How To Re-Dye Your Jeans Black | Abigail Joyann

hey guys, it’s Abigail and welcome back to
my channel alright so, today i’m doing a video on how
to turn your old faded jeans into black jeans like this
so if you want to learn how to change your favorite, faded black pair of jeans back to
how they used to look then keep on watching this video and without any further adue lets
just go ahead and get into it you will need… salt, a bucket, a painters
stick, some gloves, dye of your choice, and some water so first you’re gonna want to run some water and put the clothing that you are going to
dye in the water kind of soak them and squish them down into the water um get them totally
wet then ring the out and hang them to dry um while we move on to the next step
so for the second step we are going to boil so for the second step we are going to boil some water and put it in the bucket that we
are going to dye our clothing now we are going to shake up our dye and put
it in the boiling water um and mix it around while we get ready to dye our clothes gradually add the jeans and the clothing that you are choosing to dye and squish them down
into the dye with the painters stick um also add more water as needed
now add the salt to the mixture mix the salt into the mixture and mix it every
ten minutes for thirty minutes HOLD UP, I recommend that you use a sink or
a bathtub that is either black or dark because this didn’t work out very well for me because
it just got my clothes dirty anyhow, you’re gonna want to poor out the
dirty dyed water and rinse your clothing and jeans as best as you can
then throw them into the washing machine on your normal cycle okay guys so that end this video if you enjoyed it please make sure to give
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