How To Steam Your Clothes (The Right Way)

are your clothes wrinkled let me show you the easiest way to steam them so that you can look your best every day before you even turn your steamer on you have to think about where you're going to do your steaming I like to do it in my bathroom but again pick a space that works for you now in order to do the steaming you need a hook on the back of your door and you can pick one of those up at the dollar store you just place it on the top of your door and then you can easily hang your garment there or if you have one you can use a clothing rack and some steamers even come with their own built-in hooks which is handy so if you don't have one this is a quick fix steamers are pretty low-maintenance but they do require one thing distilled water and you can pick this filled water up at a grocery store big-box store or even a drugstore the reason you want to filled water is because it doesn't have any minerals in it and if you've ever used a steamer before and notice that chalky white build-up which looks disgusting by the way and it's hard to clean that's because whoever was using the steamer before you was not using distilled water so if you want to avoid that and I highly recommend that you do just save yourself the trouble and get distilled water now all you have to do is add water to your steamer plug it in and power it up if you want to give your steamer a minute or two to heat up before you start using it and then before you even think about steaming your clothes you have to hold your steamer up and depress the button and let steam come out for about a minute your system has a lot of water built up in it stuff that sort of been lingering around since the last time you use the steamer and that's sort of hanging out there in the reservoir so you have to let your machine run you'll see it starts to sputter or koffice and that's a good thing you want that to happen it's better to happen off your clothing than on your clothing so once you start to get a nice continuous flow of steam with no sputtering you're good to go now it's time for things to get a little spicy so you're going to hold your steamer about six inches away from your garment you want to hold the fabric taut and I like to work section by section so I'll start with the front of a sleeve then I'll work to the front panel the other front sleeve flip it over do the back in the back sleeves after just think about your garment or your shirt in this case in section so you'll hold your garment taut you'll run your steamer up and down slowly over the area if you work too fast the wrinkles will reform right away not a good thing kind of a waste of your time so just keep in mind you want to give each area maybe about a minute or two to really release any of the wrinkles that are stuck there and if you go over an area that's super wrinkly you might want to hold the steamer just over that wrinkled area without moving too much for about 30 seconds or so maybe even up to a minute you really want to make sure you give the shirt the opportunity for the fibers to relax with the wrinkle can work itself out now remember you're not going to get crisp crease lines like you would with an iron but if you wanted to iron you'd be watching your video learning how to iron now remember you can't seam everything especially delicate items so you always want to test in an inconspicuous area first because if you run steam along a really delicate fabric like silk you might actually ruin it now keep in mind when you're steaming a garment you're actually putting moisture right into the fiber so it's going to be a little bit damp so you got to give it a few minutes to dry before you actually put it on and if you want to be real fancy which I totally approve of by the way you can spritz a little bit of fabric refresher on the garment or even a nice fabric scent yes those exist and just let everything dry at once a garment steamer is a great investment I use mine a lot and once you know how to use it you can take care of a lot of the wrinkles on your clothing I can't really help you for what's over here at least not with a garment steamer I hope you've enjoyed this video if you have feel free to give it a thumbs up or share it with someone who might find it helpful and remember to subscribe to get more of my videos


  1. Omg I remember you from all those cleaning videos way back when. Glad I found you again and that you’re still doing videos

  2. I thought only a steamer can fix wrinkled silk or polyester fabrics. I didnt know even the steamer can ruin silk. So once silk gets wrinkled, thats it.

  3. Investing that amount of time + distilled water + fabric refresher . I would prefer outsourcing my laundry 🤣🤣

  4. Hi I'm a college student learning how to be independent. No one in my family has used a steamer before so i was wondering, when I steam my dress shirts, should I button them first? And how do I steam the collars/wrist area

  5. Ironing is way better and more efficient plus once done properly your clothes looks better. Who sprays more water after steaming, that’s stupid. Also fabric scents are annoying, not sure why people love walking around smelling like dryer sheets..🤮

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