How to make a Washable Duster

Hi I’m Angel with Today I’m
going to show you how to make a washable duster. Fleece and dryer sheets makes this washable
duster easy to make and easy to maintain. For this project, you will need the following.
A printed out version of the free PDF pattern that’s available on Fleece scraps.
Thread. Needle. Used dryer sheets and sewing machine. Alright, once you have all those items, it’s
time to get started. Assemble the pattern and cut out the pieces.
Print out the free pattern available at Assembly is not necessary for this pattern,
the pieces are to scale. Cut out on of the bottom, one of the middle, and one of the
center. Cut the strips to the line on the pattern so it will cause a fringe. Cut two
small long strips. The pattern is a rough guide, it doesn’t have to be exact on this. Alright now that you’ve cut out all those
pieces it’s time to move on to the next step. Set the pieces one on top of another. Then using a straight stitch sew right down the
center of the top piece. Fold the top piece of fringe back and keeping
the fleece straight, sew along the edge of the fringe from one end to another. Repeat
on the other side. This will make the casing that will fit the swifter duster handle. Now if you want you can just stop here and
use the fleece for the duster but if you want to give it the extra dusting power you’re going
to want to do these next few steps. So now that you have all those fleece pieces sewn
together we’re going to start to add loops and these loops are going to be what we tie
the dryer sheets onto. Time to prep for dryer sheets. Folding the
center back, lay one of the skinny pieces along the duster. Cut to the appropriate length
and either with the machine or by hand tack down the strip in two or three places. This
will make loops and these are sections that are going, you’re going to use to tie the
duster sheets on. Alright now that you’ve made your loops it’s
time to tie on the dryer sheets. Stack used dryer sheets and cut into one inch
sections. Then tie unto duster using a basic knot in
the loops that were just provided. Trim if desire. This fits a swifter handle but you can also
take a .5 inch dowel and use it as a handle as well. And that’s it you’re finished. You have a
reusable duster that is great to use and let’s face it, it’s prettier too which is always
a plus in cleaning right? If you like this pattern I have several others on my website
Fleece Fun that you’ll also enjoy. All my patterns and tutorials are free. You might
also like the baking outside the box apron. A cute fun apron that comes in three child
sizes. Perfect to inspire your little chef. You might also like the bib with or without
the pocket. Again something that helps keep messes to a minimum. Be sure to check out
Fleece Fun on Facebook and on Pinterest. Have a great day and remember velvet is pretentious.
Fleece is fun.

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