Huge Summer Clothing Try On HAUL 2019 with Ella

hey guys welcome back to my channel and today I'm going to doing a summer clothing haul and I always love doing town halls for you guys and you guys always seem to really enjoy them I always do them in the spring and this year I even did a winter wind and I thought then it would be really fun to do a supper town hall and all of them great come on with these like I said but this time I went to stores like pink American Eagle polish surf forever 21 packed Sun and brandy melville not a great time shopping for these clothes and let's get on into it and see what I bought ok so this is my first outfit and it's definitely gonna be my fourth of July outfit these are the pair of shorts I bought their lot wash their denim shorts they're from American Eagle and that was this fourth of July like flag top and I saw this like a little while ago and I was like oh I have to get that at some point but I didn't get in I finally got it and I'm totally unaware for fourth of July with this little like bandana okay so here's a nice outfit I have this really cute top this is Los Angeles it is from Freddie Melville and I've never actually had like a public one brandy Melville talked with my PacSun how about over any metal stuff out and I'm smashing it up and then I'm happy she's black should work there should have a random pair of black shorts and body got them effortlessly one like last year we're not positive and I paired it with my watched round bands and I really like outfit okay so here's my next outfit is this just really cute basic like kind of rain jacket kind of like yeah it's a rain jacket for a rainy summer day it is from Hollister and it's really cute I've been meaning to pick one of these up haven't done it finally did and then I have this really basic like flatness has to be called from holster and has a lace trim on it and then I have a pair of shorts from American Eagle and they're the ones I have a little pockets they come down and they're really cute and so it's very good for a rainy summer day okay so this next outfit I totally love I kind of just fight through it all together and it kind of just worked I wasn't really again but I have only ripped up mom jeans from Hollister and they are really really cute and very comfortable if I haven't mentioned if you know I'm melting need to go trough them because they're just like so cool and also that so many Tom's but and then I have this really nice thing just trying to like croft cami and then just from brandy melville and I love it I also run it blue and you guys will see that a little bit and I paired it with this American Eagle like kind of a wine looking top and it's just really really cute the back looks log and then I have all my Birkenstocks with it and I really like this outfit okay so I love this outfit right here I have this top from PacSun and really cute i the same one in green if you guys want my spring haul you'll probably recognize that but I think of another reason why this is very cute and then I got these shorts a from American Eagle and they're strop and I love the color and then they're just so cute and then I have on these wedges from Express and this totally totally bugged me about the vacation outfit you can wear up like dinner and on it but yes this is okay so here's the next outfit and it's definitely a little bit like edgier than the other ones I feel cool enough a little cool I hope I do but anyways I had this whole shirt top and it could be on or off the shoulders and it's really really soft and comfortable then I have this came out skirt from Express and I love it it's actually really stretchy and then I think the most talked thing that you would not think we're in the summer is Doc Martens which I have paired with this outfit I think that's what I feel like makes it so edgy I don't know I hope it looks cool I like it okay so here's my next outfit super puffy I paid my super duper high waisted paper bag jeans from Abercrombie with this cute red talk for frightening Melville which are – and it's really comfy and I'm really market okay so here is my next outfit and it says holster dropped slip dress and it's super duper cute and really really comfortable I love it so much like I've been like wonder where Lawrence is this summer I don't know if that makes sense but I feel like I wear shorts like every day and I think and I paired it with these express wedges and they're really comfortable I wear these for my pictures and you guys want to see those it does follow me on Instagram it'll be on yes okay here's my next outfit I have on these wop mom jeans from Holscher and they're really ripped up and really cute and then I have on this lot bloom well it's like sort a lot blue and it has little daisies on it and it's from packs side it's still there if you guys want to go get it and super duper cute and I have these little straps on it and then I literally just paired it with these like random pair of sandals I'm no clever they're from or like when I got them but they're really useful and I like this outfit a lot kind of summery I really like it you can also pair with a lot skirt which I actually did for my pictures like I said you guys can go see those on my Instagram okay so here's my next outfit it's just really cute like lamb scent from pink and they were having a deal on it was like something's on top and bottom you could get shorts pants it's not chard isn't that sawdust it's all pink point it's really cute and I'm totally just comfy and they're not have shoes on honestly though I think this sweatshirt with a pair of black jeans and still be really cute okay so here's my next outfit and it's a really cute red hoodie from journeys that has a little fever logo on it which I normally get my shoes at journeys specific oh my gosh sweatshirt then I paired it with these shorts and they're the first ones I had on their American Eagle you guys can get them right now they're really comfy she's my kind of shredded at the bottom which I think makes them really cute they're lost and they're really comfortable so I really like this outfit and of course I had a parrot with my fila shoes so I want to feel a hoodie you know but I really like it's really comfy I think you could wear I'm with the new law like it's torn a little breeze come through I'm just a thought but I don't like it okay so the next outfit I have I really really like is this pair of like paper bag like shorts head really high waisted which I love a really really comfortable they're from American Eagle and so is this top and it's a new piranha it's black and it's really just kind of a basic top and a really really cute and comfortable and casual oh yeah and if I was getting put it with shoes which I didn't so like putting on I'll put it with my black pants okay so this next outfit I have is this really cute wot miniskirt from American Eagle and I'm wearing a skirt all the time and then I have it with this Barbie shirt which is from forever 21 and still tank top and I thought is really cute kind of basic and I thought that I could wear it with some different stuff but for today I paired it with this skirt and I think it's really cute okay so this is my next outfit is this really cute Tommy Hilfiger shirt and it was from PacSun and it was actually on clearance and I loved it so much she's really cute and then I had these ripped jeans and they're from American Eagle and I've actually had him for a little while but not lost more than them actually love them so much no but I like kinda mom with like a fool and outs I really love them and if I had shoes on pronto which I totally don't they would be not Feliz cuz I think the colors just trying to coordinate with this the blue and a lot and the red okay so here is my next outfit I have this really basic white crop top it's from Target it's just really basic and then I have this really cute red skirt has buttons and it's just super cute I'll wear this to my little cousins piano recital and I love dad but this is really cute and I love it okay so this next outfit totally probably not what you guys were expecting in a summer haul but it's this pair of brandy melville lot blue lot kind of purplish sweat pant and they say New York on them and I love them so so much I've been wearing them once in the past three days but my mom tried to like make me wash them in the laundry basket but I tell her I need to wear this video sadly I'll blow me up wear these after this until I get washed but I love these I'm gonna be living leads to summer and they or for any male though you guys have to go get a pair their stomachs which I know and then I have this top and it's packed on it's really cute and it's just a lot that's great for like sleeping okay so here's this outfit it's really really cute this top is expressed turn around me like a forest ranger or like a dinosaur like Jurassic Park I don't know I don't know if that's a very good description I love that sounds fun hum and now I had these Hollister's hands seems like my go-to mom jeans I wear these with just some regular normal sandals and I really like it really think it's cute love this song yes okay here's my next outfit I have this really cute all in from Hall shirt and crocheted and I really really love it and then I have on these American Eagle shorts I actually really love this together can't make out what I'm really really market and I love this whole crochet found it's so cute not very just some practical okay so you guys probably weren't expecting the same I said we're trying but I got this really cute Fujin set from Hollister and makes me feel so like fancy I don't know always in donating a pair of like PJ's like morning and everything also I totally love this one kind of like pink zebra print okay so this is my last app that you guys but I have on these pinky comma mauve paper bag pants and they are from American Eagle and they are so so so cute and so puffy because they're not like actual jeans are really good material and then I showed you guys this shirt earlier but it is a holster one it's very basic it goes with a lot of different stuff it has a lush trim on it which makes a little like a little like pizzazz to it and everything and then I paired it with my express wedges which also I think adds a little bit to it you can also wear up summer sandals are probably Arkansas but you guys I think that's it for this video make sure to subscribe if you liked it and want to see more videos like this also give it a thumbs up and you guys can go check out my Instagram to see more of my personal law and everything like that and let me go BA okay so this next out okay so here is my next outfit I have a strap holster slip dress okay so the next outfit I have this really cute Tommy you know focus shirt what this is my next outfit I have this really cute Tommy Hilfiger shirt and it is okay for my next outfit this really cute told me he'll figure shirt and it was on the pack what on the pack side there is anything on me that you understand okay smile there's no one over weights your hand in mine let me go by your side let me go by your side

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