huge spring clothing haul! (try-on)

okay I had to put my hair in a ponytail because hey guys what's up it's me Sarah and today I'm coming at you with another video today I'm going to be doing a huge summer spring haul whatever you want to call it I got a lot of stuff per usual because we all know that I like to chat my money away and I find validation buying things for myself but we're not gonna talk about that's kind of a touchy topic but anyways so I got some stuff from brandy melville Urban Outfitters Nasty Gal and PacSun so the first place that I'm going to show you guys what I got was brandy melville okay so the first thing that I got was this little short sleeve shirt and it's grey and it's kind of ribbed so I love rib things it fits really well it's really flattering oh okay the next two things that I got I'm absolutely obsessed with these shirts and I just love the way that they fit and they look like this they're just more like short sleeve shirts but they kind of have this ruching that make your boobs look so good and I got this one in red because I've been trying to get similar things with a little more color so I got one in red and then I got one in white because the next thing that I got was a pair of biker shorts like deep blue color I don't really know they're pretty simple pretty basic but pairing them with an oversized t-shirt that would look super cute and I love the color again I'm trying to get some more colorful things and then the next thing that I got was this little short sleeve graphic tee kind of it looks like this it's black short sleeve as I've said 20 times this was in my last lookbook you know the lookbook where I misspelled Doc Martens and I got heavily clocked for it in the comments but I now know how to spell Doc Martens I will never forget but again let's not talk about it it's kind of a touchy topic this little tube top shirt and this is so cute I'm in love with this I first got this though it was a struggle to put it on because I wasn't sure if I should step into it and then pull it over my flat ass or if I should put it over my big head because it has no like zippers or anything it has like a tight fit around the ribcage and then around the boob area it has this little tie and it's pretty loose so it's really flattering so I really really like this okay the next thing that I got is definitely something a little different than what I would usually get and I'm actually really excited about this my mom is gonna be happy that I got this because for once I won't be dressing like a it's just like this blue dress maybe maybe even periwinkle it's kind of like a periwinkle dress and it just has these really small like Daisy flower print all over it and I really really like this this little crop top it's ribbed it's a bright pink color I absolutely love this color I think it's so adorable and it fits really nicely it's pretty small I like my shirts small just like I like my okay okay this next thing is again another tank top and it's ribs so it's pretty tight fitting and it has little buttons down the middle and I love this color it's like a forest green color and again all the brandy stuff is super simple okay the next thing that I got was this skirt and it's just this plaid blue skirt little cutout detail by the thighs which makes it really really flattering and it has it on both sides so this just fits really well oh the next thing I got is another like pink colorful thing I'm actually so excited about this it's this turtleneck a body suit I could see myself wearing this under some kind of oversized t-shirt of some sort I think that would look really good and I'm really really excited to style this this little bralette and boy it's little looks like this it's black lace I think this was one size which how how that's all how how would everybody's boobs be one size I just I don't understand it kind of fits kind of doesn't we're gonna try and make it work okay since we just did the bralette I'll do these earrings next and they're just these little silver heart dangly earrings but they're really small danglies I love these I think these are so cute I'm in love with silver jewellery as you can tell it looks like I just walked into Claire's and had a gift card from my stepdad these were only four dollars so that's pretty good for a really cute pair of earrings and I'm really excited to wear these I think they're super dainty I got with another bodysuit and I love this I think this is absolutely adorable it has the one strap at the top I think that is such a cute detail and makes the black bodysuit a little more interesting oh also it buns at the bottom which is super helpful okay it's super helpful when you gotta pee you don't have to go completely naked and feel insecure as you're sitting butt naked in the stall okay the next thing that I got was this grey short sleeve crop top and it has buttons down the middle which I absolutely love I'm actually in love with this I thought this was pretty like basic and I wasn't sure I was gonna feel about it but actually on it it has these little like designs on it from the stitching I don't know um please don't clock me I'm really sensitive after the last video the last thing that I got was this pair of pants and they're just some black cargo pants really cute oversized they have some pockets on the side and in the back that is everything that I got from brandy melville now I'm going to show you guys the one thing that I got from Urban Outfitters a mini-fridge why this is the smallest mini-fridge ever it is so cute it's white so it matches my room I just get really scared having to walk down at night into my creepy house and getting a water bottle especially since our security system when we set it off the other day and if you don't cancel it necessary amount of time the police get called okay and then I'm gonna do PacSun because again at PacSun I also only got one thing got a bucket hat again why it's like this yellow and blue plaid a bucket hat I actually really like this okay the last place that I got stuff from was Nasty Gal and I love Nasty Gal I think they have some really cute stuff on there start with these because they're kind of random but I got some heels they're just these kind of like chunky black suede heels Co the first shirt I got was this and this definitely looks different from what I would normally get not that it's a black crop top because if you've seen the video where I tried everything in my closet I literally have like 10 black crop tops the top of it has this really cute like ruffle detail and has these strings which you can tie but I really like that the sleeves and the back are completely sheer which sometimes stuff like this can be really tacky but you can definitely dress this up or dress it down and just make it look really cute okay and then the last thing this long-sleeve turtleneck shirt and it's cheetah print this is so cute I'm in love with this and it's not a bodysuit which I really like because I will probably be styling this under big oversized graphic tee as I've said like 20 times throughout this video or even this alone tucked into some kind of skirt with a jean jacket that would also be really cute but yeah I really really like this size everything that I got for my summer spring haul whatever there's probably going to be another summer haul coming up because I have a problem but it's fine so yeah thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope to see you my next one bye guys you


  1. You look beautiful Sarah. I love the graphic tee! It looks adorable on you. I feel so trendy when I wear them too!

  2. " I like my shirts small… just like I like my " ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ’› like you like your what Sarah?

  3. thatโ€™s the video I waited for, whoop whoop. drinking a smoothie, chilling life & watching your videos- best feeling. greats from germany!!๐Ÿ–ค

  4. hey beautiful, i recenty just made the same video please come over and check it out and possibly join the squuuaad!

  5. I appreciate the fast showings. Sometimes a haul is 30mins long and it's just them rambling over 5 items?

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