How to pronounce clothes?

how do you pronounce the word close is it closest closest or close let’s find that out today one word that many students mispronounce is close and I can understand why if you look at the spelling of the word close you can see the letters th and E s and even though the letters th make a sound like that this word is an exception actually the word close is pronounced very similar to the word close like close the door the only difference is that the th e s letters make the sound visit it’s kind of similar to the Russian word jet which has the sound of zu in the beginning so when you pronounce the word close you need to say close it close it close let’s practice it together close it close it close it close speaking of clothes my favorite kind of globing is a polo shirt what about you what kind of clothes do you like wearing in the summer let me know down in the comments below subscribe to my youtube channel to find out when the next video is out thanks a lot for watching my videos I hope you learned something and I will see you around [Music] you

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