HUGE clothing haul (try-on)! spring/summer 2019

we've done some shopping I've done quite a lot of shopping and I haven't done a haul in a hot minute so prepare yourself so I'm drinking pink tea can you see a weight I'm also wearing a tie-dye top which feels very childhood to me but I'm kind of living for it I like the trend let me know in the comments if you're also here for it or if it's just like what are you doing either way it's a little weird today so we're sticking with it if you like hollows if you like fashion videos let me know in the comments subscribe to me clothes little belt so YouTube will let you know when I post and let's just get started so that this video isn't a million hours long I don't even know where to start um we'll start with Urban Outfitters because I went there yesterday first thing we have is this floral little tank top it's so cute it ties up in the front also very soft and then I got this sweater which after I brought it home yesterday I was looking at it and I was like this kinda looks like grandma sweater but I don't know if it really does or if that's just with me getting in my head here is grandma cardigan I don't know I liked the colors I just feel like floral really works for spring and summer it's just like screams wear this it probably wasn't worth $70 so I really might go and return this let me know what you think I don't know it kinda reminds me of a good old person's home and then lastly I got this cute little top which I really like it's just like this little lace bustier top it's fully lace in the front and in the back I thought it was really pretty I love the lace and I love that it's white because I love wearing lighter colors this time of year and there's AG little spots of your boobs to go in but I don't really have boobs so we can pretend if and that's actually all I have from urban I usually get so many more things from Urban Outfitters but I haven't been shopping there as much lately so that's Urban Outfitters and then I got some shirts actually from junk food they sent me these tops and I was so excited so the first one I actually picked out with a purpose it is a little Minnie Mouse top it didn't come knotted but that's the way I'm gonna wear it so I was trying it on the next this kind of worn which I like is very vintage feeling and I've won it is New World on Tuesday actually if the day you're watching this I will likely be on a flight so I am really really excited you should definitely follow me on instagram because I'm gonna be doing daily stories and I'm also gonna be filming Instagram it decides my Disney trip so if you want to take part in that don't you definitely be following me and then that'll be next week's video most likely and then I got a Grateful Dead shirt before anyone comments oh my gosh she definitely doesn't even know a single song I don't and I don't care because I like the shirt I like to the stalls I like the light blue color and then the back says Great America Music Hall August 13th 1975 I just love a good band tea and then once again I got another band tea this one is Aerosmith super cute just love a good graphic tee and these are also super soft too moving on I have a couple pairs of shoes from a designer the designer is Franco Sarto I got these boots that I am absolutely obsessed with here they are I actually haven't owned like a white or light-colored bootie in ever but I've always wanted a pair I just have found one that I really really like I tend to wear a lot of black shoes you guys probably know that but these are so cute I love the little detailing right here with the hardware and it's also like the softest leather ever also not too high of a heel so that be comfy to walk in all day and I love them so much so cute and then also from Franco start oh and I got some like summer heels they're kind of like clogs but I really like the way that this kind of wraps around the ankle and it just really soft feels really good I've tried them on and they're very comfortable to walk in so I'm sure I'm gonna be wearing these a lot this summer next up I have a very large pile of stuff from row fall I just recently went to revolve festival with revolt and they sent me a ton of stuff for the festival and for summertime and I have a lot to show you the stuff is so cute I'm like mind blown by it but I cannot wait to wear all of these things way too much the first thing we have is this amazing dress hits by the brand super down it is like this little pink kind of over the shoulder and it's not super tight it's kind of flowy you cinch it in the front depending on how big your boobs are mine are pretty small so it's cinched all the way down it's just like this darker pink and it has hearts all over it I just think it's so pretty it would be really cute for like a little summer dates I don't know I just love it so much then I have my go-to pair of shorts anytime you see me in a pair of denim shorts on Instagram as of the past couple months and it's been these shorts and I love them so much these are gonna be my go-to for the summer these are girlfriend denim so they are a little bit on the pricier side but I am someone that tends to live in denim so if I were to splurge with any kind of clothing item it would definitely be a nice pair of denim shorts then I would wear them a million times I just love the way it fits and the way it feels and looks and everything so I love them I actually own a few pairs of girlfriend denim shorts and I love them all they're all amazing these ones are the kaya short then I got this dress that I wore the last day of the festival and it's so out of my comfort zone or like me a year ago I would have never ever worn this it's just so different but honestly I love it so much this is what it looks like it's very fringing at the bottom and then it's very sheer in the middle you definitely gotta wear something for your boobs because I put this on and the nipples were just exposed to the world I was just free in the nip and I just I don't know I'm not super comfortable exposing myself like that so I ended up putting on these little pasties that worked a lot because it's very very sheer this is my favorite dress ever I'm so glad that I wore it I loved it I felt so cool in it like I felt way cooler than I really am so loved that then I have this bodysuit that I'm definitely to be wearing a ton at this summer it is this like red orange color and it has a little square neckline or like cleavage cut out again I normally have the biggest boobs in the world by any means but it still gave me some kind of cleavage actually surprisingly enough so if you have more of a boob than I do they probably look great in this very flattering and very form-fitted I like a lot this is the funnest sounding bodysuit such swimwear so much fun you think the sound will get annoying but I actually stopped hearing it once I wore it out but here I hear it very much so I got this one piece it's actually a swimsuit although it looks and feels like a regular body see the enzymes actually like swimsuit I don't know if you can tell that it is the cutest thing that I had ever seen it tides up in the front it looked really cool to festival with all of my silver jewelry the bodysuit itself has these little coins and shells I just thought it was so cool perfect for summer and you can wear it to the beach with some shorts and what's cool is you can even go in the water with it so love that and people are just gonna be like oh she's a party yet another body sued this one is a little lace bodysuit that goes up really high on the side you can see like this is not a lot of material on the side so you got a lot of side exposure but I haven't noticed it'd be too weird like with high waisted pants it's not it's not weird I love the lace and I love the little boob area I've wear this a couple different ways I wore it out at night with black jeans I also wore it to the festival one day with denim shorts very versatile very cute and I loved it moving on to another dress that I got that I am obsessed with this one is so cute it's like this little strapless dress I don't know what to call this kind of fabric or cutout design but it laces up in the front and again it has like a little boob cottage area it's actually very padded so you really don't have to wear a bra so this dress actually has like little side things that go here but I reached for something and it broke so I have to take the other one off and I just kind of wore them as if they were still attached to the dress but I think from now on I'll just wear this as a strapless super cute love this a lot and then I also have another dress that I wore to this nylon magazine event it's this little polka dot dress and it has this cutout under the boob this actually so it stitches on the side it came us almost like a mini length dress and you can scrunch it as high as you want so you can kind of make this whatever length that you desire I made this into a mini dress I think it's super flattering I thought it was really really pretty and I honestly paired it with a pair of sneakers because I was lazy and I thought it looked really cool honestly like I didn't feel weird or underdressed or anything like that maybe that was just me I should have worn heels but I just didn't care yet another dress here we go this one is neon I'm sure you haven't seen neon everywhere because everyone's wearing it neon is like the biggest trend at the moment and I am so on board this dress is so fun this is pretty much like a bodycon dress that's not like super skin-tight it's just a little bit more fitted it has a little tie in the front and this is also the brand super down superdome is actually pretty affordable in comparison to a lot of the brands on revolt and then the last thing I'll show you that I got from above are these shorts these are so comfy and actually really soft they're obviously striped and crochet this is the brand Tularosa and they're very high-waisted ever I tried them on I just rolled them down one because they were very very like high for me they're gonna be perfect for like summer and beach days because you can just kind of throw them on top of the bathing suit and just be good to go next time I have a few things that I got from showing your muumuu the first thing that I got is this little bikini top it looks like this it's very floral and fringy like the girliest bikini top I've ever seen in my life and I love it actually didn't get the bottom so they just wanted it as a top and I want to say it cannot wait to wear it then I got this a little crop top tank top thing it's just in a little white color and it has ribbing all over it I also love that it's a square neckline I'm obsessed with shirts like that I just think it's very flattering I don't know why at all but I just love the way it looks and then lastly I just got a little dress this is so cute and floral and girly and everything it's super flowy and like loose house like little polka dots in the white I couldn't tell online but after I got it I was like wow that's adorable and it ties up in the front here I can't wait to wear this and then lastly I have some stuff from white fox so the first thing I have is a little bikini it's in this royal blue color which I'm obsessed with fun fact my senior prom I wore a royal blue prom dress and I discovered my love for the color vette this is just like a little triangle top with a double strap so freaking cute and then I got the matching bottoms these are a little cheekier than i've ever worn in my life as you can see they're they're a little small they're not quite a thong but they're a little thong like I really don't have a butt at all like flat pancake butt and I mean I could do squats and work on it but I just don't care enough I do not want to do squats maybe one day but this is not the year so I'm just gonna rock the little almost thong bikini with my lack of ass and then I got these little shorts that would be really cool for a festival but I didn't end up getting to wear these at the fest they're very fun though and it will definitely be wearing these in summer that's pretty much it actually so not too crazy I might have missed some stuff because my floor is obviously a disaster but that's pretty much it that's like all the good stuff let me know in the comments if you want to see more hauls because I love shopping clearly and I love filming these for you guys I think it's so much fun so let me know in the comments and give me a thumbs up if you want to see more fashion videos and subscribe if you made it's the end because we're looking to hit a million this year let's make it happen yeah that's about it so I guess I'm just going to end this video here I love you guys so much and I'll see you next Tuesday oh wait let me show you the T now but I can like move this company


  1. I’m here for it !! ❤️ I love the tie dye but that sweater was overpriced you could easily find a dupe for way less at a thrift store

  2. Omggg Tara I’m in love with every item you showed but can’t buy them bc I’m from France… btw, BODY GOAL, please make a « healthy routine » with meals and sport routine !

  3. The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world and a major contributor of greenhouse gases. Parts of the industry have also been accused of breaching human rights and not paying workers enough.

  4. Anyone else remember when she literally only wore black?! Haha. She has branched out SO much with her style! Yes, girl! 😍

  5. Your style has evolved so much and unlike me who goes through phases of "what is this girl trying to do" to "damn she is pulling that off", I have always loved your attire! Even the grandma sweater! Maybe not for 70$ though:P

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