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when installing a center zipper there's many ways in methodologies to do so the basic is to go ahead and do your basting stitches for the length of the zipper so you kind of lay this down on your seam allowance you know how far to baste and then you go back to your normal seam stitch length after the zipper end you open it up and iron this flat this is where this is the easy part right you know you're getting your zipper and evenly your seam allowance here but now it's really applying the zipper on top that can be fun and or frustrating sometimes you know I've heard of people pinning their zippers in and then flipping it over to sew and then pulling the pins out as you go or hand basting it I have a trick that I think really cuts out the time in any of the bulk you can get from the from pinning and that's using good old transparent tape so what you do is you lay your zipper down right in the center of your seam allowance and we're gonna make sure we have it starting right up top like we'd like we double check that the teeth that are in the center of the seam and we just roll it down and we lay a piece of transparent tape right over and we use that to secure it down and don't be stingy with your tape and sometimes I am stingy with my tape but it always helps to have more tape than not because you have 5/8 and 5/8 to catch plus a little the fabric you can see I'm still need to cut my tape a little bigger just keep rolling this down in the center and taping it down and what we're gonna do make sure the end is right you roll it down tape yourself it's like taping a Christmas present so now all we have to do is flip it over and sew it down we're gonna sew right through the transparent tape and you can sew whatever distance you want from the teeth the we'll be in the center use your zipper foot stitch down and once you're done stitching flip it back over and all you have to do is peel the tape off and you're done just don't iron the tape to the fabric make sure before you do any ironing you're not ironing the tape down you know the why it's like that they there'll be no stick left on your fabric and it's a nice easy removal and a quick way to get a zipper in

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