23 thoughts on “How to Make Patterns from Your Clothes (CLONE YOUR WARDROBE) | WITHWENDY

  1. My grannie was a dressmaker in the 30s and taught me to cut patterns like this. I can’t shop bought patterns now – she used to make a plain material garment to cut from and keep she called a “toile” . Your clothes look great 👍

  2. This is how I was able to make my three boys all their halloween costumes. I loved it because I could buy cheap material, since they were only wearing it once and then make their dream a reality!

  3. The only thing I’d wish was different about this was you’d shown how the clothes you made the pattern from fit you so I, someone who prefers clothes that are probably a bit to big for me, could have an example to see so I don’t start with a pattern that’s too big for me. Oh well, I’ll figure it out.
    But this really is an excellent tutorial that really makes sewing your own clothes seem way more achievable then it seems when you just think about it. I look forward to getting started.

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