How to make Children’s Pants (basic)

Hi I’m Angel with All Free Sewing and
Today I’m going to show you how to make a basic child’s pant. What you’ll need for this
project: you’ll need the free PDF pattern available on You’ll also need
a 1/2- 3/4 yard of fleece depending on the size of the pattern. You’ll need 13-20 inches
of 1 inch elastic. Thread and of course scissors. Alright once you have those things it’s time
to get started. You’ll need to assemble and cut out the patterns. Instructions are available
on’s channel. You’ll need to cut out two of the pattern. Once you have
each pant leg it’s time to start sewing. You’re going to fold right sides together, the pant
leg in on itself. You’re going to sew from the bottom point to the tip just before it
begins to curve using a half inch seam allowance. Do this to each pant leg. Once you’ve sewn
each pant leg, what you’re going to do is work a little magic. You’re going to turn
one right side out. You’re going to stuff into the pant legs the right sides are touching
together. You’re going to pin that U. Then you’re going to sew using a half inch
seam allowance from the top of the U all the way around to the other top of the U. You might want to do some reinforcement stitching
on the very bottom of the U. Once you’ve done that, pull the pant leg so it’s inside out
again and then you have your pair of pants. Then you’re going to turn the cuff under the
right amount for your child- usually an inch but it can vary from kid to kid. Then using
a zig zag stitch right along the edge, sew the cuff all the way around on each side.
Then it’s time to sew the waistband. Turn the waistband down an inch and a half. Pin
it all the way around but you’re going to leave a gap about an inch to an inch a half
open. Sew all the way around using a zig zag stitch leaving that gap open. Then take the
elastic, put it on a big safety pin, pull it all the way through. Once you pull it all
the way through overlap the edges and sew it together. Then sew the gap shut. Trim
your threads, turn the pants right side out, and you have a great pair of pants that your
kids could wear all winter. They can wear them on camping trips. They can play out in
the snow in them. They are great pants. And the great part is you can make several at
a time. Actually I highly recommend making several at a time. Other things you can do
with leftover fabric: you can make a cute hat, you can make a cute flapper headband,
all those patterns are available on For more great patterns and tips on sewing
you can visit You can also visit All my patterns are free
as well. Have a great day and remember velvet is pretentious, fleece is fun.


  1. Thank you! You have really made it easy for a beginner! Please keep these fabulous videos coming and know you are really helping others!

  2. oh thank you for making this video…will method work for making adults pants? my hardest problem was connecting the inner legs and making them look right. i will try this and let you know…i also had subcribed to this website for patterns…it's real great.
    thank you.

  3. some machines are built so they will slide past the pin …. it depends on the machine. but if you dont know if your machine can do this, yes you shouldn't sew over pins on most machines.

  4. Thank you for a well presented episode. You have managed to produce all the absolute necessary steps I required. Detail is important and you captured that. I will continue to be tutored by your methods. Great stuff.

  5. Thank you for a very user friendly video in creating pants for toddlers. I just made my 1st pair of pants for my Grandson using your tutorial. I am a firm believer of making your own product. Your very user friendly steps enabled that to happen. Well Done.

  6. I appreciate the demonstration for how you sewed the seat of the pants. I am trying to teach myself off of YouTube. Could you also add tips on what stitch to use, tension, and needle type. (Trying to think of all the things that I have to set when I use the machine.)

  7. I noticed u were sewing with the pins still in. And ur machines needle didnt even break. How do u do that? πŸ™‚ ive never used pins before n am trying to figure if u remove them as ur machine reaches them

  8. OMG I wish I wouldve found this a long time ago. This was super easy! All other tutorials are complicated and confusing. I'm doing my pants like this from now on.

  9. I made the 6/9 month size and they turned out too short and way too tight. The pattern is also at an angle across the top? I'm confused!

  10. i can,t get the pattern says i need to confirm the link in my e mail but never get the e mail and i cheked several minutes after HELP!!!

  11. Are the infant patterns different than the toddler, the curve is different on the sides and are different sizes, is it due to the diaper? And how would you sew them together?

  12. Thank you so much, you are so talented and your patterns assemble very fast. I was able to sew two pair of pants, different sizes , in no time. And I do like the music !

  13. so I bought a pattern at Walmart I think and it is the same concept as this however… not nearly as easy to understand.. thank you kindly for posting this I love how simple it is to follow.. I made a pair of shorts for my grandson I hope they fit 😊

  14. I'm really confused trying to make these in a size 18months. The sides/curve DO NOT line up like these here do? I can't afford to keep making mistakes I just cut 2 out of my fabric & I am not going to be happy if this is not the correct shape to sew these pants now? I am not too happy after tapping up that whole thing and all to just be stuck now?!

  15. this is the best tutorial I have came across. I don't own a sewing machine, but needed a pants pattern for my 1yr olds costume. I did this right on the first try by hand to finish her costume. the only think I need to do is finish the elastic band and it's complete. thank you

  16. I have the inseam measurements of the children I want to make these for.Β  Should I lengthen from the end of the curve at the crotch and add / subtract from there?Β  I also have the waist measurements for instance 23 1/4 and the elastic on the pattern shows 22 inches. should I lengthen the elastic for the waist?

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  18. Thank you, your video was very helpful! I love your website as well!! To everyone complaining about the music, grow up!! Show some appreciation for her tutorials!! sheesh… It's not that annoying, kinda reminds me of a circus, and so does the pattern of this fabric. I thought it went well together, cute.

  19. I wish I wouldve read the comments BEFORE cutting the fabric. Im using a fleece that is NO longer being carried in the stores. Im stuck now .. But with seeing the concept I will just wing it and pray it turns out okay. This is my first time trying to make any pants so I trusted the pattern as I have made other items from this channel. I will be sooo mad if it doesnt turn out okay πŸ™ we searched for so long for this fleece pattern for my daughter πŸ™ But Im excited to see how this turns out LOL Does that make sense? LOL

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