How to Pick the Right Clothes If You’re Top-Heavy

How to Pick the Right Clothes If You’re Top
-Heavy. Congratulations! You have the potential for a killer hourglass
figure, if you know how to work it. You will need A well-fitting bra Dark, plain,
fitted tops Flared skirts Collarless, belted jackets Clothing containing Lycra Medium-size
purses and good posture. Step 1. Start with a well-fitting, high-quality bra. A bad one can make you look heavy and saggy. Go to a shop with a professional fitter who
can measure you correctly. Step 2. Choose fabrics that hug your body but are
not constricting; too tight and you’ll be busting out all over, but baggy will make
you look bigger, too. Material that includes between 1 and 5 percent
Lycra is a good choice. Step 3. Wear a darker shade on top for a slimming
appearance. Avoid shirts and sweaters with any kind of
detail on or near the bust, like beading or pockets. They’ll just add bulk, as will shoulder pads
and poufy sleeves. Flattering necklines include sweetheart and
V-neck because they lengthen the vertical line of your upper half. Avoid baby-doll tops, high or round necklines,
smock dresses, and spaghetti straps, which can make you look heavier. Step 4. Select bottoms that balance your tops – like
a flared skirt with a fitted blouse or jacket. If you’re wearing a two-piece bathing suit,
make sure the bottom isn’t skimpy. Step 5. Pick collarless jackets and ones with a belted
waist; both de-emphasize your top half. Avoid double-breasted jackets, cropped ones,
and wide lapels, which call attention to your bust. A camisole under a well-tailored jacket is
a flattering look. Step 6. Don’t schlep a huge purse. Anything larger than about 10 by 13 inches
will make a top-heavy woman look even more out of proportion. Step 7. Stand up straight. It will make whatever you’re wearing look
better. Did you know The average bra size for American
women has gone from a 34B in 1991 to a 36C in 2006.


  1. Howcast always has the best comments. this will go on my wall of comment fame. along with (on how to lose weight like a celebrity) step 1. Don't eat.

  2. what if guys like big tits……………….

    this one girl i thot she was fat till we chilled out side of school ……………she was 6 …..then whent to a 8.5 automatically

  3. wtf?? ok nice tits but definately not perfect……………look at her flab at like 1:21 in the bathing suit

  4. I don't really believe that x, but I've no evidence against it either.

    I also noticed that I struck quite a sensitive and pathetic little nerve with others. lols

  5. That little statistic always makes me giggle. It makes people think boobs have just "gotten bigger". Lol. Not so much. American bust lines have increased because the size of the average american has increased. As the band size goes up, so does the cup size. E.g., a 32D and a 38D differ in the cup size, not just the band size, even though they are both "D's".

    BTW, very lovely model with a bombshell Botticelli body. ^___^

  6. wow, good tips. I mean, I don't know a damn thing about women's clothes but all the examples of both good and bad stuff seemed to make sense here. Gorgeous woman BTW and not just b/c of her uh… "top-heavy figure"

  7. I'm a C cup and I'm 13…. I'm not over weight either its just genetics, my grandma was really big busted and my mom has a really small frame I ended up being both(:

  8. This chick is smokin hot! I'm not too big on big chests as I prefer long legs and nice ass, but my lord, she holds it well! I about lost it at 1:24!!

  9. god she's so gross and fat. honestly i think the only way for top heavy women to look good is to loose some weight! its just such a manly look

  10. :[ so did mine.

    But look on the bright side, girls with big boobs often have back problems, so they can suck it. :>

  11. so that's why my back hurts!
    lol, and what do you have against girls/women like myself?
    ppl like you have it easy as well.
    its just that many of the girls w/ a skinner chest only look at the negative things..

  12. I'm top heavy and my body is just like hers…i mean exactly. Thanks for the vid. I always feel self-conscience about my breasts.

  13. @TheIdiotDisease

    YEP Amen Sister. seems like the bigger bras cost so much. I seee these cheap bras with underwear to match for TIN?Y girls who wear like a a cup or full be for like 10 bucks at TJMaxx. Heck they never have my size. Delta burke doesnt even have my size. it soooo sucks.. i would get a reductionbut why do i have to have those nasty scars. I love big purses.

  14. @KitsuneMinto this is not a good reason for having a bust reduction. I think that medical operations must be done only for major and physical problems.

  15. @isabelurbabygirl99
    because at times society won't allow you to be YOURSELF. Sometimes its ok but the problem is Other people. This woman in the video is NOT TOP HEAVY please.. that in my opinion is small or just average. some people cannot handle big breasted beautiful women. ESPECIALLY other women. Men are ok but they sometimes go CRAZY with the GAULKING. better to wear WARM UP suit i the summer. LOL

  16. being top heavy isn't that great,you get back pain and shirts actually become shorter because you don't have enough room in them un TT^TT

  17. I think that fact at the end it supposed to make you feel better if you have a big bust but what is really happening is people are getting fatter. I don't see the point it putting that in there.

  18. 0.54 was funny and obviously exaggerated because that same bra would have had the same effect on the good outfits as well.

  19. @JordanMari3 Trust me, as a 24 yr old with a 38F (U.S.!) bra size – it's MUCH easier to style small breasts, especially considering what kind of clothing is trendy right now. Some ruffles around your bust, a big billowy top w/ skinny jeans… you can get away with almost ANY clothing style without looking inappropriate. I get compared to a stripper even when I'm wearing sweatshirts -_-

  20. Pretty good ideas for clothes. Thank you for this video! All my life I struggle with big breasts. It hearts! I am 36DDD – it's hard to find a good fitting specialist in a small town, and find a pretty style in my size. Anything that is readily available – are for grannies! But to pay $100 for a bra?!

  21. This helped a lot. I'm 13 and all the women in my family are short and big busted. I hate just wearing spaghetti straps, so I wear v necks like everywhere. I bought a razor back ruffled tank top for a dance and it surprisingly looks nice. High wasted shorts look good too!

  22. V-neck V-neck V-neck V-neck
    Yeah, okay, I'm taking that advise for my next job interview!
    Cleavage is considered a bit effing inappropriate in most situations.
    I'm sorry, I'm in favor of anyone wearing any TYPE or STYLE.
    What matters is the FIT, and that you're not busting out like a hooker.

  23. Avoid big bags? Sooooooooooo… what am I supposed to use for uni? I can't carry around my laptop and notebooks in that small-ass clutch!

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  28. I like my breasts. I don't really care to d-emphasize them most of the time! So I pretty much invert everything that this video says! 🙂

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    btw!but ye My international body building trainer also recommended this 7 food elements to kill your fat belly.

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  30. If everyone could stop thinking this video is for people just trying to lose weight? Some of us have broad shoulders and large breasts. That doesn't automatically make us fat

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