How to make Knit Crochet Baby Dress 1 year old infant toddler Part 5 CLICKABLE CARDS SCREENS

this cut off the yarn this completes
attaching the button to the dress we are going to work a chain of eleven one two
three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven you can adjust this chain to make
it larger or smaller to fit the size of your button I’m going to join with the
beginning chain joining is putting my hook through the first chain wrap the
yarn over pull through pull through the loop on the hook we have joined in
touring I’m going to work one slip stitch around each chain because putting
my hook through the chain wrap the yarn over and pull through until I’m back
around to the beginning this is to give it a little bit extra thickness and you
don’t have to do this if you don’t want to this is just something I like to do
you can just use the chain or create your own type of loop I’m back around to the beginning we want
to join with the beginning chain like that yarn over pull through and I’m
going to pull through a little bit extra this is for attaching it to the opposite
side I’m going to place my ring right here working on the inside I want to
make sure it’s even I’m going to pull this over to the edge and put my needle
through to the front and then I want to go over a couple strands through the
chain to the inside like this and at this point you can check it out just to
make sure everything is going to work properly like that this will give you an
idea how it’s going to look and you will continue attaching the ring to the
inside and I’m going to make a little knot up here at the top like that and
then run my needle down here to this other side I’m going to attach the last
few chains they cannot hear I’m still working on
the inside and we’re going to work through the stitches in the opposite
direction I’m going to skip over some threads go
back in the opposite direction like this and then cut off the yarn now I’m going
to put the loop over the button like this

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