HUGE MALL HAUL // American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, + More!

so I did some shopping you might want to grab a snack for this one guys it's Lexy and today I'm going to be doing what I'm pretty sure is the largest haul on my channel I did a lot of shopping in the past couple weeks because I went to the Mall of America I was in Chicago I ordered some stuff online so this is going to be a super long haul which I probably should get started soon but first up I just want to say I almost never spend this much while shopping like I think this is the most I've ever spent while shopping at one time and also some of this was paid for by my mom and some of those pay for by me so also thinking to my mom for the stuff that she bought also I'm not bragging in any way shape or form this was just insanely requested by you guys so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this haul and I will jump right into it so the first place that I went to was American Apparel and I love their bags I see them all the time like um blur and now I actually got one this is my first time going to American Apparel and I am so obsessed with what they have it's insanely expensive there but I think it's worth it because the products are so cute so I will just show you what I got and they also had this deal going on like if you bought two of the same kind of thing you could get a third one half off so I did do that deal so first I got three crop tops I just got the plain black crop top that looks like this and it has like a little scoop neck like this and yet it just cuts off like halfway and then I got the same one in this really pretty floral pattern and this is so cute probably one of my favorite things that I got and then the last crop top that I got was one that I'm actually wearing right now and it's just this mint green one and yeah I really like it and then also from American Apparel I got three pairs of high-waisted shorts and I am so in love with them because I can never find high-waisted shorts that fit me just right and these do me perfectly so I'm kind of in love and I got this light wash pair it's just plain denim pair and then this really cool like acid wash pair and the last thing I got there is this silver bow and it's really cute hover it's not for me then I went to pack Sun but I only got one thing and I from like the brandy melville section of the pad and I think it is so cute it'll be great to wear under a ton of things and it is just this black bralette and by itself just looking like this it's really cute but the cutest part is the back I love the cage back design yeah I can kind of see it there and I just think it's super cute and will be great to pair with a lot of things and then I went to Victoria's Secret pink and yeah as you can see the bag right here I actually didn't get anything but my mom got some stuff and they had this deal going on where if you want anything you got a free tumbler so I got that and yeah I've really been wanting a tumbler so now I finally have one and it's just pink and it's like this varsity design and it also came with a little dog inside it and I won't get it out and they had like three dogs that you could pick from and I got the little pink one and yeah I think it's really cute then the next place I went to literally no surprise I went to forever 21 and I love forever 21 so much so I had to get some things there and I just got a bunch of workout clothes mainly first thing I got is just this pair of colorful blue workout shorts and they look really short but when you put them on they go to like your mid thigh then I got a pair of blue like work out short Capri things then I got this long pair of like workout yoga pants I think these are so cute and I love the little pink at the top then I got two sports bras and the first one is just like this plain design and it's just pink and then I actually like this one so much more because of the back and it has this really cute like I don't even know how to describe this design but it has this cutout in the neon color and I think it's so adorable and they had them in other colors but I like the green one the best lastly I got a phone case and it is this design I know it has a name I just don't know what it's called and this phone case was actually on sale and I was super cute so I thought why not get it it is actually a million degrees in my house so if I look sweaty that's probably why anyways the next place that I went to was a Charlotte Russe and it was also my first time going there which was really exciting and I found some cute things that I like the first thing I got is kind of a joke it's like this white crap tea that says turnt up because I always say like swag turnip Yolo all the time but I say it as a joke like I'm not serious but I just thought this was funny and it was only like $10 I think so I just got it and this is what it looks like then I got this shirt that looks like this and it's kind of a high-low shirt and it has like a grainy look to it and it's a bit see-through and the cute thing is at the very bottom it has this little crochet detailing and it is so cute on I don't know how to showing up on camera but I really like it and I've been wanting a kimono so I got a kimono there they had lots of kimonos for a pretty decent price and this one goes really really well with that shirt I just showed so you might see that in a future like outfit of the week flub something like that so this is what it looks like it's just black and it has like pink and blue flowers all over it and this is like a super small one and it's still kind of big but I really do like this too and then lastly I felt like I needed some more banjos and they had like a 2 4 8 bando sale so I got two banjos and I just got this a neon pink one and then eight and neon yellow one then I went to Urban Outfitters and yeah you can see on the side and I actually loved this back because it's like a tote bag you can carry around and funny story when I went to Urban Outfitters it was like their 10-year anniversary and they were having this contest or if you picked a cupcake with an X on it you got a free gift card and I was super lucky and I got the free gift card so if you want to see my reaction I actually did a vlog and it's on the day to vlog I think and yeah I don't know if I mentioned this that I vlog both days at Mall of America and my Chicago meetup so check out all those vlogs on my vlog channel and whoa I just got pretty sidetracked there but yeah i'll show you what i got from urban outfitters so as many of you guys know i love macaroons and i kind of freaked out what i found macaroon t-shirt and it is so amazing and beautiful and it's just like this tan colored t-shirt with colorful macaroons all over it and I'm going to be wearing this so much and it's really fitted and nice then I know that like a million people have this shirt but it's really cute and I love flowers so I got it anyways and it's just black and it has little daisies all over it in a row and yeah I think it fits really nice and I just got this shirt and lastly in this tiny Urban Outfitters bag I've got two nail polishes because they had like a two for a certain price deal I forgot but I just got a neon green one and then it's really pretty like purple lilac color then I went to free people and they have like a really cute bag so this is what the back looks like and I actually got to brawl it's one of them I got in store and one of them they didn't have in stock so they let me like order it and they're gonna ship it but they're exactly the same so I can just show you right here and this is what it looks like it's just the white plain broad light it's not like the halter one it actually has normal straps I think and then on the back it cuts like this like an hourglass and I think it is so cute and perfect to wear under so many things so I got it in white and I also ordered a tank one then I got some stuff from lush but I'm not going to show it because it's actually gift to my friend and she might be watching this so if you're watching this you probably know who you are I literally don't even know why I'm showing this but I am so I went to the peep store and in the mall of America and I just got a pack of peeps so I'll just show you guys cuz why not and it is just the vanilla cream one and I think it has like red and blue pop rocks in it I don't know yeah I haven't tried them and I'm really excited to try it so that is everything that I got from the Mall of America and I hope you guys enjoyed seeing that and now I'm gonna move on to a couple little things that I got from Chicago so first I went to this little tourist souvenir shop I don't even remember I think it was in Navy Pier and I just got this t-shirt and I feel like such a basic tourist but it's cute so whatever and it's just black and it says in a white letter is chai town or chi-town if you're from Chicago let me know because I'm probably pronouncing that wrong and then also in Chicago they had a Topshop so I went there and got some things I feel like every youtuber has these shirts and I also got them so I feel a little basic but they're cute so and they look like this they just have stripes up and down and they're kind of transparent as you can see and I got one in neon yellow and then just a black one and also from Topshop I got three pairs of frilly socks because I've really been wanting some really sucks that I don't have any except from when I was like a little kid and those do not fit me anymore so I got three pairs and I got this blue pair and it's a really pretty pale blue color I got this nice a baby pink one and then I got this plain a beige / white one and that's what I got from Chicago it's not really an insane amount but yeah I just thought I would have that in there and then next I got some stuff from two online stores that are dressed like calm and shy and side calm and I will have all of the things that I got from the website linked down below if you want to go check them out and first I will start off with the stuff that I got from address link calm so the first thing that I got from dresslink was this big floppy hat it's kind of even too big for the frame but yeah this is what it looks like I think it's kind of big for me but it's cool maybe my mom can wear it or something and then I got a scurry and I got this a black skirt which is pretty basic and I think it'll go with a lot of things and I really like the pleats on it and I got this really cute top and I'm kind of in love with it it's like off the shoulder top so it goes like this you see what I'm saying you'll see like in the picture on the website which I'll have below like I said and this is what it looks like it's white and lacy and it just has like no upper sleeve things I don't know I'm not going to describing but this is one of my favorite things that I got from them and I think it is really adorable and then I got this a sleeveless crop top thing and it has like a little turtleneck out of can see it just has really wide sleeves and this is really hard to see on camera I don't know if you can even see what it looks like but maybe I will feature this in some sort of lookbook then I got two little workout cheese and they're just kind of playing tank tops with buttons on them and I got it in blue and pink then I got this cool patterned cover up dress and this is what it looks like and it also came with a little string if you want to like tie it in the middle so it's cinched and I really like this and I think it's great for cover-up or just like a casual beach dress and then lastly from them I got this pair of shoes and they aren't exactly what I thought they were but you know there were only nine dollars actually which is a pretty good price and I wanted like platform black sneakers and that's kind of what they are but the platform it's not really the best quality it's kind of plasticy and this is what they look like I mean for the price they're not bad but I'm just not sure if they're my style so that is everything from dresslink comm and now I'm going to move on to the step I got from shy and sad calm I only got three things but I really do love the three things that I got and the first thing is this sunflower wait you thought I was going to say dress no it's actually a romper which i think is so cool it looks like a dress it looks like you put in a lot of effort into wearing a really cute style dress but it actually has shorts at the bottom it's not a dress and I really like that and the back looks like this it has buttons at the front and I just love it so much okay and let me tell you she and sicom had so many cute offers I could not get just one so I got another romper and it's a little wrinkled right now I'll probably iron it later and it's like this denim romper with lace detail at the top and I think this one is also so super cute and then lastly I just got this t-shirt and it's kind of a flowy loose fitted t-shirt and it's just striped and it has this big daisy on the middle and yeah I just think this is great for casual and it's not really cropped so I can wear this to school so that is the end of this pretty huge haul I hope you guys enjoyed watching this because I got so so so so so many requests of you guys thank you on it so now you finally have it and I hope you liked it and once again I am NOT bragging in any way shape or form it's like the last thing I want so yeah please just don't think I'm bragging or get offended or anything because this is what you guys wanted to see if you want more hauls and you enjoyed this way please give this a thumbs up let me know in the comments what your favorite thing was and if you watch to the end of this video because if you did thank you all give you a computer high-five yeah I think that's all and also comment some video requests of what you want to see next and I'm kind of rambling on now so I'll see you guys next time and I love you all so so so much don't forget to subscribe and yeah suzana


  1. My mom said Forever 21 is too cheap. She basically said that after one wash the clothes aren’t good anymore.. that’s why I don’t shop there me and my mom both love Pink and Victorious secret

  2. My parents won't let me go shopping. Your so lucky. My parents won't let me shop at h&m forever 21 or anything. Im just sad. But i still love them.

  3. wait……. i don’t get it when you tubers say i’m not trying to brag in any way shape or form. how do u brag in a shape or form?

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  5. I don't mean to be rude at all, this video is amazing lol, but it's a macaron. 🙂 a macaroon is a coconut thing…(idk) and macaron is the French pastry 🙂

  6. hey my name is destani and i am a new person to your channel!!!!!! also your haul is so amazing and this is my first time watching huge haul!!!!!!! and i love this video

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