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what's up guys black Scout survival and today we're gonna be talking about how to make char cloth and you know char cloth would not be my first line of tinder materials I wouldn't walk out in the wilderness with that as my tender to me I view it more as something you use for a second fire you know your next fire if you get in a survival situation you don't have ideal tender not ideal conditions char cloth would be beneficial for you to make looking at you know the next fire making it as easy as possible and char cloth obviously is not waterproof but it will take a spark at a very low degree rating and also the wind helps it light up and we're going to start off in the same position as you would be let's say you're in the wilderness and you start off and you don't have anything like I'm about to do a bow-drill fire make my fire and then from that point I'm gonna make my char cloth and we're gonna go over two ways of doing that as well and then show that char cloth making that next fire as well and just the importance of it let's go ahead and get started with it smoke alright guys so now that we got the fire started you can do charcoal in two ways and I got a little tin here that has some denim in it from your jeans and that's good material so if you're in an average situation you know you can cut some of your jean material down at your legs to do this if this little tins got a hole in it so we can you know just toss this in the fire close to it and let it heat up you know but the other thing we can do is is use our canteen I'll go ahead and open this canteen up use a canteen and a canteen cup and a bandana and even those canteens got water and it's not a problem and just take some strips of your cotton bandana and just cut up you don't want real big strips that's easier whenever it's smaller and you'll just stuff those in there and you'll just put the canteen cup over the top of the canteen and you'll just put it in the fire as well all right guys so we've it's been probably about 10 minutes or so and uh we're gonna pull these off and see exactly what this looks like let these cool down you don't ever want to open them up immediately because if you do the material could combust and essentially the process of making char cloth is you're you know you got the fire triangle but you know you got heat fuel and oxygen you're starving that oxygen and basically making the materials carbon same way as like charcoal coal now pulled this one off because canteen is kind of smoking a little bit you can see smoking out the cracks there but it takes a real low-temperature spark and you can use it for a variety of different things so we're just gonna let these cool down just for a few minutes and then we'll check them out all right guys so we just pulled them off and let them cool down a bit this one is still will warm somewhere where gloves just the cause larger surface area it's gonna take longer to cool down but I'll go ahead and open a smaller tin first and this one is the one that had a little tiny hole and I use like a tack for and this was denim I put in here and all that's good usable char cloth there and we'll do a close up here in a second Shawn taking a spark just to test it there we go all good usable to our fault as well alright guys just so you have a closer looking to see all this good usable char cloth there in that tin and you can see that hole is very very small you wanna make sure it's very small so don't give it a lot of oxygen and that's denim and then the chunks of the bandanna from the canteen and all that's good as well and we'll just throw a spark on it real quick just to show you guys it works yeah into that piece of dental they're smoking there's the piece of bandanna right there okay guys so that was how to make char cloth and basically this video was you know one instructional to show you how to do a you know how to make the torque hole but also to show month multi-functionality of your gear you know your campaign you know I wouldn't pour my water out if I did have to do this I would consume it all make my char cloth thing go get some more water in bollock you know purify this in fact whatever I needed to do but that's a good way to make your you know your multifunctional items and or if you're just carrying around a tin like this you know a lot of people carry survival gear you're carrying pellets or whatever it may be you got a little toy like this it's just so it shows you the multi functionality of kit you know using a bandanna or your denim from your jeans so just you know good thing to put the toolbox but check out black Scouts for more tips and tutorials and if you haven't subscribed please subscribe and as always thanks for watching


  1. Jack I know this is a old video I was doing some research on char cloth mixed with flint rifle powder and noticed you don't have to put the bandanna in your canteen you could have put in the cup long as the canteen and cup fit snug.just a thought I'd share with us it does work good still have to consume the water .Peace Pops Bushcraft

  2. In the summer this past year when I started into all this, you were one of the first guys I came across online, I think I may have commented on one or 2, I was pretty quiet then…. know my role – learn first, speak 2nd LOL. You continue to be one of my TRUSTED sources to learn from online. Great video on cross platform stuff and sources, another quality learning tool put out by you, and thank you for all you do. Your Canadian friend, BD. (:

  3. I made char cloth by using an altoids tin. A pinhole in the front part of tin, just before the lid is fully closed. When the smoke stops, close the lid and remove from the fire. Keep up the videos. Thank you.

  4. I really like the effects you have at the beginning and end of your videos they're really awesome!

  5. Thank you! I requested a video on making char cloth not too long ago because I didn't know what it was and had never seen it made or used in a practical application. You got to it quickly. Much appreciated! One question… You don't mention why there is a hole in the tin. Is that to allow air in? Smoke out? I guess a better question would be what is the ideal type of container to make char cloth in?

  6. 1. If the charcloth gets wet, highly likely in rainy conditions, will it still light?
    2. Can you use a damp bandana to make charcloth?

  7. J.R.- Your most in-depth video that I have seen so far. Great presentation and execution for proof!ย I probably would have overlooked using my canteen set. Thank you once again!

  8. How about an E & E video about being actively pursued in an urban environment or in the woods. Be cool man.ย 

  9. Great tutorial on making Char Cloth! I made my first batch of char cloth not to long ago. But instead of using a tin I used aluminum foil, it still made good char cloth. I actually did a video on it. If you want to see it, it's on my channel.

  10. Just for all you guys who don't know, the rod he used to start the fire produces sparks that are hot enough to start fires without char cloth. Char cloth makes it possible to catch sparks from much colder sources, like a flint and steel. It's very good to have and I highly encourage keeping it in a bug-out kit (I keep mine in an empty pill bottle).

  11. Cant wait for the AR7 video. Just bought one a month ago for the hell of it and havent shot it yet. Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

  12. i find denim is some of the best stuff you can use for char IMHO, a trick Les Stroud ย showed a long long time ago in a forest far far awayย 

  13. Great video; details where necessary and your own insight & experiences. Never knew it could be that simple.

  14. You could also use the "scortch method": just light the cloth on fire & let it burn for a few seconds, then put it out.ย  Canadian Bushcraft has it on his channel ("Making Charcloth Quickly," I believe is the name).

  15. nice vid as always, I keep some char cloth in my pack and I have the 3rd Gen 17, your vids always has some goof information in them. ย Thanks

  16. can you continue this into making some charย material with natural items (punk wood/cat tail/ other wood materials) cheers ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Can you produce a video of making char cloth/ char material without the tin ?
    thanks , have a great bush day

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