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Hey, you’re watching with wendy today. I’m going to show you how [I] mended a pair of jeans I should get the jeans hey, you’re watching with Wendy today I’m going to show you how I mended a pair of jeans they are these jeans and the issue with them Is that there’s like rips and it’s worn down on the inner thigh Maybe not all people can relate to the struggle But if you can this video is for you this may not be the method that works for everyone But it worked really well for me. So hopefully it helps you to save your jeans all right We’ll start by taking a look at the damage So what I have here is a couple of points where it’s worn down on the inner leg You can see we’re on the seam There’s some very noticeable black holes and also this super noticeable Large hole that’s been worn down These holes really only can get worse from here So it’s important to spot it very early on and maintain those jeans to help them last a long time Let’s get to repairing you’re going to need a couple shades of thread And I would look for anything you have in the navy range try to match it as close as possible to the tones that are In your jeans you’ll obviously also need a needle and even better if you have a spare piece of fabric I took that spare piece of fabric and cut it into a pill shape just to help it fit over the hole that I have in the jeans Ideally you’ll also want some way to attach that fabric to the jeans and this topic is really just going to act as a support to help hold and protect and shield the [hole] from the Stretching and pulling of [the] neighboring threads I cut down a piece of fusible interfacing that was the same size as that Blue piece of spare Fabric And then I ironed it to the inside of the jeans so that it’s there to provide some support Go ahead and prepare a needle and thread tying a knot at the end And then we’re going to go through the jeans and coming from the inside going to the outside and then making a very gentle zigzag Across the entire whole your goal is to Pick up as little fabric as necessary so that the needle stitches are not very obvious But enough fabric so that you’re actually pulling the two edges slowly closer together after taking the zigzag all the way down the entire [hole] I went back up both sides all the way around just to add a little bit of extra security once you’re done pull the needle out from the inside of the jeans tie knot to secure the ends and snip off the excess I also went ahead and snipped off some excess fabric because there’s no need to have a ton of that lying around It’s just there to provide some support where the stitches are and here is the hole after it’s been mended It’s nowhere near as visible as before and it’s now completely safe from ripping any bigger I also wanted to address these black holes that were appearing on the seam, so I grabbed another threat that was the same color as the general shade of my jeans and starting from the inside I wove it through the remaining threads that work on those holes essentially you’re covering up these holes by using a shade of thread that matches the gene kind of Blending it in and making the contrast nowhere near as noticeable as it was before so just go back and forth weaving it across the whole Using that thread to cover up any of the dark spots you can see how as you cover it up and tighten the threads These black holes become way less visible. Here’s the before and after for you It’s not perfect, but it does a great job making sure that there’s no more further damage And now I can wear these jeans with ease not being terrified that they’re [just] gonna rip apart one day That’s how I mended my jeans if you like this tutorial let me know by hitting the like button And if you haven’t subscribed yet click the button below I put up new tutorials every week And there’s already a couple of tutorials about jeans and mending things one of my tutorials covers how to make bootcut jeans into skinny jeans I have another one that explains how to shorten the jeans but also preserving the original hem So it still has [the] original faded look and I have another video that shows how to mend those small Troublesome little holes in shirts and sweaters all of those are linked below for you If you’d like to go see them, and if you want to find me on Instagram, I am under @withwendy Hope you liked the video. Hope you subscribe and if you want to see more of these sewing repair type videos let me know


  1. i have these really cute pair of Jennings and they got these holes in the inner thigh area too , would you do the same process as you did on these jeans?

  2. I have a pair of jeans that are very worn down in the same area. There are no holes but the fabric is faded and it feels very thin /: Any suggestions on what I should do?

  3. I have three small.. holes in my jeans which I got by droplets of chemicals which fell on them.. I thought of distressing them n make them look stylish which i ended up ruining..

  4. My two all time favorite jeans have these holes( big thighs problem…) and i have been keeping them with me in the closet for months in hopes of repairing them one day and that day has come.Thank you so much for doing this tutorial ❤️.

  5. my whole inner thigh area is pretty faded and thin with a giant hole abd in scared that if I do sew the hole it'll make more holes. help

  6. After seeing all these tutorials I am starting to wonder if this is by design. I mean originally Jeans were made for labor intensive jobs with a lot a movement. Mine now give in regularly and I have a desk job.

  7. I had one of those small holes and just left it lol but that turned out as a big mistake because I sat down with crossed legs and it ripped to like the middle of the back part. ugh so much to stich😣

  8. I ripped like 3 holes into my jeans and I am too broke at the moment for a new pair so this video was a life saver! I've been wearing leggings and warm pantyhose as the temperatures here reach the 0°C mark 😥
    how much does these iron interfaces cost?

  9. "Today I'm gonna show you how to mend a pair of ripped jeans… I should get the jeans….."
    Already like you haha

  10. I wear jeans for a whole school year (or 9 months) and then by the time I wear them after summer they get those holes and die.

  11. I have about 5 pairs of jeans lying around somewhere with exactly that problem! I tried to cover up a large hole with your method and at first, it worked really well! But as soon as I tried them on and sat down, the fabric ripped again, tearing out the newly attached seam. Maybe I just need to try a heavier and larger stitch to keep the edges of the hole from fraying again.

  12. This sort of thing should work out pretty well for the Wrangler utility pants I typically wear. Yeah, they're $20-$30 pants, but I'd like to get at least more than six months out of them!!

  13. This is just what I needed! I ripped my jeans recently and this help so much when I fixed them! They were my Favourite jeans too and I was freaking out because I didn't know where to start to fix them. Thank you so much!

  14. In my opinion, those repair videos are so useful. I'd really like to see more of them in the future! A big like from me.
    I do miss those scriptures from your videos that you used to finish your vidoes with (that was 5 years ago though). Are you a Christian? I am. 🙂

  15. What fabric did you use that you ironed and it stayed in place? Please let me know. I know a fabric called literally "glue fabric" in my mother tongue. One can buy it in black and white colour, but the glue just melts away after ironing and it is used to add firmness to other fabrics.

  16. Just finished mending a pair of old jeans, thanks for showing me how. Not as neat as yours, but I'm very pleased with the result. The webbing tip, definately helped to keep the patch in place.

  17. I have a growing pile of jeans that have holes like this just in case I figure out how to fix them. Aka THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO you just saved my life and like four pairs of jeans

  18. Can you make a video on how to adjust the crotch area of the jeans to fit you? Like I made boyfriend jeans out of my brothers jeans and the waist is perfect but not the crotch area where the zipper is located…

  19. While I think this is a great way of hiding the holes, I really doubt that it wil prevent further "destruction" of the pants anddoesn't save.
    For sure it would be a great combination with the usual patch technique.

  20. I always have this problem, and just end up throwing them away ☹️.
    Just one suggestion: it would be great if you could zoom in a little on the area as you’re sewing, just to see clearly exactly how you’re picking up the fabric etc, after all that’s the important bit 🙂

  21. I can't really understand how you proceeded to fix the bigger hole… I wish there was more zoom and step by step explanation because the technique seems to work perfectly!

  22. Oh my goodness. I’ve been on diets and working my butt off to get a thigh gap JUST so I won’t have to buy new pants so often. This seems a lot easier and healthier. Thank you.

  23. Awesome tutorial! This solved an issue for me where stitching the hole back together was just not helping :/ The support fabric is a genius idea and saved my knees. Love ya

  24. So how does one reinforce jeans these days to stop to prevent it happening? Have been doing through a pair of jeans a month 🙁 Love your sewing content btw! Has helped me get into hobby sewing 🙂 thanks!

  25. LIFESAVER thank thank thank as I’m currently #growingupthicc all my jeans and some of my leggings have holes on the crotch and thighs

  26. Am I the only one who didn’t find the part about ironing the interfacing patch on clear at all? I’ve watched about 6 times and still don’t really get it.

  27. i did wintergaurd in highschool and i wore my favorite jeans to practice because i forgot my leggings and when we were doing lunges i heard something rip and i finished my lunges and tried ny best to keep my legs closed😂

  28. Does the type of fabric used matter? Like what if instead of throwing out socks that get torn, or other inrepairable clothes, I cut pieces to use for the extra support when mending jeans or other clothes?

  29. Awesome, but every time I play Dodge Ball for school , they all ways rip ,now that's my question. Btw,I'm a great at Dodge Ball

  30. This was really good video I just created and launched my first ever video! If you don't mind would you visit it and give me some feedback? I respect your channel and what you do it would be a huge honor to me.

  31. I don't know what to call it but every single time I get pants in front of the crotch area I get this Waves horizontally in Each side ,
    below the wave there's like a straight line and another wave so technically one Horizontal wave in front of my pants in the middle there's a straight line and then down in the middle of my pants there's another wave (wave straight line wave )I've tried to search it but I don't know what to call it and I want to fix it help please

  32. I went to fix some Jean's that were too big around the leg area but she tightened the thigh area too small can I fix it at home? How? Or do I have to take them back so they can undo it?

  33. What was the whitish fabric that she used under the blue fabric to iron on to the big hole jeans??? She says its a fusible interfacing?? what the hell is that???

  34. Thank you soooooo much ,you just saved me lots of money as I just mended my torn jeans by using your expertise…

  35. Happens on every pairs of my jeans. Dunno why I never thought of fixing them and just move on to new pairs

  36. Thank you. I just found some frayed threads in the crotch area. It would be great to do a minor repair without buying a new pair of jeans. By the way, I've learned to wash my jeans inside out. I think it preserves the look of jeans – at least from the outside.

  37. This was awesome. I have the worlds best pair of jeans and they recently ripped a hole in the inner thigh. And I had an emotional connection with these jeans, so when they ripped I was super bummed. Thanks to you they are sewed up and better than ever

  38. i need to know this , i have hole in my jeans in the crotch area i need to stitch it back up . thing is the hole is pretty large so i hope i can fix it.
    ( this is what happens when you like a pear of jeans and dont want to buy new knows😊)

  39. Wendy you can also us a tiny zigzag stitch on your machine, I mended lots of stuff for my hubby and it really holds up too

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