How To Stitch Embroidery By Using Normal Sewing Machine || Usha Janome Embroidery In Telugu

hello friends welcome to my channel and their phenom extended music on the car in Canada Nelly subscribe to Scottie please not channel subscribe taste Conde had a redundant even the bellman little Chandi so friends it was my new video TC mission embroidery and admission is December 11 and it is Carly so Miko previous video still on yellow stripe stitch you Stacy I'm gonna do everything that a scholarship in candy eros artistic just reduced you see madam a vedanga M religious scholar in real enemy to explain yesterday Mecca so eros magic just statistics and and cusamano see select Ascoli so jig jockster chain b c.length the chest many three particular length and then a bit virtually next richest nano concepting SE le and we intend a free dog in the repertoire nd as every tanga presser foot nipple on the base very material it so you will now see a leonid Nina starting local villages a Jason and the oxide energy 40 and it so irrigant gosh is calling next which a Samana frame class 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correctly needle accropod allah occurs the cella Surah Al Motta throw the muchas Kali friendly fast come watch estimate Monday stitching it during averted or another Hollander faster ah muchas collie so even in the Monon slow that character come on the line may the perilla it just just colleague consumed practice chases all day then a mountain and Timmy couldn't cut it again exhaustion and a so I have a practice day Alan Mata mono Solomon cemented is in sentiment among citizens and the aluminum the emission whilst a seminal stitches culture salamandra jeans and a blouse in mega Brazil me the phenomenal success coaches Sonia intend a first amico basic sandwich f9 and a SOHO Cocker areola starting line dentist right stick Eustace in normally in the rock Alva stitches forward and when they say penguin be normal around stitch everything ostriches polyp and they were as everythingís writes to you Stacy what does I even got to Cavalli when they say penguin and I saw Bridget Justice John matter next was just never signal stitching on them 100 different differently within the structure scholarship done and there was anger cut work everything a strategist called mirror sales Angus tiscali and Nicole Daneen Oh Oh Cody Tipton and is so overcook it is a pecker but when they pick up loves everything ostriches called other with anger addressed Smitha everything I'm on the next have equal to call record and then the next class let me go check them so follow the one and in immediately made it definitely comin to many various and everyone the strictest spot so I could just let it out plain metal stick just sink around it so go get started that good vegetable Chadwicks lady and n-terminal frame only my personal matter so for me the internet finding thing and I've met a lot of building the radius was tired sticks is just filling everything as neon except another Oh what is it just it just is imminent fiddling and remote the Warka can there within the strictest polish Watson so Elena danpuzzle with the ripped an ad select esker number so Makka pakka Antonina start chasing that Garuda Garuda paddle on the frame is Logano Chester Street just nobody could turn a drop on Dutchess : d lol a manatee cooktop Arella slogan we'll just call it by a take Rwanda and I says console over type in the gathered and keep askin and my dealer Garifuna coming in coca coca-cola in control and what so even in dominum rugged and our motto but affiliates come to Le Cirque in Darrell to talk when the cousin di Patel key I press alt enter a Corral : me the property pipe in CI with a distress call it some manner Anthony took I put a man again whether Monica tis another than the worst Mindy when they get a couple to come to challenge it I was in the idea with an Amana buy it ready when you pay love put a mattress or does about this so is everything I was 290 okay I will have practice and II me ready in the practice chases when the meat bag and it can a dustman water so even in Domino love and motherhood Cavalli Yerevan omentum eidellig a fan page for Dendy so I play in the cover next one that's a cat so let me quit but topic Canelo Kaka Lincoln Lincoln Street Church in the my dinner product after for them do they have track on the path of a chemical to cover and matter it isn't open to Kali sir Utica model so David and Gandhi know immediately next to product in abhi so put a Korean tent a previous column intent in there even though he got sucked in 10 days some mono Buddha even got entangled of exposed ever madness so mono yella Colin Telugu culture either the inky dinky everything a difference me to let me push off as commanded so he more patristic and different again in opening the fourth then the cotton and matter socks armor clear adapter changing by it rock on below police logical to call nd when a missional pedal control Koramangala important and a merry fast gotta pay for the point is rather than the Christian Mata a pramana Kim mother control aunt and then later on to buy it again by chance something sir even in Japan over the rotation gotta next redonk attached out imagine a gap Rwanda in over the holistic Jesus folder sorry the matinee no flower and the forest it just man Andy so me creativity invective mirror different different designs to Scully miracle to watch and my chili is the end each other faster I could watch Molly Walker Rosalind monomakh a blouson in the particle test culture so when they coordinate in the next tutorial escape tunnel so it premiere a different store handy if you pretend skip hospitality Center for both to the tyranny around the temple around a so as it was called mono go to Colin Martin extra Jesse and leave poor Donna neither with anger stitches escandalo next to see leave your car outline water stitches is currently outlines distances Connie a la pila feelings is his container so I could use condom equally if kids ever look when Jim sharp claw was single and a a career with Angus a yellow for tomorrow to skal and matter and eminent again three stitches Harley so he within the physicists culture silifke karna /r province or tainted terminal Riedel Pineda that means Connie will typically put garland it so it is a garage is Colin Martin outlines everybody graph on demand stitches Kali so he Curtis or any bar shark now and another a credential and a RP mono meal and a data coaches con real tip Connie model Panetta Ted Gaines Connie a kahramana good to condemn and catch a linear it's an adjustment mater sharp costly later on Tibet will for this so adored Mero they are throbs are sailing such a circle and a flower Matunga Rasta Jason semi-live chose the Connors la jolla sharp continued the intent a criminal a lady really distasteful demonic a salon the eating an elephant watch and matter so friends meet Nvidia legend unquote money we we allege that they they please like Jay and DJ channel it and everything but in the radius person dices in the channel is abstract just funding Thank You friends thanks for watching my video


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