huge ass try-on spring clothing haul

I don't know your series but there's a mother welcome back partners to my motherfucking channel how are you guys doing I hope your day is going very well today we're gonna be doing a spring /summer haul because I've done some shopping and I ordered all my clothes and my packages got here and I thought what better time to film this video than now because I got my clothes so like there's no other time to film it than not because if I don't film it now then I'm not gonna film it and then I'm never gonna post a video and then it's not gonna be cute I hope you guys enjoyed the video and if you do make sure you this video a thumbs up subscribe down below for more videos and make sure to comment down below anything really and hopefully my comments are disabled because you too want to be a little bitch sometimes about it I still love you YouTube I'll try to link everything I bought in the description down below if I forget then don't even be surprised okay so the first place I have closed somebody's forever 21 well first anyone hasn't the sale going on right now well the ones that I went to I only bought three things from there so I just bought this purple like top it's just a purple t-shirt I don't really have anything purple in my wardrobe so I was like this is a really cute color to wear and it's like it's like this color complements me damn it I bought these biker shorts because I have a pair of biker shorts from forever 21 but they're really long and they do not make my ass look nice so I was like maybe get them shorter in front which is kind of a fucking lie because nothing will ever make my ass look fat I just bought this like kind of over that oversized but just kind of baggy white v-neck I don't think it fits me the way I wanted to say it but I can always just tie it but yeah I can totally see myself wearing this with like a Rowlett which leads me to I need to I need to bind umbrellas because I have like two of me I went to the Vans store I'm sorry if all you hear I bought myself a pair of shoes hey probably asking what shoes that I buy I just bought the white vans again because I needed to rebuy them because my vans my wife is are raked up their dirty super dirty they were so dirty that I had to clean them and then I just like like you're on them and shit so I was like I might as well I'm already here I might just buy them so I read bought them and I also bought no so sucks so the last thing that I bought shit from what she in it which is an online store I'll have the links to down the bio I love she and so the first thing that I bought that I got from there was just like striped t-shirt it's just like rice and then it has a black collar and then it has like a red heart I think this is so cute oh I bought another top from Shan and this shirt I have to say is probably one of my favorite shows I own now when I wear to school fuck it it says I am a happy-go-lucky fucking riot sunshine and it's just like a positive shirt you know it's just saying like bitch I'm always happy you sure about that chief but yeah I think this is super super super cool I don't have any shirts that like say cool things on them so like I think this is like the first this is my style is very I don't know different like I don't even explain myself I don't have a style like I Lilly would dress like I thought one day I know just I'll literally dressed like a thought one day and then I was just like an e girl the next day like there's no in-between my guys really don't have a style so I had to buy this tube top which is kind of one of the thottie side it fits me very well I could totally see myself – with like booty shorts this is super cute I feel like this is something that I could get like some cute I was in a big need of white bottoms I have white pants but I don't want to wear pants right now cuz it's super super hot here in Arizona so I was like I need a white uh-huh I needed white shorts and I didn't feel like going to the store and buy my shorts I was like I was gonna order them and they're high-waisted and they just look like this and they fit so well if they don't fit too tight and they don't fit too loose like there's the perfect size and I really now can wear the shirts that I needed to wear white pants with with these now so I'm super super happy about that okay so I'm buying at the top is like an oversized pajama shirt I think it's super super super super cute it just has like when I like the Charlie Brown characters on it I don't know who the fuck this bitch is but I saw her and I was like you're a fat ass Miller so I'm gonna take her X shirt that I thought it was more of a thottie side you know I bought this and I didn't think the color was gonna be this strong but I don't care like this fits so well like I love how this looks like this Lilly makes my body look so good I think it's a super cute something like thought Velma would wear you know saying I also got this one shirt I am in love with it it fits so well and it's so cute like this Lee goes with everything I can't wait to look at everything like I don't know it's just so simple but it's like so cute like I don't know how you cannot like this time block this one top and it's kind of like the two top that I showed you earlier but it's like in a cropped t-shirt form and this fits so well and it's so simple if you could go with anything with jean shorts like anything really so I can't wait to be wearing this and I can totally see myself I know with like a bralette as well under and then these are just like little things I brought some chien so I just bought some no show socks and then I bought this necklace that just has like enjoying a rose I don't know why I bought them but like I don't know they're just like socks with like lettuce hemmed then it freely at the top I don't know what I'd wear these with but I feel like I needed one of these in my wardrobe so I got in black and white I also forgot to show you that I got this black shirt it just says the world has bigger problems than boys who kiss boys and girls who kiss girls because personally me I'm super supportive of the gay community of the LGBT community and then I also got this necklace it just has a little like butterfly no I just do up butterflies so much so I got this necklace and it's a match with it I got this butterfly charm bracelet and it's okay so basically when I was filming this um I was looking at my like socks that I'm about to show you and then I saw this big-ass bug in the bag and I was like oh hell no so enjoy me freaking out for like the next two minutes oh hell no and also if you didn't already get this I am terrified of bugs there is literally oh my god there is literally I don't know if you can see that what it go I don't know see this but there's no Beach die die die okay so that was it for today's video if you guys enjoyed this video make sure to give this video a thumbs up subscribe down below for more videos make sure to share your friends about me if you want so you don't have to but it'd be highly appreciate if you do and make sure to also leave a comment down below what videos you would like to move me to see well your thoughts in the video were anything really hopefully YouTube does not disable my comments because I swear to God if they do I'm gonna put at least do them period like I don't care like I don't care I hope my beautiful Kraken is I'm having a beautiful day stay cray cray bye love you

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