How to Wash Baby Clothes and Clothes for Sensitive Skin | Electrolux Washer Touchpad – APAC

how to care for baby delicates and clothes for sensitive skin it’s challenging washing clothes for sensitive skin we need to deep clean stains while minimizing detergent residue which can cause bacteria and allergens don’t worry the baby care program is perfect for washing those baby clothes and clothes for those with sensitive skin just press the additional program button on the touchpad until the baby care program is displayed the baby care program washes your load with a gentle cradling action at low temperatures and has a unique extended rinsing period ensuring a thorough wash with less allergy causing residue on clothing perfect for sensitive skin to ensure a deep clean electrolux introduces its ultramix technology that is automatically activated on most washing cycles this is how it works the ultramix system premixes the detergent with the water before spraying it into a drum this makes the detergent completely dissolved and much more effective even at low temperatures usually sanitizing your clothes requires water at high temperatures now you can sanitize your clothes using our unique vapor action mode just press the vapor icon on the touch pad before beginning a wash cycle this tumble for clothes and vapor at the end of the cycle it sterilizes and remove 99.9 percent of allergens without damaging the fabric perfect for sensitive skin how cute electrolux ultimate care

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