How’s the Weather? 🌤️ LESSONS FOR KIDS | Lingokids

HI, Lingokids! My name is Rachel and I’m your English teacher. Today, we’re going to talk about the weather. All over the LIngokids’ world! Teacher Paul is going to tell us about the
weather at the beach. Teacher Paul, how’s the weather at the beach? Hi! This is Teacher Paul. Here at the beach is sunny and hot. Sunny and hot. Back to you! Oh, Lingokids! Is hot and sunny at the beach. Hmm. Let’s go to the forest! Teacher Paul, how’s the weather in the forest? Hi! In the forest , it’s windy and rainy. Windy and rainy. See you! Ohhh! Ohh, windy and rainy. Hmm. I wonder… Teacher Paul, how’s the weather in the mountains? Brrr! Hi. Here in the mountains, it’s snowy and cold. Snowy and cold. Ohh, snowy and cold! Oh… I wonder how the weather is in the rainforest. Teacher Paul, how’s the weather in the rainforest? Hi, there! In the rainforest it’s rainy and hot. Very hot. Bye for now! Thanks, Teacher Paul. So, Lingokids, the weather at the beach is
hot and sunny. The weather in the forest is windy and rainy. The weather in the mountains is snowy and
cold. And the weather in the rainforest is rainy
and hot. How is the weather where you are? Bye, bye! See you next time.

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