How To Use A Clothes Steamer/How To Steam Your Clothes

what's up you two Jackie stylo G and on today's video we're going to go out how to and why you should be even using a clothes steamer if you're new to the channel release a new video every day at 4 p.m. Eastern discussing various men's lifestyle topics such as style me Dave I invite you to subscribe and tactic notification Bell enjoy into my returning friends like Shaun Macmillan Lou now without a doubt one of the biggest impediments and nuisances to be established wrinkles in your clothing we hate them but also most of us including myself aren't big fans of ironing and that's where using a clothes steamer comes in to me there's just a lot of advantages of using a clothes steamer as opposed to an I so it's a days video I'm gonna talk to you a little bit about why you should be using the steamer and I'm gonna give you a quick tutorial on actually a hobby use one so without further ado let's talk about why you should be using and how to use a clothes steamer first up let's talk a little bit about how to steamer even works in the first place pretty simple concept the steam penetrates deep into your clothing fibers when it does this it relaxes these fibers removing the wrinkles the great thing about the steamer instead of flattening your clothes it just relaxes the fibers therefore it's much gentler on your clothing the fact that steaming is gentler means you can use it or more delicate fabrics I'm talking about just silks your rayon polyester Jersey Cotton's refuse a steamer on almost any fabric you can think of making it much more versatile to me than an iron the scorching you might occasionally get from using iron don't have to worry about that with the steamer and on top of that since the clothing is hanging it's much easier to get to the difficult things you can't reach with an iron that's a bunch of ruffles pleats sleeves much more convenient and versatile to use the steamer over that iron and to me one of the saving grace is about a steamer you Deb you can use it to freshen up and press your suits you're gonna iron your suit I don't think so the steamer becomes a godsend for your suit instead of having to rush off and take them to the dry cleaner all the time which damages you soon and shortens the lifespan he just used a steamer instead nice out the wrinkles and on top of that distinct freshers and make you suit a little more cleaners can't do that with your iron now hands down to meet a lot advantages with the steamer over the iron itself in one situation with the steamer you're not going to get the crisp creasing you might want or that Chris dress shirt that comes from iron so when it comes to dress shirts and having those crease and just being a crispy the iron wins over the steam so now that you understand a little bit about why you should be using a steamer let me give you a quick tutorial on how to use one step one you're gonna fill up the water reservoir now here's the thing not that complicated open it up fill it up with water to the max line but the key is don't use typical tap water you want to use distilled or purified water tap water typically has a lot of minerals in it that can build up in a steamer and leave residue on your clothes verified or distilled water less likely to do that step number two turn that steamer on but you can't use it right away but I let it warm up for about two to three minutes there may be some deposits that'll make the steamer stutter and splutters let it warm up for about two or three minutes and wait for a nice even dispersion of the steam coming out of your steamer now it's time to steam your clothes easy way to do it with your offhand for me since I'm right-handed that'll be left hand you want to grab part of the clothing and hold it taut with your dominant hand lean forwards the top of the steamer on to the clothing fabric and have a little gap with the rest of the steamer now just simply take the steamer up and down in a nice slow easy motion I would stay in each section about 10 to 15 seconds it's not like irony you're not pressing the steamer against the clothes flattening it you're letting the steam get deep inside the fiber that's why you want a little bit of a gap like I said after 10 to 15 seconds in each section the wrinkles should be released go over the whole garment get all the wrinkles out but you can't wear it right away let the garment dry two or three minutes because you're using water and steam the clothing might be a little damp let it dry off and as you can see I use the full size floor model type valet steamer I steam my clothes more often the average guy of course that makes sense the full-size one powerful one works for me runs about 150 200 bucks but you could easily get a handheld one that I do the job just as well may take a little bit more time not as powerful but it will work these start as low as 20 bucks okay so there you have it my guide on why and how to use that clothes thing let me know in the comment section you steam or I as always I hope you enjoyed the video if so hit that like button it helps the channel to grow and of course tap the notification bell so you don't miss any of your videos are released every day at 4 p.m. Eastern and I'll check you out


  1. I just bought the same steamer. Hope it turns out to be a good one. Rowenta said to use tap water which I thought was odd.

  2. i feel like samuel l jackson just told me i should be steaming my clothes???
    "the steam penetrates deep …. mutha fu" hahahah

  3. Damn I just was thinking about buying one in the past two days and just so happens you got a video. That's what I'm talkin about. The Style OG 👍

  4. Good idea about the suits. Years ago a tailor warned me of dry cleaning and 'death to suits'. So I mainly take pants, but niether really need it other than freshing up. And I have some clothes, mostly cottons that aren't worth dry cleaning, but only washing messes them up. Distilled water was a good tip I hadn't thought about. What about dress shirts? Dry cleaned and pressed still seems nice for some, especially business white.

  5. Thanks so much! Just remodeled my house and the ladies around me asked do you have a steamer? I was like whats that? And went to youtube and your channel popped up. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I deliberately chose your tutorial because of how together you look. Great video, great tutorial, and well-kempt appearance, my brother. Many thanks!

  7. This was crazy helpful was getting the wrinkles out of my suit for an upcoming wedding thanks for the in depth helpful video.

  8. I travel a fair amount for business and a co-worker turned me on to Downy Wrinkle Ease. Give your suit pants a spritz and let them hang and wrinkles go away. Also makes ironing easier if you use it like spray starch. Also, there is no such thing as a wrinkle free dress shirt. For the good of all mankind please touch your shirts up with an iron or steamer!

  9. Cheers Jeff! Unbelievable!

    Def gonna buy me a handheld, I despise ironing, and never knew dry cleaning messed up my suits!

    Subbed & Belled 👊

  10. I am surprised how many men, and women, don't realize that a steamer saves a fortune on dry cleaning bills while extending the life of a suit. As you say, are you going to iron that suit or sports coat: I don't think so. I've found that a quality hand held steamer, such as the Conair extremesteam, is as efficient as the "professional" steamers and a bit easier to use. There's no hose to worry about. I steam my suit before I wear it and spritz it with fabric freshener and it's like it just came from the dry cleaner. As you point out, dress shirts benefit uniquely from ironing; this is especially so of all cotton shirts. But a "wrinkle-free" ploy-blended shirt looks great after a quick steaming.

  11. Thought of picking one up and now I will eventually. And couldn’t your steam it and once your done use the iron on the main sections you want crisp? Doesn’t seem to bad of an idea?

  12. Haven’t ironed in years. Had a floor model but it wasn’t tall enough for me….as Im close to 6ft 3…so either I was hunching or snagging the hose as I would reach up with my long arms. In the market for a great hand-held steamer now

  13. Jeff can you please do a video about what to wear to a bar/club. Like a get ready with me video. Also how to carry yourself in a bar.

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