huge summer clothing haul! (try-on + prices)

[Applause] hey guys it's Hayley sunny and I'm so freakin pumped for this video because we're gonna be doing another haul and you've been here for a while you might know haul videos are some of my favorite videos to film ever what's exciting about this video is the fact that I just got my boxes and I haven't worn any of these items yet so it's basically gonna be like Christmas where I'm opening things up trying them on and giving you like my first reaction to these items this is going to be a summer haul because I specifically picked these items for when I travel during the summer like I hate having boring outfits when I go places I like to always keep them fun and fresh you know if you're gonna go somewhere this summer and you're kind of looking for things to wear this is perfect I'm sure you're gonna see a few cute things that you want to get your hands on I did a little bit of shopping on two different websites one of them let's revolve and the other one LF literally two of my favorite stores this is gonna be a try on haul but instead of me like showing clothes and then inserting like the role of me trying clothes on I'm literally gonna wear every single thing and talk to you about it while it's on me I just think it works better like that and you guys seem to really like that concept last time so we're gonna keep it going we're going to hit the subscribe button help a girl out we're growing our family that further ado let's go ahead and get started I'm gonna be starting off with revolve this dress is from lovers and friends and I can already tell that I'm gonna use the word cute a million times in this video and I'm gonna say this is literally my favorite thing in the whole world probably seven three times in this video just some precaution this is the cutest little pink dress and summer I'm obsessed with dresses because you can't go wrong with them they're easy it's one thing and it creeps like it's a little outfit so this is what the front looks like obviously it's gonna look a lot better once ironed and the back is just so cute it looks so classy and elegant but at the same time like youthful and fun I got this in an extra-small and I feel like maybe extra extra small would have done me a little better cuz it would have made it a little tighter or at my waist so I would feel a little bit more at peace with the top side right here because it's just open like I don't know I feel like anything can happen I mean honestly nothing would it's just like I don't really feel that secure but if I tie it a little tighter I'm sure I can fix that problem this is so cute what the hell I'm gonna like everything this video down below so if you guys wanna check it out this is just number one I'm obsessed I'm gonna go ahead and switch are you kidding me this might be my favorite clothing item I've ever tried on like ever this is so cute this is also from lovers and friends whoever designed this I can personally go give a hug like wow it's the most beautiful sky blue and then has these cherries they're like sequined the sides over here are tie up so there's a little bit of skin peeking and then this is what the back looks like it has a skater skirt and I just can't get over it I'll come a little closer this is what the beading looks like are you kidding me the cutest summer dress I just want to like go twirl in a field of no flowers I can't really get this up all the way because I'm one person and no one's home so they can tell me I think lovers and runs has the cutest summery dresses like ever so I'm Sorella and y'all should subscribe this is a little a tad bit more fancier I knew this one was gonna be like a little fancy I just feel like every summer every time I go back to Turkey someone gets married and I'm like great no one told me to pack a wedding dress so I feel like this is good you know this I'm like I'm here I kind of look like a loofah but like the cutest thing you've ever seen it feels and in the back is like boom like that it just feels so cute I feel like Rihanna wore something like this to some award show it might have been like a longer version I don't know correct me if I'm wrong it just looks editorial it's a dress that's definitely gonna turn heads and at the same time it's just so cute and like fun to be in like all these dresses are just like fun to be and they make you feel better like they put you in a better mood this is from revolve but it's by the brain to LaRose up I feel like a fairy princess I feel like a fairy it's like too old whole dress is pretty much tulle and then it kind of dips down right here I feel like you might need to use some double-sided tape just you know make sure everything that's like heard by the way I bought all of these dresses in the size extra small in case you were wondering also if you like this dress has like homecoming vibes dance dance dance day this just screams mikonos to me so like I should already buy my ticket I don't know it just gives me such beach vibes but like classy Beach vibes like high-fashion Beach vibes I like that the sleeves like kind of go out a little I don't know I just feel like it gives like a little shape a little toomai like shoulders this is what it looks like back it's like this linen material which kind of gets wrinkly really easily so make sure to pack your wrinkle release spray in your beach bag you can wear this with like white sandals or heels so you can dress it up or down if you put on a fancy necklace it would look fancy but if you just kept a chill like maybe like a straw hat you already see me like envisioning that outfits that I'm gonna wear these with I feel like I always do that when I felt my hauls this is my romper this one is also from lovers and friends okay this romper it's a romper I thought it was a dress but it's a romper which hace don't mind I kind of prefer you don't like we're about spandex and stuff like that it has quite a bit of elements to it so I'm gonna try to explain it was quite a bit of a struggle trying to put this on myself it's really cute so it's a romper you zip it up right here there's a little cutout on the back I come all the way around yeah so there's like a little cutout on the side and then it just goes up like this you get an open back you just tie it up here looks adorable it kind of reminds me of the first dress I tried off that like you tied up and have it open back that I was completely different was like pink and a dress and this is a romper but yet again just another fun summer dress to have so one and this is also from Tula Rosa back I love this dress I love how it flows all the way from the top to the bottom like it doesn't have any stitching or any kind to kind of like give shape to your body but it does come with a belt if you do a long to you know tie it up well do it so I can show you guys I don't know like if you do want to do like a bow or something and give it some shape obviously you can do that too I think it changes the vibe a little it has this really pretty floral pattern to it I just personally think I wouldn't wear with the bow or I would switch it up I do both this is what this looks like this is also all lovers and friends surprise not a dress this is a beat em set from lovers and friends and I feel like they named it the Kim set because Kardashian whores things like this quite a lot I think it's such a cute set I don't think you could work out in this like I think this is more design for like fashion purposes like the material just doesn't seem fit for working out I mean you could try you can definitely like yoga and stuff just not like heavy running it just wraps around your whole body feels super soft everything is like put together yeah I've been wanting this for a while like I have the ones for brandy but I wear them a couple of times and they're racing through like didn't they see my whole but if I'm standing out in the Sun so this is just like good quality like that's not gonna happen and also it's a cute travel outfit so if you're gonna be traveling a lot in the summer keep it fun okay so the next item is actually a top not a dress either progress it gives me like pirate vibes I kind of dig it it's quarter sleeve and then it has like a whole peasant sleeve it's inches right here and the back the back has like a square cut right here it clasts like a corset I don't know if I got every single one of them what happened I'm sorry shoulders puff up so adorable I could wear these with like low waisted jeans to make me more sporty or like a summery skirt to make it a little bit more fancy just like a classy basic white top to own so that's everything I got from Revlon calm now I'm gonna be moving on to LA this is the first thing I got from LF LF is having a crazy like warehouse sale right now where things are literally going from $200 to 20 this being one of them I don't know if lose like exactly 20 but like 25 or 28 something like that I love always has this weird ass sales like oh is the cost for production to you if you're selling it for $28 now but before you're selling it for 200 it's just make sense whoever handles their sales strategy like let's have some coffee and talk about it enlighten me because I'm kind of confused nevertheless their clothes are cute as hell so this it's supposed to be a jacket like it zips up and down but I just think I look so much cuter like that it almost looks like a button-up sheriff but then it's cross then it has these straps they say LF on them kind of makes me look like I'm about to go parachuting I think this was the only thing that I kind of like opened and like wore and I got so many compliments on it so yeah that's that I was a jacket it would just look like that I know it doesn't look so much cuter as a top that's what I think so I got some casual shorts just chillin like I also feel like you should have closed for the summer obviously not just like all dresses the taxes these were $188 originally and I got one really 25 they look like army shorts they're super duper comfy they have these big pockets they're like vintage wash and then they're elastic on the way so they'll just like go right onto your waist love that any other dope I think they're just chill shirts to have either personally another one of my favorite purchases from this haul they look like workout shorts it kind of look like boxing shorts because of the logo right here so yeah they're again elastic on the waist and then they have these two white zippers and you can actually unzip them you'll have like your little pockets peeking out it's just a cute moment just another touch so yeah that's what they look like they're super comfy sorry I have to change the angle I just moved on to pants these are mint yeah they have the LF logo running down the side elastic on the waist and then two little pockets they also have a little zipper on the butt right here I left cells on my favorite sweatpants I feel like I over where they out of sweatpants so they're just the comfiest ones I own and like you know what swept hands just feel like good quality I think they're gonna last Ohio and I want to step out of my comfort zone and I'd be like let me freaking get make green sweatpants so that's why I did that every other sweat pant I own is either gray or wack I feel like I'm giving them so much a problem in this video like can i sponsor the next time Thanks half the things in my closet or from your stores so I think it would be a very organic partnership I love pure person watches and they're like what the hell is she saying my next purchase from LF were these jeans and as you can see they're kind of low waisted which is new it's something I've been liking to do a lot more recently I'm just so used to always wearing high-waisted jeans I wanted to take a little time machine circa Britney Spears peak I've been experimenting with low waisted jeans or just getting hands and rolling them over so they sit on my hips and I genuinely enjoyed the look they also have these huge holes I don't know if you realized I can hear my grandpa asking me if I'm poor from the other side of the world clearly he's in Turkey right now I didn't I didn't hear him ask me that this is what they look like on the back and then they have the LF logo in the waistband which I know if that was very necessary honestly these are my new low waisted denim jeans do I have deodorant stains because I can feel them literally I'll buy something and then five minutes later they have gear and stains and I'm like bro like what thank you for tuning into yet another haul some are all of my favorite because summer is my favorite season and I just can't wait for this summer to start I'm posting so much on my Instagram follow me on Instagram for the fit pics of all the things that you did see in this video let me know if you have any questions regarding like sizing or whatever in the comments also let me know what your favourite piece was in this hall I'm curious don't forget to smash the like button if you will and I will catch all of you guys in my next video I love you guys so much all the way photo and back


  1. Loved the dresses but girl you could have literally bought them for 10$ in a cheaper quality on shein lol (and in all honestly unless the quality of clothing is visibly cheap or easily damaged I don't think good quality is thaaaat important, but that's just my opinion)

  2. 11:49 girllll that's far from low-waisted.. 00's Britney, Christina, Lindsay and Paris – that's low-waisted.

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