How to Upcycle Your Jeans and Create Something Awesome!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to BlueprintDIY where we MAKE designer
fashion. I’m Angelina and this week, because I have
the most awesome subscribers I’m doing a denim refashion Yayy!! And it’s out of 25 pairs of jeans. GASP And it’s all inspired by my favorite part
of the jean. You know that awesome side seam, that really
makes a jean look like a jean. It’s technically called a FLAT FELL SEAM and
I’m a tad bit obsessed with them as you can see. So, for this project I’m going to use 25 PAIRS OF JEANS. SHARP SCISSORS DENIM NEEDLES. THREAD THAT CLOSELY MATCHES THE DENIM COLOR LARGE EYELET KIT from fabric store or Walmart. AND A LONG SHOE LACE OR SOME TYPE OF CORDING. First, I’m going to cut 24 pairs of our jeans
at the flat fell seam where the seam folds over. Then I’ll use a ruler to mark a line 1.5”
away from the edge of the seam and cut along that line. This makes sure all my strips are even. Once I have them all cut, I’ll find a top
that fits me as closely to what I am trying to achieve. So, I’m going to use this loose fitting crop
top to help me make the pattern. I taped together a few pieces of paper and
laid the shirt on top. Then, I drew a very boxy T shape around the
edge of the shirt and drew the neck hole so I know in general
where the neck will be. Now, I cut out the pattern and begin to lay
out my pieces on it. Since I have two of each strip, I am going
to keep it pretty symetrical. Notice the curve of the pieces and how I am
trying to use that to my advantage. Once I have them laid out, I going to mark
how far down I should attach them at the bottom and at the sleeve. Then I’ll attach them by sewing one flat fell seam on top of the edge of the
next strip. I made two seams for each strip right on the
outside edge of the existing seams. The two seams make it a really strong bond,
but in hind sight I would have serged the edges of all my strips. Please note that my sewing machine would not
go through some of the thicker hems, but the needle never
broke. Now, I’m going to keep sewing the strips together
to make the front two pieces and the back two pieces. Now, next I’m not going to lie. I didn’t know where the project was going. It wasn’t going the way I had in my head, so I added n arbitrary seam across the shoulders, at the
bottom of the sleeve, and connected the lower part of the back piece just so that
I could try it on. And, although it wasn’t turning out exactly
as planned, there was something quite unexpectedly beautiful
happening. So, I decided to go ahead and cut off the
excess under the sleeve. I can also connect the side by cutting another
strip of denim and sewing both flat fell seams to it, butting
up to one another. I also decided to keep the V on the back,
so I turned the edges under and pinned down a scrap strip of denim across
the top. Now, I’ll take my final pair of jeans and
cut them at the flat fell seam, but I’m going to keep most of the leg on these
at least for now. Next, I’ll put the last pair of cut jeans
around my neck to see where it should be connected to the jacket. I turned the edge of one strip under and pinned
it directly to the last strip. After a lot of adjusting and pinning, I can sew it down right on the edge. And because I decided to keep the fray on
the shoulders, I sew right up to it and back stitch to make
sure it stays secure. Now, If I were Beyonce or Cardi B I would
certainly leave it like this because I think it’s definitely very unique
and stage worthy. So, consider this the runway version and now
I’ll make the ready-to-wear version. So, now I cut off the excess from the shoulders
and the last pair of jeans that I just sewed down. I also cut one side of the bottom of the jacket
where I marked according to the pattern. Then, I tried it on again and realized that
I like the uneven bottom so I pinned the other side to make it match and folded it in half to cut the other side
to match. After cutting the bottom edges I went back
to all the seams and re-stitched them to make sure they’ll stay secure. Now since I cut off the bottom pieces of the
dark denim, I have a piece to add as the top of my triangle. So then I pinned and sewed it down. Also, I ended up cutting the crotch seam that
was at the back of the neck and sewing the edge down to the dark denim
piece in the back. Ok, I am finally ready to add the eyelets. Each one comes in two pieces. One side has a short flange at the back and
the other has a longer flange. The one with the longer flange goes on the
front and the other on the back. So, I always start off by laying out my eyelets
where I want them. Then I mark in the center of each. Then I cut a small hole at each mark. The
hole should be smaller than the eyelet hole. Then take the front eyelet piece and push
it through the hole and fit the back piece on the other side. Now, put the front side on the mold and hammer
the tool against the back side. Once I did all the eyelets I could lace a
shoe string through it, or even tie and fray the end of a shoe lace
for a bohemian look… So, this is how it turned out. I absolutely love it! And without further ado, here’s a few ways to style it. So there you have it. I absolutely love how this turned out. Yes, it was quite a bit of effort, but it’s
unique and just my style. And I love how along the way, there were so
many other directions I could have taken, so if you try this feel free to make it all
your own. This is what I do when left alone with 25
pairs of old jeans. Let me know in the comments what you do with
your old jeans. Give this video a thumbs up if you like refashion
videos and don’t forget to subscribe for more. And keep those requests coming. I’ll see you guys soon. BYE!

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