How to Thread a Chandler 401 Button sewing machine

this is an old chapter button sewing machine as you can see guess I can show you how to write out the thread comes up here and it wraps through this side out down into this hole then it wraps on the right side between the tensioner here of course you can adjust the tension then it comes see this little pin here you know you want it to come on the you know this you know in between this and this see if I can get a pencil huh okay so you want to come not on this side you want to come behind it okay and then out but it'll be in between the two disks so it'll be coming you know if you stand in front of it on this side be coming on the left side of that pin goes around and then does the same thing here it's going to go around and then to the left side of this pin out and then it goes in this hole here as you can see this thing as a lever and moving it out it comes through this hole and then through that hole and then I didn't know but it goes in this hole here down through all the way down and it's if you look down here at least mine has some pins one two three pins you're going to be the bond between the two bottom pins it's going to go out up through that eye down and then you have this little little hole here it's going to go through the hole and then down to the needle okay it takes a special needle so you have to go to you know commercial a guy that you know knows about needles and he'll fix you up you can research it online this is a Chandler it's finger turned around here she's got a really heavy metal base it's our 401 I think yeah 401 chowder for one button sewing machine it's got the two levers I'll show you how to sub button here so I can hold on and I'll show you how it works as you can see here this is a little lock you know loosen this up right loosen it up and then if you want a two button hole or a four button hole once you decide you just tighten that up make sure that you got enough thread that I got about maybe four inches or so it doesn't you know take a bobbin or anything right now you can pull you know there's very little tension on the on the thread so you can pull the thread right now it's pretty easy to do that let me go sell button on here show you how it works okay get some light colored fabric here so you can see hopefully you know it's will be a problems with it I'm still trying to tune this thing in but you'll see the basic idea could be another month I actually can get this thing where I don't spend a hundred bucks to have somebody show me how to use it I think I can figure it out anyway what you do is you there's a little lever right here you push back and the jaws open up he's aligned your button and it kind of captures it want to make sure since mine so for four holes myself for four holes alright so now once she you know release it's spring loaded so it'll hold it in once you've done that I usually put the fabric out this way I mean that thread out this way then what you can do is take the red lever push it forward and it pops up the button you can see that's so you can put your fabric in then you drop it down and then what you do next is you crank it you're going to crank it clockwise and if it doesn't go its lot in a locked position as you can see and you can see it right here well maybe you can't but there's a little pin here on the outside of this wheel and when you move the blue lever forward and it'll locks it which releases it down here and then you just go for it and it stops automatically you don't have to count you don't have to do anything you just keep turning until it knows when to stop it's going to be in this position so then at this point what I was told is that you just take it and you just pull it out quickly and there's your button home or your button to sewing on and the reason why you want some length is you can put a needle through there and then just finish and tie a knot in the back but there you go anyway hopefully I can do a better one hopefully you can see you know what the machine you know at least you can see what the Machine dad I tried to look on YouTube I didn't see anything so at least I'm trying to give you something here for it if there's some problems down in here I should tell you this also if you notice that you know you've got some problems sometimes when I first got it underneath here there was a lot of thread because there's some mechanisms in here that there was a lot of thread bunched up in there and I didn't know how to get in there I thought I had to take these screws on take apart but what you could do is there's a little screw here in the back you take this just a little hand screw you just loosen it up and what happens is you can take this thing and tilt it over and just you know look in there and you'll see how it works and just take a little exacto knife or whatever and just you know cut out all the thread and you know take a little lower on there just hold the whole thing up a little bit I plan to store some more needles down in there anyway good luck

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  1. Hey this was super helpful. I just picked up a 471 (looks like a smaller version of this one) and this is the ONLY video detailing any aspects of the machine. Having some finicky issues with mine but hoping ill get it fixed up eventually. Feel free to post any more vids if you have time : )

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