How to Pair Tie Knots with Shirt Collars – Ideal Menswear Combinations

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette!
Today, we’ll be discussing shirt collars and tie knots and how to best pair them
together. Three popular tie knots that we’re going to be covering today will be
the full Windsor, the half Windsor, and the four-in-hand knot. Now, we’ve
previously published videos on how to tie all three of these knots and you can
find them on our playlist, here. We’ll also be covering three popular shirt
collars; the button-down collar, the spread collar, and the forward point collar
which is also sometimes known as a classic collar and we’ve also written a
comprehensive guide on different shirt collars for men and you can find that
here. Now, there’s some pretty popular mistakes people make when pairing shirt
collars and tie knots together. One would be pairing the slimmest tie knot with
the widest collar possible. Now, this looks quite sloppy because the small
knot and wide collar are exposing the part of the tie that loop around the
neck. Some people also make the mistake of making their tie knots too bulky. This
looks a little bit more whimsical and it’s tougher to take people seriously.
Now, if you’re a very tall man and you’re not wearing the appropriate length of
tie, your tie might look too short for you. Also, if you happen to be a shorter
gentleman and your tie happens to be too long, this also looks incorrect. Now, this
problem can be mitigated by making sure that you’re using a tie knot that better
utilizes the fabric of the tie itself but keep in mind, this can also cause a
situation where the tie knot itself is not properly harmonizing with the color
that you’re wearing. Now, the best solution to fix this is to make sure
that you’re buying the correct size tie for you. Might we suggest Fort Belvedere
shop? All of our wonderful designs come in short, regular, and long lengths. Now,
many of us have also seen some gentleman wear a tie with a tie knot that is
almost half the size of their face. The tie knot, in particular, should not be
excessively large where it’s vying for all of the attention.
Now, if the knot is mostly covered by the collar, it’s too large. Now, on the opposite
end of the spectrum, we sometimes have some men wearing a tie knot that is so
small you have to do a double take just to make sure you saw it. Now, overall, the
outside border of the tie knot should correspond with the inside border of your
collar. Now, remember, the key with any tie knot and collar combination is to ensure that you’re not exposing the part of the tie
that loops around your neck. Now, it’s important to understand the best size of
the shirt collar and how to find your breast size. Option one will be to find your
size using a measuring tape. If you don’t already own a measuring tape, you can
find one at your local craft store, tailor shop, or even online some
place like Now, step in front of the mirror, hold your measuring tape
around your neck with one hand and then with the other hand, hold it firmly
against your neck. Now, with your second hand, hold the measuring tape around your
neck and use your index fingers to keep a space between the tape and your neck.
Once you do this, the number you see on the tape is going to reflect the best
size you should be purchasing for your shirt collars. Now, if you feel like you’re
not getting consistent measurements, ask a friend to help you out or you could
always stop into your local tailor shop and ask for assistance in discovering
your correct size. Now, once you’ve discovered your correct size, now you can
start shopping for different shirt options.
Please keep in mind that a lot of different collar options are available
and some come in different heights. The three collars that we’re going to be
discussing in this video won’t be varying that much in height. Now, if
you’re someone who has a longer neck, it might be easier for you to wear a taller
collar and if you’re somebody with a shorter neck, it might be a bit easier
for you to wear a shorter collar. Now, when shopping for different shirt
collars, one important component will be knowing your face shape. It is best to
actually shop for a shirt collar which somewhat differs from your overall face
shape. So for example, if you’re somebody with a round face shape, it might be
beneficial for you to try wearing something more linear with your shirt
collar, try wearing the forward point collar. If you have an oval-shaped face, it might be
quite easy for you to find different options for you to consider for your
shirt collars. Depending on the width of your jaw line, a bit of a square shaped
face, you might find the forward point or the button-down collar to be great options
for you. Now, there are other face shapes beyond what we just mentioned today. Now,
for a complete overview, check out the second part of our eyeglasses guide, here. Now that you found the correct size for your neck, it’s important to also
understand the scale of the collar size before you make your purchase.
For example, if you’re someone with a square face and a wide jawline, you
probably should be avoiding overly spread collars and very tall forward point
collars, for example. By wearing either of these things, you would be adding an
extra attention to areas where you really don’t need the assistance. Instead,
try wearing a shorter collar forward point or a semi spread collar instead of a
full spread collar. Now, there are also some shirt collar and tie combinations
which require very little effort and look great on a variety of face shapes.
For example, a forward point or button-down collar with the four in hand
tie knot. A few different popular materials for different ties that you
might find in a lot of different stores will be things like cashmere, silk, wool,
cotton. Now, whichever season you might find
yourself in when you are selecting your tie will help indicate which tie
material you should best select. Also, the tie knot that you plan on wearing will also
play a role in helping you decide which material you end up selecting. For
example, using silk allows for much more fluidity with different twists and turns
which you might find are going to happen when you are using a full windsor knot,
for example. Whereas cotton and linen ties will look great when tied as a
four in hand style. You can find a comprehensive guide to various fabrics
on our website here. It’s important to pay attention to scale when you’re
pairing tie knots and shirt collars together. Now, for example, if you chose to
wear a full Windsor knot with a button-down collar, the knot itself will
look quite stuffed between the two points of the collar. Or if you try to
wear a four-in-hand knot with a spread collar, you have a lot of empty space on
either side of the tie knot. Remember, the outer borders of the tie knot should
meet with the inner borders of the collar. Now, remember to select a
combination of which best supports your face shape, your collar, and your tie knot.
Did you know that there are different shirt collars which are going to look
great for different occasions or different workplaces? For example, the
forward point will look great for an office job or perhaps a conservative job
interview. If you work in finance, maybe try wearing the spread collar or the semi spread collar and for those church and graduation occasions,
go ahead and try a button-down collar. Today, we covered three very popular and
widely utilized shirt collars and tie knots, however, there are some tie knots
that some gentlemen like to wear which are seen much more as conversation
starters, three of those happen to be the Eldredge knot, the Vidalia, and the tulip
knot. Now, being proponents of classic style, we wouldn’t explicitly recommend
these tie knots outside of occasional playful settings. Just remember,
whenever in doubt, always stick with the classic shirt collar options and tie knot
options. For example, having a four in hand tie knot with a forward point
collar or a button-down collar. Know your face shape and your neck size to help
narrow down which options you should be paying attention to. Experiment with
other shirt collars and tie knot options and see what you might enjoy. There are
so many other different collar styles available such as the club collar, the
tab collar, the pin collar, the cutaway collar, etc. Today, I’m wearing a wool
plaid sport coat, it’s got a charcoal gray base with some light gray and some
navy checks in there, as well. A white button-down spread collar dress shirt.
Light gray made-to-measure trousers and black boots from Cole Haan. I am also wearing a navy
woolen tie


  1. 4 in hand is the only knot you should know imo. A small knot looks the best without a question. Prince Charles proves this point. He has the best tie knot in the world.

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