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how to set colors stop dye bleed in fabrics clothes laundry solutions running fabric dye hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper one of the fun things about going on vacation is choosing souvenir t-shirts we love the
bright colors but how do we set the color and stop dye bleeding in clothes
especially ones we bought on vacation if you suspect that brightly colored
clothes are going to bleed colors dye run you should try to set the color make clothes colorfast when fabrics are dyed they have mordant’s or dye fixatives to help dye fabrics and fibers you always want to check for the color
fastness of fabric clothes before you wash it with any other item to set colors stop dye bleeds running fill a bowl or basin
with cool water add a quarter to a half a cup of salt place your clothes fabric item in the water swirl it all around let it sit soak for about five minutes fill your bowl or basin with cold water
again add a quarter to a half a cup of white vinegar allow your clothes t-shirt fabric to soak again for
five more minutes then rinse it well and hang it to dry your clothes should have set colors stop dye bleed running
always test fabrics to see if they’re colorfast before you wash them with
anything else use cold water and if you know that they’re going to fade bleed or run hand wash the clothes separately some fabrics will stop releasing dye but be careful never
trust something that the color runs or bleeds completely then sort and wash like colors with like colors never
wash a suspect garment that you think might bleed or run with any other clothes that you care about and avoid
hot water on all bright colors try setting the color and stop dye bleeding color running in your laundry and on your clothes with cold water salt and white vinegar learn more at please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel youtube prepper prepping channel


  1. Fantastic idea & washing/drying instructions too 😉 t y for sharing Enjoy your beautiful Grandson God bless you both 💚👵

  2. That is a great idea, but I have not been on vacation in so long or purchased anything which I have to was until I would have to check for color bleeding if I do purchase any items like T-Shirts from a vendor locally or overseas.

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