showing you guys in this haul is my Milano to rage so lies there a bit dirty because I wore them to my FA chip and got sand in them Oh yikes they look like this and it does not know Milano Guruji's hey baby girl what are you doing these slides are super cute and simple and I can wear them look like anything fun fact Meek Mill where some apparel from Milano so yeah so now let's get into my fashion OVA and pretty little thing items so I got majority of my things in this bag and I got a Thailand for fashion Nova this is my first time getting things from fashion over so I'm really excited to see how the quality is by her great things about fashion Allah you guys have watched any clothing cause you probably know passion over as well and a lot of Instagram baddies I guess are gonna say wear fashionable items so that is how to get it and their clothes are super cute I'm gonna open it up everyone to open this thing up since I got it but of waiting because I want to do this haul guess close oh ok so the first thing what is it so in my package it just has like the things I got and this package came with a coupon so guys want to shop on fashion OVA use this coupon which is cardi 25 is all caps card iam so yeah talking about coupon girl would like to when I got these items fashionable was having a buy one get one free sale so I got a really good deal these clothes oh my gosh we're gonna open first so this is me craving love smock top and oh the quality isn't that great like if you guys did this you'll be able to like see through a little bit I had some string just hanging which is fine I guess guys can just cut it off oh yeah it has a bunch of string right here just sitting there which is fine I guess I'll just have to put it all but has a bunch of a string just sitting there and the quality of this shirt isn't that good I guess like it's not what I thought would be I thought the material be way thicker it is stretchy but I guess we'll just have to see when I try one hopefully it is still cute and I want to still wear it so that's the first item for fashion about this is the next item I'll be opening up for you guys it is the girl game crop top so I got this shirt in a medium so that cropped it is still crap let me show you guys stand up a little bit it's still like crops it's still cropped and his crops more than I expected it to be I didn't think Kobe is cropped maybe if I put it on it won't look that crop on this shirt it says grow gang with like a bunch of foreign letters I don't know what it means but it looks like this I like the color of it it's super cute and this year I was really excited for and that's this he wasn't a match crop top and it says thank you next I'll show you guys when is open and I want to get this shirt because it's a lyric from ariana grande song oh this shirt justice thank you next with like this little kiss right here how much higher on for you guys but this hello look that is still cropped I'm so much I be able to wear this to school but it's gift you I mean the party of these shirts aren't like what I expected this one is like a stretchy kind of material I'm not sure what it's called but it's like not cotton this shirt is not coming either it's like this other material this crop top is also in a medium and it's not to crops I'll be able to wear this to school which is really good and nice but this would be really cute for some red shoe since it does have this little kiss right here which is red or I can wear my white airforces or even get pink shoes to match with this and that's basically how I'll style it the kiss color is not showing up very well but it is a dark red but on all the shirts of Justice fashion over and has its own tag things on it but it's cute but the quad is just not my favorite but yeah thank you next the next thing I'll show y'all is there's only boarding jets top Ally Borgias morning play nothing in this room that I like more than tricks now this is a medium shirt this is a luxury with like this gold snake on it and I thought this would be super cute yeah this looks cute and I might give some gold shoes to match with it mug leash war or I might just wear like black of my dance who knows but it's really cute I cannot wait to wear these items like you guys do not understand it's not like a bad material but it's not like a very soft material like is not like a harsh material but I don't know how to explain it the next thing is this Queen shirt and it's called the Nova Queen crop top open that up and I'm pretty sure I got a medium in this as well and all the I got our crop top since it is summer and I pressing like waiting crop tops in the summer when it's hot so I got this in a medium this is $14.99 just Queen and then out my chin this is clean and it has like all these cities on it the next thing I got worthy my fave gem leggings in the wine color and there are medium and they're just like athletic like there's athletic legging so I can win to the gym tried you goes to the gym now was like my grandma and my sister look like this these athletic leggings are not from fashionable guys on the tag it actually says BSP I did give you some fashion over by guys fashion of also sells certain things and items from other clothing brands I don't know on here says $70.99 and that is not the price I paid for these leggings so I don't know why they got that over there but anyways and they have like this mesh material like with the knees over and then down here which is really cute I'm sorry was very stretchy in my but like right here you can tell it's like a band I'm not sure that's normal for athletics leggings so here are the leggings they are very stretchy and I can move in them which is really good so here's like a mesh kind of detailing which is really nice and I like it and it's also down here in the bottom and then it's on the other side bone the other side looks kind of weird cuz I since he right here is really sewed in together like a material which is fine I guess but I just wanted to let you guys know about that just in case you guys were interested in getting these leggings through the next item hat are these light blue move along biker shorts and I got these in small / medium and these are athletic biker shorts and they're very stretchy but ninety percent nylon 10% spandex you guys were wondering I got these to match with a shirt from pretty little things so hopefully they do go well together are a bit see-through in the back so I'm not gonna show the back but it was worse wear these I definitely recommend gave me some light blue sleeveless underwear because the bank it is not it as a very where these sunglasses right here and there the what's happening some glasses and balloon it's like this there's a lot of packaging I thought the sunglasses be really cute with my biker shorts and then I was going to wear my pretty little thingy shirt that you guys would be seeing shortly oh yeah they're very good quality in there there's sunglasses and microsites they do match so I'll be wearing these two together that is all for the items I got some fashion OVA now let's get into my pretty little things so I only got three items some pretty little thing I never got any items from free-love thing before so I'm really excited to see what's in here and how the quality is of all their clothes so just gave me a paper like all the items I got has not the little items so so the first item I got some pretty little thing was the rainbow pretty little thing over size T so like this and it's very very oversized I did not think it would be this oversized but what is this oversized is oversized but it's so cute I guess and because it is oversized I got it in a small I did not expect this recipe this oversized just pretty little thing and behind it as like these lines of different colors and all I said oversized a baby dragon baby boy this is oversized oversized like game I thought this and this will match but it doesn't it doesn't so I'm just try to wear it and hopefully this still looks right but I don't know like I thought they'll be so cute and the camera right now it looks like the same color but it's not yeah that kind of stinks because I really want to win that outfit hopefully I can still wear that outfit I can still look very nice but I'm just gonna have to see how it turns out all together so last time I got some pretty little thing with these two biker shorts so I got these great pair they're super cute under these cotton material they are the grey more basic psycho Schwartz and I got these in a size 10 I thought these were a group I got certain so hopefully they fit they're pretty stretchy and I really wanted to get grey Beca shirts because I can match with anything so then the last item for this haul and pump real thing are these red back reports in the back you can see the ones my underwear there for Michael I'll show you guys the back just was not comfortable enough the show because that is right now but this hub the front of this wristlock they're comfortable I can move in them you know I can run in them I can jump in them and they're feeling really good not bad and the quality so they look like this they're the same material and these are also in a size 10 I'm not sure when we like these because if you stretch it out you can see through it yapple camera but i'm michelle yeoh if you all want to buy these back your shorts they are low see-through Lisa decided to and with me as I told you guys earlier these are bit see-through and the back of my pants you can see the lines in my underwear so that's I'm probably fix that I wore this oversized t-shirt with it that can just be easily fixed before I end this video I wanna give you guys a little review on fashion OVA and pretty little thing so overall the items were cute but the quality material was not what I expected I thought the material be way better than this hopefully women they are one and I do the trial portion of this video I actually end up like in the clothing more than I do right now so all my fashionable items came in very quick it came in within three days of meet worry but something about fashion over that I was kind of confused about was athletic um pants they were not from fashion over there from Motor Company I'm not really sure why that happened a pretty little thing items since about five days of me ordering them don't get me wrong everything that got from both pretty little thing in fashion OVA were very cute when I really liked them but just the quality I just didn't expect the quality to be how it was when I received them for example the back assurance they are see-through I did not expect them to be see-through and I guess that's my fault also with the fashion of the things I did not expect the tops be the quality that they were I thought the fashion over shirts would be better quality I thought it would be like forever 21 H&M quality but I guess I'm just me they weren't good quality don't get me wrong they wear like really bad quality but they were my favorite something I'm kind of sad about is this pretty little thing shirt it is oversized so I did go a size down thinking we'll be smaller but it's the oversize so I guess my fault so I think what I'm gonna do is either return this and exchanger and get it extra small or even crop it myself by just cutting it so if this video and that was my literal review of the clothing I got from both pretty little thing in fashion OVA it was like the newest video and what more videos like this one make sure to give it a big thumbs up subscribe down below and make sure to hit the notification bow right next to the subscribe button see we know about whatever I pose or go why let's just say it's 2019 summer I'm coming through in the videos so I don't think eyes when I miss out on that do be grabbing your boy got your note petitions just put them on just just put them on y'all do not want to miss out on that this one period so yeah I'll see you guys later have a lovely night day or evening peace


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  3. Fashion nova is a wholesale company. Some stuff has their name branded, other things (a lot of their things) are from other companies and have that company’s name on it. It’s more so common with their cheaper jeans, athletic wear, etc.

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