How To Make Egg Fried Rice- Bachelor Boys Making Quick and Easy Fried Rice – Country Food

Take Rice And clean them with water add required amount of water to rice and cook the rice take eggs and required vegetables clean the vegetables Cut the vegetables Now take the cooked rice and let the rice cool Take a pan Add some Oil add chilies onions and fry for 5 mins add some Mustard seeds Add tomatoes and Mix it well Add 1tbs of salt Mix it well take eggs break the eggs and add it to the pan and mix it Add 1tbs of Red Chili Powder Mix it add 1/2tbs of turmeric powder Mix it Add Rice to the pan and mix it Add some garam masala and some coriander leaves and mix it Hear is your bachelor egg Fried rice ready


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  7. Greetings from Toronto! This morning faced with leftover rice in the fridge I wondered what to make for breakfast. I ran into your video and went right ahead with making this: wow! This will be my solution to leftover rice whenever I need a good breakfast. Thanks!

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