How to make a Long Hooded Cloak

Hi I’m Angel with and today
I’m going to show you to make this beautiful, long, full length hooded cape. I know you’ve
been wanting this one. For this project you will need the following: You will need 3.75
yards of fleece, or jersey knit for the exterior, .5 yard of fleece or jersey knit for hood
lining, 1 yard of leather cording (or ribbon), thread, and sewing essentials like scissors,
pins, etc. Alright now that you have all those items it’s time to get started. Now I need
to be very clear about this. This pattern piece is unique and a little funky and you
gotta follow me on this one or you will mess up! OK? This pattern piece is actually two
different pattern pieces, ok? It is the pattern piece for the back and the pattern piece for
the front. I’m actually going to have you trim back the pattern piece a little bit to
make it correct but you need to do this in the correct order and the right way because
I didn’t want you to have to assemble more than, I think it’s almost 30 pages, worth
of a pattern because it’s a full length cape. Now if I had actually you do the two pattern
pieces then we’re talking 60 pages and I don’t know about you but I do not want to be responsible
for killing that many trees. Not having that on my head. So what I did is I actually made,
so this pattern piece works for both! It’s pretty cool but only if you follow it ok?
Now also note that I have multiple lines for different lengths of cape and how to tell
which length is the best you’re going to have to hold it up and see if you need the shorter
length or not. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to cut out the back side of
the piece. Now you’re going to notice that there is this little tiny section, that is
actually the seam allowance for the front. So what you’re going to do is you’re going
to line up the edge of that pattern piece that line with the fold of the fabric ok?
So you can see what I’m doing here. Then you’re going to cut out the back. So you got your
big pattern piece for the back cut out. Great now it’s time to cut out the front. What you’re
going to do is you have these trim lines and you can see where they are, you’re going to
trim down the cape to those lines. OK? And then placing it on the fabric you’re going
to cut out your two front pieces and the back piece because it is cut out on the fold. It
is one complete piece. It is not two pieces. It is one piece. And then the front piece
are two pieces because two pieces on the front, ok? Then you need to cut out your hood. Now
because again I didn’t want you to have to cut out multiple things, the hood is a little
funky. On double fabric cut out two of the hooded exterior. Then cut down the pattern
piece to the pink line. On double fabric cut two of the hood lining. Alright, now that
we’ve gotten past the funky pattern cutting part we can get to the sewing. You paid attention
right? OK. Let’s go on to the sewing. Assembling the bottom part of the cape is easy. With
right sides together sew the right side of the front of the cape to the back side of
the cape using a half inch seam allowance. Sew from the collar to the hem. Repeat the
same process with the left side of the cape. Set the bottom portion of the cape aside.
Alright now we are finally to this part it’s actually going to be really fast. Next step.
With right sides together sew the two exterior pieces together using a half inch seam allowance.
Clip around the curves to help the hood lay properly. Repeat the same step with the lining.
Now pin the front of the exterior to the front of the lining with right sides together. From
the collar to collar. Sew together using a half inch seam allowance. Turn right side
out and tuck the lining back into the hood making a nice room of the exterior fabric
on the interior side of the hood. Pin in place. Stitch in the ditch to hold the hood in place
around the front of the hood. Alright let’s keep going. With the exterior of the hood
touching the right side your exterior of the cape, pin the hood to the cape using the notches
as a guide. Sew hood onto the cape using a half inch seam allowance. It’s starting to
come together! Really close, next step. You can leave the fleece edges raw if you desire
but finishing them off can give the cape a nice look. Turn cape edges under a half of
inch and sew down either using a zig zag stitch on the edge or a straight stitch near the
edge. Sew on the leather ties and you’re finished. And you’re finished! You have this amazing
and can I say very dramatic cloak. I mean it’s going to look amazing on you. Can I just
say? Or your friend or if you want to run around Halloween and be very dramatic and
wave your cape- hey go for it because you can. Now I am going to tell you a secret so
just so you know the hood on this cape is of course a little different than my other
capes. But all those hoods- interchangeable in the adult size. So if, like say on the
red riding hood cape you prefer that hood, guess what? Just switch it out on the pattern.
It will totally work. Or if you like the more pointed hood on the fast long cape, guess
what? You can totally switch that out on this cape. Yeah I’m a thinker like that. So now
you not only have this great long dramatic cape but you have multiple hood options as
well. Although I like the hood on this one personally. I know I’m just the designer.
Any case. If you like this project and tutorial I have several more options on my website that I know you’ll love. All my patterns and tutorials are free and I have
other cape patterns that are fun and other costume patterns or just you know run of the
mill fleece hat if that’s what you’re looking for and a lot of them come with a video tutorial
just like this one. Have a great day and remember velvet is pretentious, fleece is fun.


  1. Hi Angel! i was on your site yesterday and tried to get the pattern for this, i provided my email, and i still have not received the confirmation email to unlock the pdf…. help?

  2. Hey I used this pattern for my medieval times costume! I didnt make it from fleece tho. Its really expensive in my country and i made it from other fabric and it turned out great! I like it πŸ˜€ Thanks!

  3. We just finished the cape and it turned out GREAT! Do what she says go slow and most of all use alot of common sense and it will look AMAZING!—THANK YOU for making this video, couldn't have done it without you!

  4. I am new at this too and am completely confused about the two halves for the front of the cape. I have 3.5 yards of cloth but don't think I can fold it in half to do the front. My cloth is longer than wide. Please help! Thanks!

  5. Angel, I will be attempting to make this for my renaissance festival costume. I'm mostly a beginner in sewing, as long as i follow your instructions will this be difficult to do as a beginner?

  6. Where do you get the pattern paper? If you print off the design on the computer, the pages will be to small to make a long cloak. So how do you expect people to make this when you cannot order the actual paper tht you are using

  7. I printed off your pattern when I tried to tape it together the pattern don't make sense b/c it doesn't add up. The lines do not match up. Pages 9,10 don't match up. The whole pattern don't match up. Can you do a video on how to assemble this particular pattern, tape etc please. Thank you

  8. Do you have the full pattern in one file available? I have a wide-format printer and can print the entire thing.

  9. Angel, can I modify your pattern? It's for personal use… I loved how fluid your design seems to be, but I really want the sleeves on it. And maybe few pockets.

  10. So I really like your patterns and your video's. But I really think that you should have yourself or some else wearing your sewn item. And then turn around so we can see the whole look of it in one go. Would be really helpful. Thank you for sharing this.

  11. I'm making this for my Halloween costume in my textiles class and I only have 2 class periods left. I still have to sew the front pieces together, hem it (which I have to bring it up a lot for what I'm going as), add ears on the hood, make a tail that can attach to my belt loops and also sit down to cry. 2 class periods. I'm going to have a crisis

  12. I tried to make it through this video so I could sew a cloak for hiking, but the valley girl voice was far too distracting and I couldn’t make it. This lady is far too annoying…

  13. Lovely your way to explain, really clear, the only thing is you didn't show the final version. Great job. Greetings!

  14. You've saved me and my friends so much money on larp cloaks! Making 3 of these so they'd best be grateful I'm only charging them for fabric costs :')

  15. This pattern is wonderful, thank you so much! This is my first sewing project and even I could follow the instructions. The only snag I hit was that my fabric was only 42" wide, so I had to cut the pieces a bit narrower than the pattern, but it's still a perfect fit for me.

  16. You didn't show the finished product. Disappointing to view the entire video and no product. Waste of time! πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž Bummer!

  17. I am using this for my Syaoran (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle) and Yona (Akatsuki no Yona) Cosplay, thank you so much!

  18. Been looking for a Cloak that was easy to make being I am a novice seamstress…Thank you so much I have several to make and this will make it so much easier to get them done!

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