How To Make A Travel Clothes Line- Travel Tips Tricks Hacks

how to make a travel clothesline DIY travel clothes line travel essentials homemade travel clothesline hi it’s AlaskaGranny do you worry about doing laundry when
you travel I do I never want to run out of clean
clothes and I don’t want to pack tons and tons just travel essentials extra things so I decided to make a little travel clothes line so that I could conveniently hang my
things up when you drape them over towel racks and things they take
twice as long to dry is if you can hang them all the way up so what happened is the elastic cord
along the bottom line of my jacket came out and I thought this would be really
handy so I took that cord and I went to the fabric store and i bought more of it so
then I ended up with three pieces that were each they are elastic each one and a half yards long then I hooked a Velcro strap on either end braided them together and then they hang up with a Velcro strap anywhere I am
traveling and I can do my laundry so I can hook it over chairs I can hook it over shower rods doorknobs it’s really handy then because it’s
braided you just stick the fabric between braided loops and your clothes hang
out to dry it’s great its stretchy and with the whole thing it weighs only an
ounce and a half so what I do is I roll it all up I keep it in a little ziplock bag with
just a little teeny bottle of soap and when I get where I’m going I can
rinse my things out in the sink and if I ever decide the sink is to
filthy and I don’t wanna put it in there I put in a gallon size
ziplock bag the soapy water in there and suds things
around in the ziplock bag and then I just hang the bag up to dry as well by being able to do a little
laundry when you’re traveling you don’t need to bring as many things plus you can hang up anything that gets
wet on a rainy day to have it dried before you push it back
in your suitcase and go on to your next destination so it’s handy to have your clothes
fresh and dry make one of these little travel clotheslines before your next
journey or camping trip they’re very handy please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel


  1. hi – what a fabulous idea to make one! Curious… how long is your line unstretched? How long should the cords be before braiding, do you think?

  2. Thank you for this video. I made mine of Friday and I love it. I had the store-bought one which cost me $10 and it was made of rubber latex, looked really ugly, changed color and started to crack after a year of use. Then it broke. I made two of these and it cost me $8 for both, plus a lot nicer to look at. I'm able to use whatever ends I want: velcro for one and releasable cable ties for the other. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Great idea!! I will have to try this. Do you know if Marine grade shock cord would work the same? I'm trying to find something that is strong enough for a clothesline to hold 2x size t-shirts while camping……. Thanks

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