what's up you guys welcome back to my channel so gonna cut straight to it today's video it's gonna be a Windsor Hall and I have lots of really good oh my god for game uno momento I think I have a package here sorry okay I just got a package in for my trip I'm actually pre filming this while you guys are watching this I am in Europe so if you want to follow along my trip you can follow me over on Instagram for all of my updates stories outfits everything like that I'm in Portugal and Spain so anyway some of these pieces I'm going to be taking on my trip but some of them are just really good summer basics and really like easy tops dresses that you can wear all summer long even have some more comfy basic items so kind of a little bit of everything so let's hop in okay so the first item is this little tie-dye halter top which i think is so so cute it combines a few of my favorite trends so the first being tie-dye I really like it within reason I don't want to like go too crazy tie-dye because color kind of scares me but very like 2009 ts5 which i really like and this is literally the stretchy is just very lightweight little halter top I'm just wearing it with a strapless bra I know I always get questions about what type of undergarments I wear oh sorry okay I always get questions about what type of undergarments I wear with these tops and that's I just wear a strapless bra with it but so cute just very simple and really nice and lightweight for summer you can wear it with a pair of high-waisted jeans that's what I have it on with and it looks adorable so really easy go-to top and actually really into the halter tops I haven't really been buying a ton these are kind of like my first few so speaking of halter tops I also have another one and this one is again very very simple but just white which I love and it's almost more of like a linen II material so feels a little bit harder and it has this nice like band at the bottom and then in the back it has this little kind of scrunchie type of back so really really beautiful so cute and a white basic halter I feel like if you're not as much into the tie-dye thing like still look at the trend and still can make really cute outfits just a simple white one with some baggy jeans or some denim shorts it's just super cute for summer so halter tops are back you guys I also have a swimsuit here and I have been collecting one pieces and I just loved this one I thought the color was so unique like it honestly is like the it's almost like a really bright tangerine color you can't really like tell on camera I feel like it looks more just like Melanie Orange but it's a really unique color but what I like about it is that it's really hot I cut on the sides and I feel like that is just very flattering on most girls body shapes especially mine and then it has the little tie laces at the top and just like a normal traditional square cut neck so really fun and really cute you guys know like I always say like you need to have a few cute one pieces in your swimsuit collection because they're not the best for tanning but they're so cute for like a pool party or if you're going on more of like a water adventure or you want to go in the hot tub at the evening and you just had dinner and you like don't want to put on a bikini I feel like you just need to have cute one pieces so try to get one or two for your swimsuit collection this summer because they're really good go twos and the colorful like with a tan I just think it's adorable on the topic of swimsuits this top I actually got as a little swimsuit coverup and you can honestly wear this just as like a crop top but I think it's so cute to go over bikinis it comes in a bunch of colors on Windsor but this one is solid black and it's really lightweight material with a little tie in the center and it's just very flowy and almost like bohemian if you're a little bit more boho I feel like this would be such a cute little blouse for you with some necklaces and a pair of denim but it's just really really nice and easy throw on for a top over a bathing suit so classic black which would look really good against like a leper bikini or white bikini or anything like that and it's just very simple but easy so if you're going on trips and you need little bikini cover-ups I feel like this is so cute and then a little pair of shorts and you're good also got a few more tops this one is really cute it's beige which is my favorite color if you are here on my channel a lot but it's this really cute little like kind of waffle material and I feel like give me a good like summer night evening top with for like dinner or something like that has this cute little knot in the front and then a little tie at the bottom but very simple nice little detail on the sleeve and just a cute little crop top that would be so cute with like white you could do like a creamy beige you white vibe and it'd be gorgeous like a pair of sandals very simple but comfy and just like a beautiful little number that you could wear easily on summer days or on summer night it's just nice and like a classic basic you know with like a little twist so loving this sort of like 2000s trend that there's tons of like little ring tops I don't know if you guys have seen these like all over but Windsor has a bunch and I really just liked the simple white one I feel like this is a nice little twist on a basic crop top to wear like with some baggy or oversized jeans and some chunky sneakers or even like a pair of sandals it's just so cute and fun and I just love the cut I feel like it's very interesting I think this vibe is very like early two-thousands like Britney Spears you get my catch my drift get my vibe you could honestly even wear this is like a denim mini if you really wanted to go all out for it but I just think it's really fun really cute I probably will wear it just like with them for like an easy go to but yeah I just think it's really fun and special and I think it comes in other colors if you don't want white but white is a great a great basic speaking of white I got a few more white dresses I think I have a problem I like cannot stop with the white dresses I think I have probably like eight right now that I haven't even worn it's terrible but I'm just like so attracted to them so I was obsessed with this one when I saw it on when sir it is so beautiful and I feel like it's a dream dress basically it's super fitted what I like the whole back is like that crinkle material that is very popular right now and the top is just so beautiful it's like that classic kind of bustier very girly feminine top that has the tie and then it has the little sleeves that kind of can go off the shoulder or stay on the shoulder but what I liked about it is that it's so simple it's just like the cutest little sexiest dress you could wear it without being like overly sexy you know that's not our right here but like we you could wear this easily during the day with a little pair of sandals like out and about or for a date night dress it up with like some heels and a little leather jacket and it's just it's so cute honestly I will bring this probably to Europe with me because it's the perfect little European like summery dress I just think it's so beautiful and white it's just you can't go wrong you know you just need tons of white dresses so I've got one more I know I know I'm so sorry but I bet you guys are obsessed with them too like I'm not the only one that probably wears a lot of white dresses during summer but this one's so cute what I really liked about this one is the sleeves are super exaggerated so I thought that was really fun I love like puffy sleeves and it ties a little bit in the front in the center which is so cute and just flares out like ever so slightly and not a lot but again very very simple what I like about though is the sleeves I think they're really fun and what's different is that this sleeve comes down a little bit but I'm even thinking you could just fold it up if you wanted it to be a little bit shorter just like that and then it looks kind of just more like a short sleeve dress so you can really wear it both ways but super adorable and again kind of like this linen II material so very appropriate for like the summer vibes you know another dress that I got from them is another sort of linen e style dress but it is baby blue I'm loving baby blue right now I think everybody is and if you guys watched my last dress haul from Windsor there were so many good dresses in there like you need to watch that if you missed it because they like crush it with dresses they just that is like their expertise is dresses and there was a really cute baby blue satin one and that's just gotten me really into baby blue so this one is so pretty and it's just very very simple has these little buttons up the side and that is basically it it's just like a square neck mini and just so easy like such an easy little summer dress nothing overly complicated very simple I feel like if you are more of like a vintage girl you would love this if you are more bohemian like literally it's so simple like anybody can wear it if you're more high-fashion if you're more simple like just really it could go so many different ways I just feel like it's a nice little classic dress so I would probably wear this personally with some sandals like during the day maybe a little scarf in my hair like I'm just thinking like you know Portugal vibes but that's kind of my vision on it so you could go so many directions though so super cute very easy summer dress and then this one's a little bit edgier and more fun but I love leather pieces and I saw this leather romper on their site and I honestly was like oh I've never really seen anything like that I normally go with like leather shorts or leather leggings in the winter but I feel like for summer this is like a fun little edgier piece that you could totally layer over just like a white t-shirt and wear it with like some chunky sneakers or even like maybe mmm strappy heels like for dinner or something but super fun and just leather I feel like is very classic having leather pieces I just love them leather minis leather shorts leather bustier is like everything so loved this one and I think it's really cool you could even if you wanted to change out the belt you could mix it up nice cut very like nice fit and it's obviously faux leather because we don't do real leather around here but yeah comfy cool a little bit more edgy okay lastly I have a few sets and this one is really cute again white I know I'm so sorry but it's like a little white linen II set and if you're into little cohorts for summer it's such cute one and it has this little buckle in the center of the top and then the sleeves go off the shoulder which is so cute so again nice and simple not over complicated it makes it look super super high-quality and like almost designer ish but it's not very expensive which is what we love around here so I think this is a really cute basic two-piece for like any summer vacation or if you need something for an event or a little shower or brunch like such a cute little set and you could re wear the white skirt you can rewear the white top like that's a good one I just really like it and then I always you guys know I'm like the queen of comfy cozy vibes I love my sweats I pretty much live in sweats every day unless I'm like out and about obviously a dress but I work from home so I always in sweats but this little 2-piece set is like this summer version of my sweat outfits um also I always show like my comfy cozy outfits when I'm at home so if you guys are following me on Instagram I always show on stories like what I'm wearing at home if you love like sweats and stuff so make sure to be following over there but this is a short version of a little set and it's leopard which is so cute actually have the full-length sweats of these I got them during the winter time but I just think this is such a cute little comfy two-piece for summer that is a little bit more breathable obviously not as hot and just adorable so honestly like for the coffee shop like I go to the coffee shop every morning I'm totally wearing this like just with some Doc Martens or some sneakers or something to slide on this is going to be like my go-to because it gets super hot here in Texas so super adorable if you're going on a little trip and you still want to look cute like in the evenings this would be such a cute PJ set just like it's it's adorable oh and lastly I forgot one little top before I move on to jewelry and accessories and it's just this simple little lime in the on a crop top it kind of has a little like knitted material but really really simple I kind of like the higher neck and yeah just really cute I know it's very again basic but have a lot of basics which I feel like is good and really cute just to wear jeans if you're into the neon trend I'm still not over mint and like lime-green I'm still loving it I just got a swimsuit that is this exact color for my trip so I'm still living for this and this is like a nice little easy way to wear it just like with some jeans or shorts for summer okay lastly I got two pairs of sunglasses at which I'm like a sunglass freak and I been buying so many pairs so these ones I love there are like a wire frame but they're kind of like a square 90 style which I love like how cute is just this whole look like the glasses the top it's great but I feel like just goes with so much and I love the shape so like that rectangular shape I'm really into that right now so I love these so much and a lot of them a lot of the glasses I have don't have little like wire frames so I was really excited about these I also got one more pair of these kind of wire type and these are more of a teardrop shape but I thought they were kind of fun and a little bit more yeah like round it's just like a different shape than I've ever seen usually they're very circular but this is definitely like definitely more of like a teardrop so your stuff they were kind of fun and also really like this style and then you guys know I love my jewelry I'm a jewelry fanatic as you can see like so many piercings and whatever but these I thought were really cute they're like a little pearl hoop drop earring and they were like 10 dollars but I thought they were so cute because the pearls almost they're not like perfect they almost look more like you know like imperfect pearls like you just picked them out of a clam in the ocean and I think that's really like summery and cute so I love these I have a pair kind of like this but I love like the pearl jewelry trend so I had to get those those are all the pieces I picked up from Windsor again I will have everything linked in the description box down below with sizes and all stuff Schumi idiom if you have any questions on how any of this fits and you're not sure what size to order and don't forget to follow along for my trip on instagram and keep up with me I love you guys so much I'll see you in a few days in the next video bye


  1. 93k? Damn I remember she had like 5k that’s wassup. Change a lot too okπŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

  2. Loveeee when you do Windsor hauls! I feel like I cannot find anything on their site πŸ˜‚πŸ˜« obsessed with EVERYTHING AND YOUR HAIR 😍😍😍

  3. Yaaaaay awesome haul gorgeous lady. I always look forward to watching them and adding things to my wishlist hehe. 🧑🧑

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