How to make Crochet Baby Dress Straps

here’s a comment from Kayla Thomas
crochet baby dress Camille you weren’t clear on how to sew the pieces
on top together I’m not sure how he did the sleeves and all that please help so Kayla this is the part in case I
forgot to include in the video and that does happen from time to time my apologies if I do leave out parts so here’s that part showing how to sew
the straps to the dress I have finished the seventeenth row this is approximately how long it is wrap the yarn over pull through I’m going to pull through a little bit extra for attaching to the back side now I’m going to turn this inside out working on the inside this is the right sides facing and I’m going to be working through each the six single crochet on both sides joining them together this is what it looks like on front side I’m going to go through one more time I want to make sure it’s nice and secure make a knot and I like to make a second knot and we can weave the tail back through to the opposite side and then cut the tail off and if you have other questions about crochet tutorials please leave them in the comment section below


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