How to Style Jeans for the Fall 2019 🍂

Hello everyone! It’s Sheila here and welcome back to another one of my videos. Here, I make beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content, so if you think you’re in the right channel, hurry and subscribe! Since summer is officially over now, I’ll be showing you guys some jeans styling tips for the fall season. This will be my second fashion video and if you haven’t watched the first one, definitely go watch it! I’ll link it right here or down below in the description box. Basically a few weeks ago, I noticed that I didn’t have any straight-cut jeans in my closet, so I decided to go on Levi’s to get a few pairs. I ended up picking three pairs of straight-cut jeans and I’ll be showing you guys two looks for each pair. I’ll also put all the links for the pieces in the description box down below. So without any further ado, let’s get started! First piece I got is this mid-rise cropped taper jeans. This is made from a non-stretch denim material. I picked this because it has this bicolor design at the bottom and also a cut-off hem. For the first look, I went for a business casual look. I paired it with a basic white tank top and topped it off with a navy blazer. I also added a necklace so that it’s not too plain. For shoes, I picked a pair of pointed black-and-white leather mules, because I felt that they gave the perfect finishing touch for the whole outfit. This outfit is perfect for a more casual meeting, like let’s say a meeting at a coffee shop outside the office. For the second look, I went for a dressy casual look. I paired it with a somewhat flowy long-sleeve top that I tucked in at the front. I also added a statement belt to make the outfit stand out. For shoes, I went for a pair of nude gold-studded pumps. This is perfect to wear to a nicer dinner and can also be worn to go out afterwards without worrying about changing outfits. The next piece I got is a pair of high-rise cropped straight jeans. It’s made out of low-stretch denim material, so it feels comfortable. This one is definitely a statement piece, because it has lining on the sides with Levi’s written all over it and that’s exactly why I chose it. For the first look, I went for a sporty look. that would be perfect to wear to concerts, festivals, or even just a casual day out. I paired it with a white sports bra and a pair of white sneakers for shoes. In California, it can be hot during the day and cold at night, so if you’re out for the whole day, you can layer it up with a denim jacket as the temperature goes down throughout the day. For the second look, I paired the jeans with a slightly oversized plain white button-up shirt. that has hot pink lining on the sides. I tucked it in in the front so that it looks neater and not too baggy. For shoes, I went with a pair of nude pumps. I also added a necklace for the finishing touch. This look is perfect to go into meetings and presentations. The heels will definitely give you the extra confidence and make you feel like you’re ready to crush it! The last piece I got is a pair of high-rise cropped ripped jeans. It is light wash and has a destructed finish. I chose this because the rips are just right and not too extra. I don’t really like it when the rips are too big. For the first look, I paired the jeans with a salmon-colored camisole. I went with a pair of beige gladiator heels for shoes. I’d say this outfit would be perfect for an afternoon Sunday brunch, because it looks effortless but put-together at the same time. This outfit would also be great for a girls’ night out and I would say it has a sort of rooftop bar vibe. For the second look, I went extra casual. I only put on a baggy cropped grey hoodie and a pair of white sneakers. I feel like white sneakers go well with everything and make your outfits look cleaner. Even though it’s a casual look, the strings on the hoodie are made of velvet material and have metal stoppers, so it definitely looks more elevated than your regular college hoodie. Ok guys, we’ve now come to the end of this video. I really really hope you guys enjoyed it. If you do, don’t forget to hit that thumbs up button and share it to your friends. It really helps me out a lot when you do. Tell me in the comments down below what kinds of videos you would like me to make next. Also, I post videos every Thursdays and sometimes even fun videos on Sundays. So if you don’t want to miss out, click here to subscribe and turn on that notification bell. Byeee ! See you on the next one.


  1. Comment which look is your favorite and tag me on Instagram if you do decide to recreate one of the looks 💗 Also, let me know what content you would like me to make next!

    Komen look mana favorit kalian dan tag aku di Instagram kalau kalian recreate salah satu looknya 💗 Kasih tau aku juga konten apa yang kalian mau aku bikin berikutnya!

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