How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Body Type

(upbeat music) – Hi, everyone, I’m Shelley,
the fashion editor at The Knot, and today we’re gonna be talking about different kinds of
wedding dress silhouettes. So before you start by dress shopping, it’s important to familiarize yourself with all the silhouettes out there, and specifically which ones
work for your body type. So the first silhouette we’re gonna be talking about is the ball gown. The ball gown is one of the
most dramatic silhouettes you can go for. It has a pitted bodice that emphasizes your natural waist and a very full skirt. So if you’re looking to really emphasize the slenderest part of your body, which is your natural waist
and emphasize your curves, this is a great option for you. Though it’s a traditional
bridal silhouette, the ball gown has been all over the bridal fashion week runways
in the past few years. We’ve seen it where we would expect it, in the royal weddings
with Princess Eugenie, but also it has a lot of
appeal for everyday brides who are just looking to make
a really glamorous statement. (upbeat music) A sheath is a more unstructured silhouette that has elongated lines and
more of a formfitting fit. This is a great option if you’re petite and you’re looking to really elongate your frame. (upbeat music) The sheath is one of
my favorite silhouettes because it gives instantly
modern vibe to any bridal look. So Carolyn Bessette Kennedy famously wore a bias cut sheath dress by
Narciso Rodriguez in the 90s and it really set the standard for the fashion-forward bride. The A-Line silhouette is one of the most universally flattering
wedding dress silhouettes. It’s narrow at the top and then it flares out at
the bottom to form an A. (upbeat music) If you’re looking to really
slenderize your natural waist, this is a great option for you. (upbeat music) A mermaid silhouette
really contours the body and follows the lines
of the hips and thighs to flare up just below the knee. (upbeat music) This is a super dramatic
silhouette and is a great option if you’re looking to really
show off your curves. A trumpet silhouette has
a straight-lined bodice and it flares just a
little bit below the knee. This is also a great silhouette to highlight your natural waist. The mermaid silhouette
and the trumpet silhouette are very similar, so if your
torn about which one to go for, consider the vibe of your wedding. (upbeat music) If you’re going for a more classic vibe, the understated trumpet might
be a better fit for you. If you’re looking for over-the-top drama, a mermaid is right for you. An empire silhouette is a high-waist style where the waistline hits
just below your bust line. (upbeat music) This is a great option
if you’re really looking to flatter your midsection, because it draws the eye upwards and really elongates your body. (upbeat music) A dropped waist silhouette
flares up slightly below the waistline and hugs the hip area. This is a great option
if you’re a taller bride and you’re really looking to
show off your elongated frame. It’s also a great option
if you’re going for a more sultry effect and really
wanna show off your curves. Hi, thanks for watching, don’t
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  1. 0:23 β€” ball gown
    1:08 β€” sheath
    1:53 β€” A-line
    2:30 β€” mermaid
    2:51 β€” trumpet
    (3:07 β€” mermaid vs trumpet)
    3:29 β€” empire waist
    4:06 β€” dropped waist

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