How to put on Latex Clothing

Hello freaks and geeks, my name is whiteout
today i’m going to be talking about how to put on latex clothing. So there’s 3 different methods you can use
to put on latex. The first is using talcum powder, the second
is using silicon lube, and the third is doing a method called cholrination. Now you need to use one of these methods because
latex is a natural material. This means it’s very porous, and those pores
rubbing up against your skin create friction. That friction makes it really difficult to
put on the gear without using one of these methods. First off, I’m going to talk about talcum
powder. Now talc powder is really nice because it
absorbs moisture. Your going to be sweating a lot in latex and
that does a good job of helping to absorb the moisture. Especially if your going to be storing the
gear long term. That’ll help prevent any mold from forming,
or anything like that. Any leftover moisture from either your sweat
or from shining will get absorbed by the talc powder. Another thing is it’s a very dry way of putting
on your latex. So for example, if your putting on a pair
of socks. You don’t want them sliding around from under
your feet, but you still want an easy way to put them on. Using talc powder for that is very nice. So a few cons of talc powder. 1, it’s going to dull your shine, and it’s
pretty messy. If you get any talc powder on the front of
your suit, expect it to dull it right away. If you sweat, it’s going to have little white
sweat marks that come down and leave little white stains on the suit. That’s just something you got to clean up
as well. And you’ll probably get a thin layer of talcum
powder around all your furniture and gear and stuff like that. It’s just a very messy way of putting on your
gear. So next I’m going to talk about silicon lube. Silicon lube is nice because you just squirt
a little on the gear, you rub it around, and your good to go. Unlike talcum powder, silicone lube will actually
shine up your latex. Also, its very common. Everyone in the rubber scene should have a
bottle. You can use it not just for putting on your
gear but for like play, or anything else like that. There’s no reason you shouldn’t own a bottle
of silicon lube if your getting into rubber. It’s my personal favorite to use. It’s just a very slick and easy way to put
it on. But there are a few cons. First, it’s very sticky once it drys. And it will dry within an hour or two. If you have ever used it for fucking, you
know exactly that tacky/sticky feeling. The same goes for inside your suit. And I’ll have to take a shower to pull apart
the latex from my skin once it does dry. Another thing, because it’s very slippery
and slick. It can get kinda dangerous if your using it
in latex socks. Again if your walking down the steps or something,
you don’t wan’t your socks sliding out from underneath you. That can get very dangerous. Finally, it’s very messy. If i just put my hand on my desk like that,
I just left like a little layer of silicon lube. And pretty much all my furniture at this point
has like a thin film of silicon lube on it. It’s just a very messy thing, expect it to
get on your furniture and all your other stuff. So just a note about the silicon lube, make
sure your getting lube thats safe for latex. I have another video about all the stuff that
is very damaging for rubber. You can check that out for more information. So lastly, I’m going to talk about chlorination. Now chlorinations really interesting because
your essentially changing the molecular structure of your rubber. Essentially what it’s doing is filling in
the pores of your rubber with chlorine ions. I’m going to cover this more in-depth in another
video, but i’m going to go over just the pros and cons. Some of the pros, for one thing it’s permanent. As soon as you chlorinate your gear, your
good! You don’t ever have to worry about using lube
or anything like that. Another pro is there is no mess. Again, no powders, no shine everywhere, you
just slide it on like its cotton. And your good to go. It’s the easiest way to put on your latex
gear, and people with a latex allergy don’t seem to be affected by chlorinated gear. Again, because your changing the molecular
structure of it, it kinda makes sense it wouldn’t react the same to your body as is would with
straight latex. So if you do have a latex allergy, chlorinated
gear may be a good option for you. Now some cons to chlorination are, it going
to make it a lot harder to shine. Shine works by filling in the pores with various
shining chemicals. If those pores are already filled it’s going
to be a lot harder to get the shine to stick. Also, it’s going to weaken the rubber, and
it will make repairs a lot harder. It’ll be difficult to get the patch that you
glue on to actually stick to the rubber. Also, smell and noise of rubber are reduced. A lot of people [rubber crinkles] that sound
that rubber makes when it’s in contact with other rubber. That kinda turns them on a bit and you will
not get that. It’ll be a very clean slide. It’s basically like I said, like your wearing
cotton almost. So now just a note about chlorination, if
you do wanna chlorinate your gear, it’s best to chlorinate only new gear. As soon as you get vivishine or lube or something
else on your gear, it’s gonna make it a lot harder for the chlorination to actually stick
to the latex. So you only wanna do it to new gear that hasn’t
been worn before. So now, lets get to actually putting on some
gear. Now I can’t show putting on a catsuit. That would involve me getting naked, and that
isn’t YouTube appropriate. I don’t wanna get my channel banned. But I will layer some gear on top of this,
so you can just treat this as my skin. Pretend I’m naked or not, whatever. I’m going to be layering some rubber on top
of this. So we got our two pices of gear, a nice little
hoodie and some pants. I’m going to use the silicon lube method. Thats just my personal fave. And it’s probably the best if you want to
layer up gear, so you don’t ruin the shine. Squirt it on there… Be very liberal, if your feeling any tension
as your putting on the gear, it means you didn’t use enough lube or talc or whatever. So lets rub it around everywhere. Make sure we get a bunch in the sleeves. You want to make sure the whole inside as
a good film of lube on it. And that should about do it for lubing up
our first garment. So now that we got this all lubed up on the
inside, now we gotta lube up our skin a little bit. Again, feel free to be very liberal. Rub it all over ya. Alright, now we can actually put on some gear. So it should, if you apply enough lube, you
should be able to just slide it on. You don’t wanna tug or pull at anything if
it gets stuck, you want to easily slide it along. Cool, so gear piece number 1 is on. Now onto the pants. Now the pants are kinda like the legs of a
catsuit. Your gonna want to put them inside out as
an easy way to lube them up. And I’m pretty confident in that. We have a nice layer of lube all over these. Let put them back right-side in. Alright, so now same as before with the top,
we gotta lube up our legs now. I just put a little in my hands and rub it
along. And once your pretty confident you got a nice
layer of lube on your skin, you can slip into your gear. Or if this is a full catsuit you can start
slipping into that. Look at that, almost no effort, just slides
right on. Hopefully you were able to learn something
about how to actually put on gear. A few quick notes, another method that some
people use to put on gear is using corn starch; probably instead of talc. DO NOT use cornstarch. It can actually promote a latex allergy. And if you do use cornstarch, please stop
and do one of the three methods that I talked about. Also, with gloves and hoods, generally speaking
you won’t need to lube those up and they should be very easy to just pull on without using
any lube or whatever. Well I will see you guys later! Hopefully this was a very informative video. Peace out 🙂


  1. I'm torn between getting a catsuit that's chlorinated or not. One the one hand it is less messy and easier to wash and put on for quick casual wear. On the other it doesn't really feel like rubber at all.

    Thanks for the vid, look forward to your next one.

  2. Can't complain about chlorination, it's very easy to slip in and out of my chlorinated 0.20mm rubber catsuit with neck entry
    But for thicker suits I'd still recommend lube, because when it's still easy to get in, it's a lot harder getting out.

  3. does it matter what kind of silicon lube ? i am a first time latex owner i have a shirt and i will have my leggings with ribbon down the back of the legs and i am wearing it out to me bday on march 11th and i just want to know if it matters as long as its silicon …. i have spray on polish… and another question wearing it out for the night its not gonna get all weird from sitting is it ?

  4. OMG i'm about to buy my first latex clothing and the Silicon Method seems to work the best for sure! It slides on so easily.

  5. What happens if you cant order online? Are there any stores in virginia usa ? And another question can you buy latex gear in a convention about latex? (please reply)

  6. hi.I recently bought a latex catsuit online.The quality is good and the legs fit great.the upper body is very tight.My movement is restricted on my upper body and the zip just about closes.Will the latex stretch over time to my body shape or will i end up ripping it?thanks

  7. Thanks so much! Heading to Torture Garden for the first time with some girls from my agency this Friday night and just bought my first piece of latex, really helpful video and I really appreciate the depth you went into in explaining all the methods of how to put it on. Have a great week! ✌🏻

  8. I prefer "corn starch" than talc. I also found the best way to clean my latex. I put a hanger rod over my bathtub. I hang the latex. Then I use my hand held shower head. Easy to spray and let drip dry.

  9. WE been using "corn Starch" for many years. Woman have won law suits against Talc. You do now know what you are talking about.

  10. Bought the second time a latex suit on aliexpress, seems to be nice but it ripped on seams again . so even i did lube the inside with safe latex lube it ripped second time fit. seams are badly made … watch out as they cost about 100 euro,s a piece.​

  11. Okay, but not to be weird, I got really excited when you started lubing up the lower body I was like "bulge outline!"

  12. I saw a porn vid where they used j-lube to put the rubber on. Apparently that's safe to and gets less tacky when drying bc it gets re-hydrated when you sweat. Any personal experiences ?

  13. Hey question, I wanna wear latex boots over tights for a cosplay. But I dont really know how the materials would interact with each other and how to put the boots on over the tights. Can you help me with that?

  14. Hey, I'm a hiuuge fan of chlorinated latex, but I've never stretched it to it's limits. Will chlorinating a neck entry catsuit cause any problems? I'm worried about it making the neck hole less stretchy and prone to ripping.

  15. I watched your video from start to finish and I can tell you put a lot into this particular video. Let me tell you what I have and that'll help you know, what I have. I have a pair of latex pants and a latex catsuit (both from a handmade China distributor).

    Since I'm fairly new to the latex scene, I did a lot of homework before I started wearing rubber. I have a bottle of Vividress (to help put on the latex) and Vivishine (to shine it up, I love it)! My question is, if I have Vividress, would you recommend a good bottle of silicone lube? I love my latex as easy to get into, and I love it super shiny! I don't want this to get too expensive (as I'm thinking it can be), but I want to buy the right product for the best purpose.

  16. Can you use water-based lube instead of silicon lube for putting on latex and shining?? The lube I used was Wet Stuff Gold Water-based lubricant.

  17. Thanks for posting this video, which was very helpful. But as a bonus, seeing you in tight shiny rubber, putting on more shiny rubber gave me an instant erection as well! WOOF! Wish I had a body like yours too, but oh well, we can't have everything! 🙂

  18. Thanks 🙏 mr 😁😁⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺💐💐💐💐🌹🌹🌹🏆🥇

  19. what about how to remove a neck entry suit though? I really need to know since i am 5 days away from having one.

    Unless…do you have a way to communicate with others? Cuz i'd like to be able to get a tutorial on how to.

  20. Great video and thankful for all the good advice in the Q’s and A’s. Awesome contribution to latex wannabes like me.

  21. ? best way to wash 9×6 of the skin using dish soap in shower doesn't even help much but it works good to remove automotive grease from the skin

  22. Is it possible to wear a latex mask and have a beard? I have a medium sized beard (still growing) and I dont want to shave it off to wear the mask. I am not sure if it will destroy the mask at all. Any recs where I could get one? Thank you!

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