How To Steam Jeans – Fridja Professional Garment Steamers School

Jeans are easily steamed and we’ve picked
an extra thick pair to show you how it’s done. Clip the jeans on to the hangar and fire up
the Fridja! We’ve used the supplied hand mat for extra
support to eliminate the creases. As you can see with a little pressure the
creases drop out! This is even easier on thin jeans or jeans
with elastic. Steaming a pair of jeans will also prolong
their life and reduce shrinking as you won’t need to wash them as often. And steaming will freshen them up and not
reduce the colour, especially in indigo jeans. Steaming your jeans will give them an extra
lease of life, especially if they have been sitting on your floor from the
night before!!


  1. i use steaming to clean jeans (about twice/three times a year). turn them inside out, brush them, spray with white vinegar, leave for a few minutes, and steam. then air them overnight.

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