How to make doll outfit 10 Cape

Hello, today I’m going to show How to make a small cape Like the one Fuyumi is wearing over of her dress Fabric, you need thicker fabric Lace and trims for decoration Choose thicker trims, you’ll use it to hide the edges You need 2 pieces of this half donut shape Outer radius 8cm, Inner radius 2.5cm Cut them out Sew lace and trims to one of the pieces Cut out the unneccessary parts. Sew the two layers together and seal up the edges Start from the back of the neck Sew the thick trim to hide the edge Cut 2 pics of ribbon of 8cm Now you have cape done This is optional you make a dress to go with it It’s the same as the round dress in tutorial 2 Just adjust the length and fullness to your preference So I’ll not explain in detail Here the dress is done Momoka looked great in her new dress Great for winter That’s all for now. See you next time


  1. Thanks for the vid! I will try it tommorow. Also is there a pattern for the doughnut shape thing? Or we can just do the shape we like.

  2. I've seen all of your "how to make Pullip-clothes", and they're amazing. I'm NOT a very good sewer, but I'd like to learn how to sew clothes for my Pullip. Wich clothes in your films do you think is the easiest to make?

  3. @MissBubbles1231 you use 2 rectangle layers, draw on the top of it into the 'heart shape', sew the turn it inside out.

  4. Wow! How can you sew without tracing any line or using the pin?
    I think life will much more easier if I could sew like you did.

    Any possible to show the gathering skirt and collar attached tutorial?
    I never make it look nice and wondering how other people do that.

  5. @susijang I do use pins and trace lines. Not sure if this is what you mean. There's no collar in this outfit.

  6. I wish i had a sewing machine… well actually i do, but its a crappy one i got for christmas 2 years ago… CURSE U HELLO KITTY SEWING MACINE WHY DID BREAK ELEVEN TIMES!!!!!

  7. btw, why do you use captions in your videos and not voice? I mean I LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos, but it has always stirred in my mind. you don't have to answer that's cool too.

  8. Trivia 6 this is my favorite video because it's just so wonderful , the cape is an accessory , but most of all because the music is so calming and relaxing

  9. Do you have a vid on different ways to make hoods? I'd like to make a hooded cape/cloak for my doll ^^-

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