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  2. Honestly, why the hell do people, other than Australians, call body weight rows 'Australian pull-ups'? You'll never hear these called pull-ups in Australia, ever. Is it some 'we're in the northern hemisphere so upside down equals Australian' kind of thing? Please, enlighten me.

  3. Just want to say, thanks a bunch for all your help! After 2 months of lifting and calisthenics i finally got mt first deadhang pull up yesterday! i was extremely happy and thankful for chris because he taught me a bunch of things. Keep doing your thing chris, youre a huge inspiration!

  4. Excellant video. Did Australian Pull Ups today with some negative muscle ups and straight bar dips for my Basics pratice day. I remeber all you said that the basics need to be mastered so I am devoting a day strictly for basic's.

  5. Would be nice if you explained a little bit more about the "rolling your scapula forward" part. It's something that I've literally haven't heard about in any other pull up video out there. In most other instructive pull up videos it's "bring your scapula down" and keeping it down the entire movement (until you release at the end). Thanks guys! 🙂

  6. I'm 16 and I can do pull up without this but not perfect…but after trying this only 1 month i can do so clean pull up…u are great motivator and I will learn better english because of you 🤣

  7. Is there a benefit to doing pull ups all the way or down or almost all the way down? 

    I've been working out for a long time and recently decided to add pull ups and chin ups to my routine, hurray! However, this huge guy at the gym told me not to go all the way down on pull ups because it puts stress on your shoulders (idk). I doubt he's right but he literally stayed next to me and forced me to try it his way. I watched this video cuz I know you know your stuff and wanted to see how you did it, but I still wonder if this guy had a point?

  8. Hey so I'm a sand frac hauler(truck driver) trying to get in shape. I dont haul reefers. I don't have any place I can do real pull ups consistently. I do have a place on my trailer where I can kinda do a australian pull up just I'm damn near completely horizontal. Can I use these methods to build pullup strength while doing it that way? As it's all I got.

  9. What if the bar your using is a lot lower then that, and you have to cross your legs when doing pull ups… is that still fine? Just don’t have a high bar around that’s all.

  10. Actually not necessarily there's an actual type of pull up call the kipping pull up and it is commonly found in CrossFit and on top of that there is a pull-up called the butterfly pull up and it is also found in CrossFit these are not unique to CrossFit and there are several other types of pull-ups as well that have a similar but a little different range of motion and are extremely beneficial I might add so you might want to think twice before you start bashing I'll people do pull ups and putting everybody into one category

  11. I’m a beginner, been doing your exercises for a couple months but now getting calluses on my palms. Do I fight through it or should I be wearing gloves?

  12. not buying it.. I ll just do rows and lay pull-downs until I can get my weight 65-70kg, then I ll move into doing actual calisthenics an pull ups.

    It's scientifically proven that a medium range of 8-15 is best for hypertrophy (9-11 is also a good rule). If you can't do 8 reps 3 sets of something, then move to something easier.

  13. It's amazing I found peace and a steady mind after I subscribed to this channel all the workout got my mind off losing my son. I live all the way in west Africa am here to say I have a big fan guys

  14. he is right though, bulk guys at the gym can't even do a proper pull up not mention doing something harder. I can do pull ups, however, i should do straight legs along with the body and see how it goes. i guess the way he has been doing his pull-ups it pays off at the end where he could do muscle ups easily.

  15. 9:53 my head will go through my ceiling if I do this haha, bloody door pull up bar. Great video though, thanks. This should help get onto pull ups.

  16. I've seen on some other videos that you should keep your scapulae retracted and down, so different technique than what you're showing here 🤔

  17. Dude you're 100% right, I didn't realize it was called Australian pull ups I've been doing those before starting my regular pull ups and man! The accuracy with doing the Australian pull ups first really maximizes your strength to your regular ones. I used to do only 3 pull ups now I can do 10 pull ups in perfect form and no shaking. There were some additional techniques I learned from your video. Keep up the good work man!

  18. Chris can you make a video on different pull up grips? I feel when I have my thumb above the bar I can do pull ups more easily and controlled, but when I grip it they way you grip a dumbell or some can, I feel more week and less stable. Why is that?
    Thank you 😄

  19. Fantastic Chris – “Be brilliant at the basics”. Please be mindful, that people are watching you who have never done fitness and may ask what a scapular is, maybe next time do scapular contractions and releases with your shirt of and camera close up. Same with seated machine rows, always pinch back before any arm movement.

    But this is what people are hungry for, they don’t know where to start, it’s all over whelming for a beginner…

    Make a new series called – “Pre K Calisthenics” and get people to loose their fear of fitness and lessen their injury through good techniques

  20. Nice video, some people call those Austrian pull-ups inverted rows, but they definitely help with back development.

  21. Today I did my first pull-up, which I never thought I would be able to do. Thank you Chris, you’ve changed my life and inspired me to do more.

  22. Chris, I need help. I'm 6'4 and many people keep telling me that pull ups and calisthenics in general might be way harder for me. I need to master pull ups (or chin ups) in order to pass on an physichal exam and can't find anything online to help me on that… If you can, I'd be glad to hear about it. Thanks in advance!

  23. When you show the beginner options you really demonstrate the steps so well! It's impressive that you're so advanced yet able to demonstarte the very bottom basics to understand. Super awesome.

  24. I'm trying to learn how to do a muscle up. I wouldn't say I am a beginner. I have been working out for 4 years now, as I am 16. I am a lean 142 lb 5'8". B – 185 S – 300 DL – 250. I can do 14 pullups, and over 20 dips, but still struggle to do a muscle up. I can not do a L hold or toes to bar, which is part of the requirements.

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  27. Chris tells to move scapula forward when doing pull ups but says to pull scapula back on the australian pull up. I am a bit confused, are those two movements different?

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