1. Seeing these comments of where you guys are from is awesome, helps me get a better idea where you’re tuning in from! Appreciate you guys! 🙌🏼

  2. Done! Love their Tees but I ordered a size up and they’re a little longer than I would of liked , material stayed soft even after washing

  3. Done!

    Sweatpants look so dope! Definitely need them right now here in New Zealand where it’s currently winter!

  4. Done!! I'm from lewiston Idaho and the only sweats I can look at and try out the fit in my area are fruit of the looms and let me tell you this would be an upgrade 😂

  5. Done bro, been looking for some good sweats for a minute now and these have been on the radar. Much love from amsterdam the netherlands!

  6. Done! I’m from Stockton, CA those sweats would be super clutch! I work part time and go to school full time, and I always aim to look fresh!

  7. Done. Im i have a pair of sweatpants like that before but i dont appreciate it until know. Thanks im from philippines btw

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