How to Spring Clean Your Mattress

How to Spring Clean Your Mattress. It’s spring cleaning time! Since the average American spends a third
of their time in bed, use these tips to help you spring clean your mattress. You will need Vacuum with attachment Upholstery
cleaner Mattress protector and fabric refresher. Step 1. Remove all bedding and let the mattress air
out for a few hours. If possible, haul it outside for the day to
get fresh air. Step 2. Vacuum the mattress and box springs with a
vacuum attachment. Step 3. Remove any surface stains with upholstery
cleaner. Invest in a mattress protector to prevent
any future stains. Never clean a mattress with dry cleaning fluid;
the chemicals could damage the mattress. Step 4. Flip the mattress over and switch the top
to bottom to help it wear evenly. This should be done every six months. Step 5. Spritz the mattress and mattress cover with
a fabric refresher before you reapply the sheets to give it a fresh smell. Spring is in the air. Did you know While the average human sleeps
seven to eight hours a day, a giraffe only sleeps for 20 minutes.


  1. they said all you need is a vacuum with attachment upholstery cleaner mattress protector and fabric refresher but they did not say you need a mattress.LOL

  2. its helpful but I mean wrong time to add this video but still if your going to air it out keep a watch on it so no bugs get on it

  3. What? THE MATTRESS WAS ALREADY SO CLEANED! MY MATTRESS IS FULL OF MUD, STAINS,GRASS STICKED ON IT! I need tips on how do I clean it up? My mattress got in that condition because we shift in rental houses many times and that's how it get in bad condition.

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