How to Pronounce CLOTHES [ ForB English Lesson ]

Hello everyone and welcome to ForB’s English lesson video. I’m Robbie and today we are looking at the pronunciation of this word. So a lot of my students pronounce this. Clo-the-su, clo-the-su. No, it’s shorter. It’s one syllable, not two syllables. Yes? And it’s pronounced, clothes, clothes. For example, it’s the same as “close” the door. “Close”, “close” the door. OK? So be careful! So let’s practice, uh, say “clothes.” Please repeat after me. “Clothes.” OK, one more time. “Clothes.” Good! Now let’s practice in a sentence. So, “Hey, I like your clothes.” You try. OK. Or simply, “Wow! Nice clothes.” You try. Great! OK. So just be very careful. Next time you are using this word, don’t say, clo-the-su, say, clothes. OK? Great! Thank you so much for watching our video today. Please click like, if you liked it and subscribe. Thank you again, as always, I’m Robbie. See you next time!


  1. cloth/klɔːθ/(布)

    Every time I get confused.

  2. thank you for this video, i am a teacher of English from Ukraine, and all teachers at my school pronounce this word in a wrong way, i will download it and show to them))

  3. Could you do a lesson for how to pronunce 2 words, where the first one ends with “s” and the second one starts with "th”, for example, "(that) is three". It is very difficult for me to pronounce and I am not sure if I do it correctly correctly. Thanks!

  4. Hi everyone! Tell us if it is difficult for you to pronounce "CLOTHES" correctly.👍
    1. Easy 😁 2. Not so difficult 😄 3. Difficult 😝 4. Can't pronounce yet 😭

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