How to master your master closet- part2

today we’re going to keep going in your
closet we’re gonna declutter the closet some more. yesterday we did tops I hope
you were feeling okay about that feeling like you accomplished something and it
was pretty easy today should be pretty easy too we’re gonna do a few different
categories bottoms skirts dresses coats you kind of get to choose your own
adventure today I have a timer we’re gonna spend about five minutes on three
different sections of your choice I have a clothing rack just so you can see what
I’m doing but you don’t need a clothing rack if you have one that would be
easier for you but it’s okay if you don’t get a donation bag a trash bag or
two or four and I’ll meet you at your closet here we go okay we’re at the
closet get your donation bag. get ready I kind of do the same thing is yesterday
okay so people have different stuff in their closets I have my jackets my
dresses skirts pants I’d like for you to think of the biggest category that you
have out of those since we did tops yesterday that’s usually the biggest
what’s your next biggest category and we’re gonna spend five minutes on that
so I have a timer and I have this fancy peaceful bell that i’m gonna ring after five
minutes is up so you don’t even have to watch the video you just concentrate on
your clothes and your closet I’m gonna pick bottoms skirts and pants I’m gonna
bring them all out here but I’d like you to do while I’m bringing all my not here
is move things that aren’t skirts and bottoms kind of out of your way just
take them throw them on the bed I forgot to have you make your bed just throw the
comforter on top of the bed you don’t have to like make it look beautiful
nobody is gonna see this just put your extra clothes like your tops and
whatever you’re not working on on the bed so that you have room to spread out
your category that you’re doing I used to wear skirts all the time so what’s your next biggest category I can’t wait to hear what you guys what you ladies chose extra hanger
okay I’m gonna set the timer for five minutes we can start thinning out your pants so
we’re going to do the same thing as yesterday shop your closet so I’m going
to go through anything that I can’t wait to wear and I love I’m gonna take it I’m gonna grab it I’m gonna do pants first and just kinda go through scoot the skirts over for a second pants for me or
harder because it’s kind of my problem area it’s not really a problem but it’s
definitely more problem than tops so some of these I don’t know if they still
fit so if you have any that are like I don’t know if those are even still fit
I’m gonna tell you right now I’ve done this for a lot of people in a lot of
closets the answer is usually no sorry so you can set them aside to try on
after the videos over but we’re not gonna be trying them on right now we’re
gonna be tough we’re gonna the goal is to send out your closet and make room
for things that you love to wear that you don’t have to wonder key to those
fit because that’s gonna waste time in the morning when you’re trying them on
so these for example I don’t think me anymore and that’s okay I’m beautiful do you love it you can’t wait to wear it yeah this is pretty easy since those do not fit just as I suspected I think I got rid of it third of my pants because
I’ve gained some weight good for me okay you’re plenty of time you’re doing great
take your time I’m still on bottoms I knew what I would have enough time to do
shirts and pants they’re all just bottoms for me take what you like okay
I need a I need a friend right here with me I’m trying to be your friend
sometimes I need a friend need a friend to say honey you’re never gonna wear
this or honey you’re too old to wear those oh I forgot I’m putting it back
put them back with the hangars facing me like we did yesterday so that you can tell at the end of the season or the year if you actually wore it keep looking are you excited to wear it?
do you love it? are you so mad that it doesn’t fit anymore? okay done with the first section if
you’re not done if you have a huge amount of skirts or n pants or whatever
you chose that’s fine you can use the next 10 minutes to keep going on that
section I would rather you finish an entire
category then half assed three different categories okay so keep going if you
haven’t finished that category I would like to think about the things that I am
letting go of because some of them it’s because they don’t fit anymore and I
think there are some things in this pile that I might need to replace like you know if there are some staples in there that I have outgrown oh I need to
replace them probably so I need to check those anyway what I’m gonna do right now
is take off the hangers and then just grab my pile and throw them in the bag while you are doing that, I’m gonna have a little chat with you about today because today when I woke up this morning and turned on my
phone there was horrible news lots of people died and I feel like this is
happening a lot doesn’t it seem like it’s happening a lot whatever the reason
is it’s important for us to take care of ourselves I know that cleaning out my
closet isn’t really going to help those poor people who have lost someone today
but it does help me a little bit it helps me feel better so then my cup is
more full so that I can help those people and be there for people who need
me and I know that a lot of you who are doing this clutter challenge maybe don’t
like going through things and getting rid of things and it’s hard and so I was
thinking of you today because it was kind of hard for me to get ready to do
this video today and be happy because so much terrible things are in the news and
I just want you to know that I’m proud of you for showing up and for doing this
especially if this is a hard thing for you to do if you feel paralyzed that
you’re making the wrong decisions even if it’s just about which pants to keep
being nice to yourself just be kind to yourself if you really can’t decide on a
pair of pants or a dress just set it aside and you can have a maybe pile for
a little while we can talk more about that as we keep going through this
journey together but thank you for showing up you’re doing it for you we’re
all just trying to do what we can to get through and make our little lives a
little better there you go thank you for being here
ok so my next category we’re gonna move on – my next category is dresses I have a lot of dresses what’s your next category gonna be maybe it’s jackets coats maybe it’s sweaters do you have a lot of sweaters in here don’t do shoes today
we’re gonna do those another day okay get out all my dresses I’m gonna do them
all casual fancy everything and like I said you don’t have to move these out
of the closet you can just move some other things out of the way so that you
can shop your closet okay I’m not even gonna bring these out
cuz I know i love all of these. sorry I have to tell you right now I’m probably keeping all of these because I love dresses I love it can’t wait to wear it oh yes love it
dresses are like pajamas this one I love it I feel like I haven’t
worn it in a while so I’m going to do that hanger trick and I will see if I actual wear it I forgot to set the timer guys oh my
goodness dose of three more minutes okay three
more minutes to go on this category okay this is gonna take a little longer today
because we’re doing so much I think I’m gonna just turn this one
backwards because I really like it I’ve never worn it yet I just need to go to
something fancy somebody invite me to something fancy and I can wear it now we have about two minutes
left I’m going to take this two minutes to kind of organize these having them backwards on the run is a
pain in the butt but it does tell you if you wore it or not but hanging them all up there right now kinda makes me want to say bad words okay what do you think you just said tell me
do you hate this thing or do you like it it’s okay if you hate it just tell me
okay that’s all through that category I’m going to take my discards and put
them in the bag I didn’t have many in that category okay next category what are you gonna do I’m gonna do jackets are you gonna do sweaters? you gonna do pants? you gonna do suits? if you have a lot of work suits or you used to wear
a lot of suits to work I find this a lot when we go to people’s house they have a
lot of suits because they used to have a job where they had to wear them and now they dont another category
that might in your closet is workout wear which is a pretty big category but you could tackle it if you feel like it get out your next
category if you’re not done with the second category and you want more
time today just push pausing the video please and
come back when your done okay what’s in category number three I’m gonna set the timer for category number three are you ready five minutes do you love it as you’re doing your category do you
find that you have things that repeat you know like I did probably when I feel
like wearing this I could probably wear this instead maybe it’s time
although I have loved this and I’ve worn it many times maybe it’s time to let go I love all of these okay there are three and half minutes
left that was super easy for me because I didn’t have very many coats but maybe
I’ll look at my sweaters now maybe you can look at something else if you’re
done can’t wait to wear it I found one that I never wear scarf what do I still have in here okay honestly, I’m probably not going to wear this again this is a beautiful thing that is probably worth a lot of money and that is a good thing for us to talk about because you have probably come
across things in your closet that are worth a lot of money and you don’t feel
like you should just give them away for free you can try for really high-end
stuff the real real is a good website on which to sell things you have one minute
left in this category by the way keep going
do you love it can’t wait to wear it you can also sell clothing on eBay but it’s
really hard if you’re already selling things online great you can do that I
encourage you okay times up this is crazy with the two bells if your haven’t if you don’t have an online account to do that I encourage you to not try to start because if you haven’t done it by now
there’s some reason and it’s holding you back and there’s a lot to consider the
shipping cost the rating you have a seller rating and all of that on eBay
and so it’s just a lot of work I know it’s hard you could try a
consignment store those are sometimes easy set aside an hour of your day I
know right takes a lot of time to go to the consignment store and showing your
stuff and see if they will sell it for you selling clothes is really hard so
it’s selling books so selling china and crystal all really hard to do but this
piece here is really amazing I think I’m going to just take it somewhere not sure
where I think I know a place like it’s just a better secondhand store instead of
just the thrift shop because I’m never gonna wear that okay
let’s get the hangers off of the stuff you don’t love it don’t what to wear and put it in your bag if it gets heavy get another bag someone is gonna be so happy to have these new to them clothes like yesterday I’d love it if you take the bags to donate and take
them all the way to your car so they sit in the front seat with you so that
when you drive by the donation place it’s really easy to just pull in your
way to wherever you’re going and drop the donation off okay let’s take the
donations to my car I’m gonna take this to another place
and I’m gonna put all these hangers I guess back in my closet some of them
just the good ones the crappy ones I think I’m gonna throw them away recycle
them I like to keep all the extra hangers at one end of the closet this is kind of the hard part right to clean up after you’ve done it you’ve made all those decisions but I really want you to finish the job you can do it Cause when you finish it it feels so much better yay great job everybody we’ll see you tomorrow don’t forget to subscribe to this
YouTube channel you can also join our private Facebook group especially set up
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