HUGE BACK TO SCHOOL CLOTHING TRY ON HAUL! (summer 2019) *back to school shopping* (COLLEGE 2019)

hi guys what's up it's Bella welcome back to my channel or welcome to my channel if you are brand new I'm so excited that you decided to click on my video means it so much to me in today's video we're going to doing a back-to-school try on haul I've got some athleisure I've got some hoodies I've got some cute skirts some shorts some easy tops we've got everything in this video and it's just so exciting we've also got a pair of shoes which you saw on the thumbnail and they're quite nice if you ask me got them on sale sneak peek but yeah I just did a dorm room haul cuz I'm going to college I'll link it down below and I'll throw it up right here you guys seem to really love that video so I'm doing another one soon I also did a back-to-school drugstore 5 minute makeup tutorial I'll also link it down below and my college announcement video where I'm going to college what I'm studying everything like that so those corresponding 3 other school videos will be linked down below and yeah so let's go ahead and get started I'll be trying on all these items for you guys and yeah I think that's all I have to say other than if you're new you should totally subscribe and click that bell I post every Tuesday and Friday but lately I've been posting a lot more cuz it's summer even though we're talking about school and be sure to like this video so I can know what content you want to see next and if you have a video request be sure to pop it in the comments down below so I can definitely think of getting to it and the fall of my social medias there on the screen right now I post outfit of the day photos and all of this stuff and just inspirational things and I would love to have you join my other social medias and let's go ahead and get started I feel like we should go and start with the first pair of shoes only because like there's only one pair of shoes so these are the newest addition to my shoe collection I have way too many shoes but these are the Nike MK 2 Technos I think I've got this on sale on Urban Outfitters I'll try to link them down below I think they are still on sale as of the moment I think so so they are just like a beautiful chunky sneaker they have a pink they have yellow back here and they have orange they're just so vibrant and so fun and believe it or not this goes with like so many things in my closet and yeah but I just think they're so cool and I always think it's like such a great thing to start the school year school year with a new pair of shoes whether it be like wedges or flats or slides or anything but tennis shoes are my favorite shoes I wear them about every single day so got a new pair of these and they were on sale so that just makes it even better so the first few things saying on the rack over here are in my hands right now these are by the brand champion these are just mess mesh mesh jerseys so believe it or not these are not see-through if you are sports for under them they're gonna be perfectly fine I got it in a white in the sizing medium and then I also have it in a lilac purple I have matching shorts in the lilac purple but they're a little short so I would just wear the Jersey I think this is just like a great athleisure top maybe if you still have gem days or something and I don't but if you do if you still have gym days this would be a great top to wear or you're having like a field day or just you want to have a sleeve your wear on which is just like chill athletic wear then I think these would be great tops are super comfortable they're baggy wear sports bra under it so you can cover everything is my tip for like undergarments under it under it but it's just a great top and it's a little heavy like it's a jersey material but it's gonna be great I'm just for everyday wear and they're cropped and there's fashionable and they're just so cute I'll try to link these down below I got both of these in store so I'll definitely try my hardest to link everything down below next up we've got a crop top now crop tops are just my favorite I think they're so easy to style and they're just great tops to just throw on got the door and not a lot of thinking goes into it so I have this type of crop top right here got this from Paxton in the store but it's like an off-white color as you can see there's white on the side so it's more like a yellow cream color which I don't mind or don't they call it like ecru and ecru color I don't know but it's definitely not white and then on the side that has the cap a logo tape now I don't know if this is definitely appropriate for school because it has like two naked people on it but like they're filled in so like I don't know if that's like bad I'm wearing a cap of top right now but this one is cropped and it's tight so I didn't put this in the video only because I feel like this isn't as appropriate for school I mean I'll probably wear this to college classes but for like actual like middle and high school I don't know what the rules are but I think this was definitely gonna pass the test um but it's just so cute and so easy got within a size medium they have a ton of other colors too but I love Kappa so much if you guys look up the meaning behind the coppa brand it's just such a great meaning and that's why I support that they're fashionable too next we've got this Rolling Stones tongue tea from Free People I've been wearing this like crazy lately this is just such an essential top for school I feel I'm editing this video and I just have to say you can never go wrong with graphic tops I just like graphic tees are just great okay so I'm just want to get that by the way because I don't think I said it in this part of the video but I just wanted to say that graphic tees can never steer you wrong at all I just love it so since Rolling Stones 89 I have this in a size medium I like it oversized this looks just like a pair of leggings and some white sneakers or slides even it's just gonna be easy and comfortable because you're in school for a good amount of time whether it's college classes or anything it's just like a hectic schedule and you want to make sure you're always comfortable so I think that these tops are just so so comfy I also have it with the repeating tongue all over the shirt from free people to I'll definitely try to link these down below I didn't put this on the hanger the right way but this one's a little fun too like I said I don't know like when I was younger in elementary school we weren't allowed to wear like many many prints on our shirts so I just I don't know about the school like where like what you're a lot of wear if you if you go to school and you want to let me know I would love to know down below I'm just like so curious about that but I think this is like another essential top it's kind of cool it's kind of edgy and it's fun and colorful and then we've got this one which I have not worn yet but it's also from Free People it's one of our darker shirt and says Def Leppard and it has a tiger no that's definitely a leopard I just said leopard love that for me I'm not too fond or I'm not too knowledgeable about animals but I love animals um but I'm just not too knowledgeable about them and I just think it's so fun and it's such an easy top again I feel like oversized t-shirts are just easy they obviously they're just comfortable they're easy and they feel good when you're wearing them and it's not too too tight so we're like sometimes I feel self-conscious wearing tight things so it's not gonna make you feel self-conscious just very easy and effortless and I just love oversized tees I think they're great for an everyday use next up we've got shorts and these are affordable Schwartz these are both from Target from the wild fable line these are the black ones and they are this style high rise short they're literally just black nothing crazy about them but they're affordable I think I got them for like 12 bucks picked them up in white that I've already worn these oh excuse me but I just couldn't hold off waiting for all these clothes for the video the wild fit bowline is absolutely so amazing and they always have such great affordable items that are super in style and fashionable so got these two pair of shorts and I've been wearing these like crazy lately and I think these are gonna be perfect for school cuz they're just cute we love that next if I have this top from princess Polly princess Paulette is an online website I have a code with them if you guys want to use it it's not like an affiliate code or anything I don't get any money from it it's just a way for you to get money off your order I'll put it on the screen somewhere right now but it is just beautiful Daisy crop top and it's just so cute and so dignity I feel like a lot of clothes in this video can be worn with anybody who wants boho looks athleisure looks simple looks just really anybody style can be utilized in this video through all its clothes but it's just very very cute and it's gonna be adorable with some shorts or some jeans and um at first I had all have this off the shoulders and I tried it on and I was like just kidding it's supposed to be on top of the shoulders but it's just great and it covers but it also is just so fun and I feel like these sleeves like the baggy sleeves like the puffy ones are just so in style right now so you can be in style while looking cute so you can use code Isabella xx XO for 20% off your whole order from princess Polly I don't know about you guys but I love wearing cute dainty dresses even though I'm a very like edgy like I don't know I just love cute dainty dresses so this is also from princess Polly this is called the Alan mini dress I'll throw up a photo right here of me wearing it it is just so so cute on got this in a size us8 only because these dresses sometimes do shrink I would definitely size up in them if you need to but this is definitely more appropriate for like college people going to school not necessarily like high school or middle school but it's definitely like pretty long I mean it's like it hits right at the top of the knees so that's not the problem I feel like the problem would just be like the rest area maybe it's like too showy I don't really know like I said I was home-schooled my whole high school years so I got to wear whatever I wanted so yeah I just I'm not too fond of like the whole rules of school I love it it's just effortless and adorable and I probably said that a hundred times in this video but all these clothes really are next if I have three kind of cropped zip up sweatshirts from Free People I got these at the Belk Free People store but I feel like these are just gonna be great for the easy days where you don't want to try too hard but you also want something that's maybe colorful or maybe not too heavy and these are very very nice light jackets but got it in gray got this in a size extra small normally I'm a medium and like everything but Free People runs so weird so yeah isn't a size extra small and they're still super baggy so if I can leave these down below I totally will because I highly recommend you guys picking one of these up so I have the gray version and it's so comfortable just a throne with leggings or jeans zip it up wear sports bra underneath it and get your day done because they're so comfortable too and like I said they're not too heavy it's a great great material I couldn't resist on the pink I just thought the pink was so adorable so neon and just a little bit more fun and look what it look what it goes with you heard it here first I just think this looks so cute together which is some black leggings or black biker Schwarz if your a lot to wear that that's cool but yeah I mean like I said you wouldn't think that these shoes would go with much but they actually do go with a good amount of stuff and I just think they're fun but I also got this an extra small and it has a hood still the same material very very nice and lightweight and we can't forget black which is just an essential for school all year round these are definitely all year round type of items but I feel like this is definitely a navy black but I think that's just me just being a little colorblind because it runs in a family but it's just black and it's the basic zip up next up for my girls who like overalls I love overalls believe it or not I got these from their brand a Z supply I got these at a boutique but I have a vision of wearing these overalls with like a white body suit that has sleeves under it it's just gonna be so cute so it's definitely baggy so it's not gonna be too revealing it's definitely school appropriate and just some chunky white sneakers you could even pop off one of the sides right here one of these little things and just wear it one open and make it a little bit more edgy and bad I guess like a baddie kittens and I we all love a good sweatshirt so this is from Urban Outfitters sadly it's not sold anymore so I can't leave it down below so I hate talking about it it's like talking about makeup that is like out of stock and you can't use it but I just I would show it because I feel like you might be able to find this on the Nike website maybe I'll definitely try my hardest til you get down below but I got this in size medium it's from the men's stuff but it's a pink sweatshirt at the top and then it just fades into like a very nice vibrant purple and it's like outlined right here with a Nike sign in purple so I don't know I just feel like sweatshirts are easy no matter what even if it's in the summer you guys I'm always like I want to wear a sweatshirt or a hoodie so I just feel like these are just year-round items and they're comfortable and keep them in your bag when it's cold or rainy and yeah it's just kind of like an essential and I know some people are picky and some people just like hoodies so I mean for me depends i do prefer sweatshirt more because sometimes the hood on hoodies can just make me feel like my hair is just like sticking out to here and makes me feel just like a little bulky and too heavy by the way my camera is about to turn orange for some reason every time I bring blue into the camera it like turns very very warm and orange so I'm sorry about that but deal with it for a few seconds but it's just a champion Big Logo hoodie that's from urban it's on sale right now so I'll link it down below if I'm able to find it but it's just comfortable and it obviously has a hood it's a hoodie and I got this in a size medium so it was a little oversized there I go turning orange hot or cold I feel like I still always wear hoodies like I find myself wearing the hoodie when it's 100 degrees outside I don't know why I just feel like hoodies are just like such like a safe item to put on I know it's still summer but I feel like denim jackets are just a great thing to have whether you're just using it as a shot to get into school or you're gonna wear it so this is just like a black distress denim jacket from Free People I haven't even worn it yeah I just got it like yesterday but I got this from the Free People store yeah there's belt inside Free People but it's just like a nice black distressed denim jacket um nothing much – I got it in a size medium so it'd be a little bit oversized cuz I want to wear this like dresses and body suits and shorts and just kind of make it a little bit oversized but yeah I mean for it to be denim I mean it's heavy definitely like don't wear this in the middle of summer but transitioning from like summer until winter or summer into fall sorry I don't know my seasons it's just gonna be a great thing to wear I am over the moon about this dress this is from princess Polly I don't know if I have know I do not have the name of this dress but I'll link it down below got this in a size 8 I wore this in a photo I don't have that post on Instagram yet but even if I didn't you guys get a sneak peek a third of right here and I just wore this with some white chunky Fila disrupters and it was just so so adorable I feel like cute dainty dresses are very in like the flowers they're just in and this obviously is from princess Polly can use my coat for money off if you want to you don't have to but it's like a nice dark navy and it's just like beautiful Daisy flowers like the orange in the middle it's just a very adorable just simple dress easy that they're on too so I thought this would be great for school just to wear on an everyday basis or not every day but you see what I'm saying just like throw on get off the door look cute you can sleep in and then you can put this dress on and not have to really think about your helmet next if I have to athleisure dresses which is definitely weird I didn't know they had athleisure dresses the beads are from the nike website I have this beautiful pink oh my gosh dude those shoes match with it my day is made oh my goodness I'm telling you these shoes go with a lot more than you would think they go with orange yellow and pink and white and black cuz the bottoms so wow oh my gosh I didn't even know that like you know how like sometimes you get shoes and you're thinking about like what it's gonna go with yeah I didn't even think of this dress when I had it so that's five anyways it's just a oversized dress it has the Nike sign on the back and it has this little thing only on one side though so that might be weird for some people but you pull it and it can just like make it actually makes both sides smaller and just ruch but it's just like an easy dress think I said I got this in a size small because it looked oversized already and when I wear dresses I don't want to feel like I'm being swallowed you know the princess Polly ones back here like if they're fitted but they're also not too too fitted so it's not like sexy I guess I mean it can be sexy but you see I'm saying it's just like this is oversized and yeah they also have this and a black I think maybe but I love this dress this is gonna be good on my Mondays at college cuz Monday's are by filled days and then we've got this Nike mesh dress at the top it is fully mesh but it doesn't like it stops it right here to where like you could wear the Caban dopest your your rest area and then it has a Nike sign and then it just goes into a t-shirt dress God listen aside small as well like I said I didn't want it to be too oversized I wanted it to be like a very nice fit and it definitely looks so cute on and you know what shoes you can wear with that you guessed it you can still wear these shoes with it because the black soles and the black doesn't just go on the bottom of the shoe the black expands upwards to the back of the shoe so you can still tighten some black in some fun shoes I'm telling you the shoes are eight y'all but this is just another just simple athleisure dress for the people who like athletic clothes but they want to look kind of girly at the same time I guess that's how I feel when I wear this stuff I'm into skirts right now so this is from Free People I actually had to get this tailored well altered altered because um it was still too big on me this is a size 28 cut it done the 27 but I got it 27 it would have right up so I do recommend and getting one size down because normally I'm a 20 29 so I got a 28 and it fits okay but it was still big a few weeks ago so I got it tapered and a little you can see like they just tapered it in a little but I feel like these skirts are just so cute for an everyday girl who just wants to wear like an oversized t-shirt you can even tie up one of these charts with it I cannot oh that's gonna be so cute so they have a zipper detail right here and their zip zippers are circles and circles if furs are my favorite so we have white right here we've also got it in a very nice washed black and these skirts are not too too short they're like a good length to wear like they are cute but appropriate and then we've also got it in this denim back here I don't know why these are double hung I think I did that to save space in my closet so here's what the denim looks like it's like a washed denim but then it has like the bronze detail right here with the zipper and these are just great essentials to have in your closet right at the bottom I just love these skirts they're just great and now that I've shown them in this video I can finally wear them this video that is my back of school clothing trying haul if you guys want me to do another one I'll be more than happy to do so I had so much fun filming this video and trying on all these pieces for you guys I hope I've inspired you to have a different style this year or finally find what you like to wear I'll definitely try to link everything I can down below be sure to check out my other three school videos like I said I have the makeup tutorial that's fully drugstore I have the dorm-room hull and I also have my announcement video of where I'm going to college so stay tuned for many more school videos I'm so excited to be starting them early this year I love you guys it's so much be sure to subscribe you click that bell if you made it this far and you're brand new and also like this video so I can know what content that you want to see next and like I said pop your comment in the down below I almost said in the description box popular comment down below so I can know of content that you want to see and also follow my social medias which are on the screen right now I love you guys so much and I hope I will see you guys in my very next video bye guys


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